Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is shaping up to be a crazy year in College Football - I am thinking it is not done yet.

1)  Bret Bielema owes me some heart medicine.  Wisconsin's thrilling win over Iowa gives them back-to-back victories over the pre-season favorites in the Big 10.  Once again, nothing too fancy, except for a perfectly executed fake punt.  The defense made timely stops and Bielema appears to be out-coaching people now.  It is good to see an opposing coach mis-manage the clock.  Considering the injuries, I think you have to give this coaching staff credit for having guys ready to play.  If they are ready for 4 more weeks and even a little healthier, they should be able to run the table.  Hopefully they can carry the confidence forward.

2)  Ok, Kirk Ferentz, you messed up and used your last time-out.  Don't you run a sideline roll-out or something where if nothing is there you just throw it out-of-bounds?  I thought it was a curious play choice.  Obviously hindsight is 20/20.

3)  It is the year of the fake in the Big 10 this year.  Michigan State used a second fake kick to launch it to victory and remain undefeated.  But the biggest fake is Terrelle Pryor's sense of reality.  "Not to take anything away from Wisconsin at all - I really don't want it to come off like this - but they weren't better than us," the quarterback said according to the Columbus Dispatch as it came off just like that. "Everybody knows that if we play nine out of 10 times, we'd beat Wisconsin."  Well, Terrelle, they kicked your butt once.  Oh, and the last 10 times Ohio State and Wisconsin have played - the series is tied 5-5.  Shut up Terrelle!!

4)  The Boise State hit-list gets smaller and smaller, but they remain #3 in the BCS rankings.  With all the craziness, an undefeated Boise State looks like a better shot at that National Championship.  Oregon, Michigan State and Missouri have tough road tests this week that could end their unbeaten seasons.  Auburn still has Alabama looming, although if neither loses before that game, the winner sure looks like a BCS favorite.  All in all, Boise has to be pretty happy, although games against Hawaii, Fresno State and Nevada loom for the Broncos.

5)  Not everything in my College Football Blogs this year has been spot on, but in Week 2, I made two good calls.  First, that Oregon is really, really good.  Second, that no Big 12 team would go undefeated.  Missouri, show me I am wrong.

6)  Is anyone paying attention to Utah?

7)  I smile when I see Navy beat Notre Dame.

8)  Cam Newton is the Heisman clubhouse leader.  I must admit, doing it against LSU is impressive.

9)  Jabesblog Top 5 this week - 1)  Oregon  2)  Auburn  3)  Boise State/TCU  4)  Michigan State  5)  Missouri

10)  Bucky is off this week, but Badger fans will be glued on Iowa City for a second week in a row.  Michigan State faces their last stiff test (a season-ender at Penn State is not as treacherous as once thought) in their quest to an undefeated season.  Hopefully Mr. Ferentz has a learned a thing or two about fake kicks and clock management.

11)  Big road tests also await other top teams - #1 Oregon plays at a #24 USC team that is two late field goals from being undefeated.  #7 Missouri has to do it two weeks in a row as they go to Lincoln and tussle with #14 Nebraska.  Even #3 Auburn at Mississippi has to be monitored.  There is a good chance that at least 2, maybe 3 more top 10 teams will go down this week.  Glad the Badgers are on the couch.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Whew!!  It was a big week for Bucky and the first BCS Standings are out.

1)  #1 has fallen for a 2nd week in a row.  This week it was at the hands of my Wisconsin Badgers.  For the first time in 29 years, Wisconsin beat a #1 ranked team.  That means I will be 65 by the time the next one happens and who knows if I will remember this one.  Right now, I will remember the way David Gilreath electrified the crowd by taking back the opening kickoff.  I will remember how the offensive line and the Clay/White tandem ran against a team who you don't run on.  I will remember Scott Tolzein making key throws when they needed him in a big game for the first time.  I will also remember saying "uh oh" when fans stormed the field - at least it worked out this time.

2)  Did anyone notice that Wisconsin played Wisconsin football and won that game?  They did not have to trick things up.  They proved that they can win with their brand and may have saved the season.  More on what's next later.

3)  What a bittersweet week for Boise State and TCU.  The hit list lost Ohio State and Nebraska, but the BCS standings came out and Boise State was #3 and TCU #5.  With the remaining schedules, it will be very tough for these teams to crash the National Championship party.

4)  In the end, Bret Bielema was only trying to provide Tim Brewster with a little parting gift.  Tell him what he's won Don Pardo...a future as a high school football coach.

