Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Top Athletes - Last Names Starting with "S" - Post 1980

"S" is for Skillful.  The following list brought unmatched skills to the table and is a deep list with some tough omissions.

10. Curt Schilling (MLB)
9.  Ryne Sandberg (MLB)
8.  Mike Schmidt (MLB)
7.  Joe Sakic (NHL)
6.  Anika Sorenstam (Golf)
5.  Barry Sanders (NFL)
4.  Deion Sanders (NFL)
3.  John Stockton (NBA)
2.  Pete Sampras (Tennis)
1.  Emmitt Smith (NFL)

First off, any list with Barry Sanders #5 is a great list.  Smith, as the NFL's all-time leading rusher and the engine of those great Cowboy teams, was a tough choice for #1 over Sampras, who many feel is the greatest Men's tennis player of all-time.  The ringless "Pasty Gangsta" is a tick behind, coming in before the Great Sanders Debate.  Baseball dominates the bottom, with Schilling beating out Monica Seles for the last spot.  Other notables missing include Ozzie Smith, Vijay Singh, Ichiro Suzuki and Warren Sapp.

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