5)  Does anyone want to win the SEC East?  I mean seriously South Carolina.  Glad I was right about Florida though.  Go Vandy!!

6)  Poor Oregon - they make it to #1 in the human polls, but because the BCS came out this week where they are #2, ESPN shows them with a #2 next to their name.  And since my blog is a little late this week, Oregon just thumped UCLA 60-13 to break the string of #1 teams losing.  Or did they?  What if Oklahoma loses to Missouri?  What ranking do I look at?  I know which one...

7)  The Jabesblog Top 5 - 1)  Oregon  2)  Auburn  3)  Boise State/TCU  4)  Oklahoma  5)  Michigan State

8)  No real beefs with the human polls this week.  It will be interesting how the BCS flows over the next few weeks.  Take note of Alabama at #8.  They are the major 1-loss team lurking that could still be a major player.

9)  The biggest news in the Heisman race would be the failures of two Big Ten QB's - Mr. Robinson and Mr. Pryor.  You had the feeling that Denard got out of the gates way too fast and it was impossible to sustain the momentum.  Pryor can probably rejoin the conversation if this game is his only bad one.  Cam Newton is the hot name, but this week could be his bad game that cools him off.  Kellen Moore might win this thing by default, although my vote is for LaMichael James.

10)  Week 8 Game of the Week - #6 LSU at #5 Auburn - neither team is a dominant unbeaten, but they are unbeaten nonetheless.  This is also a game of contrasting styles, as the high-powered offense of Auburn meets the stout defense of LSU.  Cam Newton will have his biggest test so far.

11)  Other Big Games to Watch - #3 Oklahoma visits #18 Missouri as the Tigers face their first test as an unbeaten.  Meanwhile, another Big 12 unbeaten, #17 Oklahoma State, hosts #14 Nebraska in its first big test as well.  #10 Wisconsin travels to play the #13 Hawkeyes in Iowa City.  The Badgers will try and prove last week was no fluke, but the experienced Hawkeyes may be a tougher task.  Big Ten leader #8 Michigan State has a trap game at Northwestern before heading to Iowa next week.  Should be another great week!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


The season officially got started this past week, as

1) Alabama took it on the chin, making it the first #1 or #2 team to lose this season, but probably not the last. I am sure it is of no coincidence that last week in this spot I anointed Alabama as unbeatable. It shows how tough it is to navigate the schedules in the major conferences, and why the non-BCS conference schools have little to stand on at the end of the year after beating up all the directional Idaho's and New Mexico's of the world.

2) I usually lead with Bucky, but they get the second spot this week after a ho-hum victory over the lame-duck Gophers. Wisconsin did what it had to do, although giving up those two 4th quarter touchdowns left a little sour taste in my mouth. They have done that several times in the Bielema era and they need to just complete the football game on the defensive side of the ball.

3) The biggest topic of the game was the 2-point conversion attempt at 41-16 with 7:00 left in the game. I don't have a strong opinion either way, but I lean toward it being an unnecessary move that Bret probably should have eschewed. Five minutes earlier he did not attempt the conversion at 34-9 - same point differential and "the card" would have read the same thing. Now, if Coach Unemployed of the Gophers wants the other team to stop scoring, take out your starters and stop throwing on every play. I don't like an opposing coach on the losing side who complains about this type of stuff. I am of the belief that the onus is on the losing team to wave the white flag.

4) The weekly Boise State (and TCU) watch - both teams blew out their respective opponents and took care of business. By the way, the TCU defense has been awesome as of late. Here is the oddity that happens because of perception. The opponents of these two teams last week, Wyoming and Toledo, were actually rated ahead of Washington State and Indiana on the computers. Yet both Boise State and TCU lost ground on Ohio State and Oregon in the polls. The human element gave more credit to beating two of the worst BCS conference schools you can play. Time for a playoff yet??

5) I picture Boise State and TCU as Charles Martin, former DE of the Green Bay Packers who had his "hit list". Alabama was crossed off the hit list last week. Remaining on the list - Ohio State, Oregon, Nebraska, Oklahoma, LSU, Auburn, Michigan State and of course, Utah and Nevada, who each team must personally take care of in November.

6) Not many complaints with the pollsters this week - including kudos to the coaches for jumping South Carolina, who beat 'Bama, over Arkansas, who did not. I would have moved the Tide down one more spot and put LSU ahead of them, but that will be settled on field on November 6th. As requested, Sparty leaped over an idol Iowa team - those two get to settle their debate on October 30th. I don't like a 2-loss Florida team ahead of a 1-loss Michigan, but neither is going to be a factor in the end.

7) Not much change in the Heisman race, although Denard proved human against a decent team with his 3 picks. Terrelle Pryor and LaMichael James have elevated their status, and Kellen Moore stays in the race as well.

8) This weeks Jabesblog rankings - 1) Oregon 2) Ohio State 3) Nebraska 4) Boise State/TCU 5) Auburn

9) On tap for Week 7 - The Game of the Week might very well be in Madtown, where the #1 Buckeyes come calling Saturday Night. Recent history suggests these teams will play a close, low-scoring game. Wisconsin outgained OSU considerably last year and the scoreboard was all Ohio State. 2 years ago, Terrelle Pryor dashed in for the winning score at Camp Randall. Wisconsin has a punchers chance, but they must run the ball, control pace, avoid turnovers and avoid any big negative special teams plays. Sounds like a lot, but Ohio State is #1 for a reason.

10) Other big games - #12 Arkansas invades #7 Auburn - the Tigers/War Eagles have remained undefeated, but have lived on the edge. #5 Nebraska hosts Texas, which should have been a bigger game, but might be the last test for the Huskers before a Big 12 Championship Game (as Boise and TCU sob). #15 Iowa travels to Michigan before hosting every other Big 10 challenger the rest of the way. Finally, I will keep my eye on Lubbock, where an undefeated Oklahoma State teams will light up the scoreboard with the Red Raiders.

See you next week...

Friday, October 8, 2010

NFL 2k10 - Quarter Pole

The NFL has reached the quarter pole (or the 23.529% pole to be exact) for 2010. Four games (or three games for 4 teams) usually gives an indication of what a team has in store for the season. I am not sure that this year four weeks has told us much. 24 of the 32 teams sit at 2-2 or better, including 13 of the 16 teams in the AFC. Not coincidentally, 22 of the 32 teams are within 1 game of first place. It does appear that defenses are ahead of the offenses and that big plays are down considerably. If you want offense this year, turn on a Pac-10 game on Saturday, because even the ever-reliable Saints games have been defensive struggles to a point. Remember at this point last year, the Giants and Broncos were each undefeated. Neither team made the playoffs. So what do we really know? Probably nothing - but here is my look at the first 23.529% of the season - by division, with a little outlook for the last 76.471%...

AFC East
Better than I thought - LaDainian Tomlinson, NY Jets - it appears, at least for now, that L.T. is back. And this has been terrible news for the rest of the AFC East, as he helped the Jets bounce back from an "offensive" performance in their opener to sweep three consecutive division games. The passing game has opened up and combined with L.T.'s running and a stingy defense, the Jets have looked the part of a complete football team.

Worse than I thought - Bill Belichek's ego - How else can you explain a 3-1 team trading away its most dangerous offensive weapon. Coach Sweatshirt thinks he can win with anybody. Maybe he has something else up his hoodie? With a young defense that has been giving up points, you wonder if Coach S and Tom Fabio can put up enough points.

Exactly what I thought - Buffalo Bills - the Bills stink. period. next!!

Outlook - This appears like the Jets division to win or lose. They have weathered the "Hard Knocks", the "Holdout", a DUI, injuries, and a suspension. As long as the offense, now with Santonio Holmes back, keeps putting up points, they will be in the running for home field advantage. The Patriots and Dolphins are wild-card contenders, but may have too many holes to beat out some of the teams in the North and South for those last playoff spots.

AFC North
Better than I thought - The Pittsburgh Steelers defense - I did not think the Steelers could come out of the first 4 games at 3-1 with their mess at quarterback. They have proved to me why I think Mike Tomlin is a Top 5 coach in this league already. The defense is back at championship level and now they get Big Ben back.

Worse than I thought - The Cincinnati Bengals passing game - Carson Palmer has looked average at best. With the two talented reality show stars, plus rookies Jordan Shipley (Wes Welker calls him Mini-Me) and Jermaine Gresham, one would have thought this offense could be potent. With a solid defense, it has the makings of another big year in WKRP country. Right now, they are one of the many Jekyll and Hyde teams. If they can find this passing game, lookout.

Exactly what I thought - Baltimore Ravens - solid, if not unspectacular. In every game. Hard-hitting defense (minus Ed Reed). Baltimore is right where I thought, sitting at 3-1 atop the division.

Outlook - Its at least a two-horse race, maybe three if Cincinnati can pull it together. Baltimore and Pittsburgh will be in every game, and with Roethlisberger back and Flacco turning into a mini-Roethlisberger before our eyes (minus the co-ed cravings), these two teams should go down to the wire for the division title, with the runner-up a strong wildcard candidate. Cleveland is better than I thought, but with a brutal schedule, their record will not be indicative of their progress this year.

AFC South
Better than I thought - Houston Texans - this team has been on the cusp, but I thought they might be in for a mini-step backwards with the suspension of Brian Cushing and the lack of a consistent ground game. Well, Brian Cushing is back now, Arian Foster has been amazing and the Texans are 3-1. They also finally beat the Colts, which may be the confidence boost that can take them through an entire season.

Worse than I thought - Indianapolis vs AFC South - The Colts have absolutely dominated this division for years, yet have inexplicably started 0-2 in the division this season. The defense has definite holes and Peyton Manning can only do so much. Its also time to come to the realization that Bob Sanders career will never be what it could have due to injuries.

Exactly what I thought - Vince Young - The former Longhorn is madly inconsistent - which comes as no surprise after watching his play over his early career. The Titans have a very good defense and a top-notch running game, they just need Vince to make a few more plays. He will in some games. He won't in others. That is who he is.

Outlook - I am not going to doubt the Colts until they prove me wrong. They will likely find a way to sit at the top when the dust clears. Houston and Tennessee will not make it easy, and the longer the Texans go, the more confidence this young team will have. The Jaguars have the look of a solid 6-10 team.

AFC West
Better than I thought - Kyle Orton - The 2nd most passing yards through 4 games in NFL history now belongs to Mr. Orton. The man the Bears tried to hide and were afraid if he threw a pass. Orton has been exceptional thus far, although it has only translated into a 2-2 record. I don't think Dan Marino needs to be worried.

Worse than I thought - San Diego's Special Teams - OK, I had no pre-conception of the Chargers special teams. But they have been terrible. The argument could be made they have cost the Chargers two games. In the NFL, you can't give away games.

Exactly what I thought - Oakland Raiders QB - Oakland can just not figure it out. They might have the Jamarcus Russell curse to deal with for years and years. Pick a quarterback, and go with him. Yanking Jason Campbell after 6 quarters makes absolutely no sense - for any team other than Al Davis and is Raiders. I am guessing Mr. Leisure Suit called down at halftime and made the change himself.

Outlook - Oh Snap, did I forget to mention the Chiefs? Shouldn't they have been in the better than I thought area? Nah - they are this years Broncos. They have a lot of speed, they use the home crowd to their advantage and actually have a decent schedule. They will find their way to 8-8, with the Chargers finding a way to win this division again. Denver will hover around .500 and the Raiders, well, they are still the Raiders.

NFC East
Better than I thought - Washington vs the NFC East - The Redskins may have lost bad to the Rams, but they have started 2-0 in the division, including a road win at Philadelphia. In a division so tightly bunched, this could be a key factor as the season plays out. Washington has been the 4th sister in this division the last several years and all indications were that things would not change. Maybe they won't, but you can't take those two division wins away from them.

Worse than I thought - Dallas Cowboys offense - The signs were showing in the pre-season that the offensive line was a shambles. At the other positions, this team is loaded with talent and I thought they could overcome some of those line deficiencies. They still might, but a meager running game and lack of protection have almost cost the Cowboys the season through 3 games. And if Tony Romo goes down, dreams of playing as a home team in February will become a nightmare.

Exactly what I thought - Eli and the Giants - Maybe they found that edge in their absolute physical domination of the Bears. Or maybe the Bears were playing on short week after an emotional division win over their biggest rival. The G-Men (add your own Chris Berman tone to it) are now 5-10 in their last 15 games. They turn the ball over way too often. Eli can look great, but also has some un-Peyton-like moments that leave you scratching your head. This is the Giants folks.

Outlook - Along with the NFC West, which is wide-open for a different reason, this division is loaded with really good football teams, but apparently no great ones (Sorry Dallas). This has the looks of a 12-round fight, only its 16 rounds with four teams and likely only one will be standing with a playoff berth in hand when all is said and done.

NFC North
Better than I thought - The Chicago Bears - I had them at 5-11, which would mean a 2-10 finish. I also had them at 5-11 because I did not believe Jay Cutler would make it through the season and the Giants came very close to making this reality. The defense is playing better than a year ago. They still can't run the ball. But victories over the Cowboys and Packers are still impressive. Cutler will miss one game, but they need to keep him upright.

Worse than I thought - Injuries - Key injuries are having their effect on this division. I mentioned the Cutler concussion above. Matthew Stafford's shoulder. Ryan Grant and Nick Barnett of the Packers. Sidney Rice and to some extent, Percy Harvin of the Vikings. Which team can survive these injuries? Or, which team will make the proper moves to compensate (Wake-up Ted, the Vikings didn't just sit around)?

Exactly what I thought - Brett Favre - I watched him long enough to know last season was too good to be true. He is older. He is not 100%. And he has as many moments of ugh as he does of greatness. Welcome to my world of 15 years Viking fan. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Outlook - The Randy Moss deal may have altered the landscape once again. If the Vikings can weather the next 6 weeks of a brutal schedule with their new-found toy, they might emerge as the team to beat again. Green Bay is good, but attrition might play a bigger role in their season. I talked about Chicago above and Detroit is 0-4, what else is new.

NFC South
Better than I thought - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - I am giving Tampa credit where I didn't Kansas City, which might be hypocritical, since I think the Bucs are more of a fraud than the Chiefs. But they are 2-1 and there are really no other positive surprises in this division.

Worse than I thought - New Orleans Saints offense - Where is that juggernaut we came to expect in the Big Easy? Injuries have played their part, but Drew Brees has become Mr. Dink and Dunk and the big plays have all but disappeared. Colston, Henderson and Meachem have to start to stretch the field. They are a missed FG that my Grandma could have made away from 4-0 (not coincidentally, they now have Father Time kicking for them in John Carney), so all is not lost. If this offense can get going, watch out NFC.

Exactly what I thought - Atlanta Falcons - The Atlanta Falcons are a darn good football team. Are they a great team - nah - they are not spectacular on either side of the ball. But they will stick right with the Saints and may even surpass them if the Saints can't get it all figured out. They are about as solid as it gets in the NFC right now.

Outlook - Atlanta and New Orleans should battle it out and my guess would be the other is still a playoff team. Tampa Bay will come back to earth a little, although they are definitely not as bad as I thought. Carolina is much worse, and with a rookie quarterback, things are likely to stay that way.

NFC West
Better than I thought - The St. Louis Rams - Sam Bradford has stabilized the offense for the first time in years and the defense is not the sieve it was advertised to be. If Steven Jackson can stay healthy and provide that consistent ground game, this will be the surprise team of 2010.

Worse than I thought - The San Francisco 49ers - Mike Singletary - I thought you were better than this. Your team looks unprepared at times. You can't figure out an offensive identity. Everyone thought you would coast in this division. You still might win it, but I actually don't see it anymore. I was fooled. Tricked. its what happens when a Packer fan trusts a former Bear.

Exactly what I thought - Arizona Cardinals QB - What is Kurt Warner doing these days? Oh yeah, he is dancing. Problem is, Anna Trebunskaya would be a better QB than Derek Anderson or Max Hall. I can't believe that Arizona is 2-2. I will believe when they are 4-12.

Outlook - Yes, San Francisco can still win this division. But are they good enough to go 8-4 the rest of the way? Because Seattle looks unbeatable at home and unwatchable on the road, which translates to 7-9 or 8-8. And St. Louis is primed to stay in this as well. Realistically, the division winner could be 8-8, or gulp!, even 7-9.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Time to tackle the NFL. I vaguely remember watching the Steelers defeat the Rams 31-19 in Super Bowl XIII. I have been glued to my television for more Sunday's in the fall than not since that time. There was no fantasy football in the 1980's, just a boy who loved his Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins and his Topps Football Cards. Fantasy football may have changed my perspective starting in 1990, but I have been in-tune with the players that have come and gone. Based on my over 500 weeks of watching the NFL, here are my 30 Year Teams. I will start with the "skill positions" and potentially add others later.

QB - Brett Favre
RB - Ahman Green
RB - Dorsey Levens
FB - William Henderson
WR - James Lofton
WR - Donald Driver
WR- Sterling Sharpe
TE - Paul Coffman
K - Ryan Longwell

QB - Daunte Culpepper
RB - Robert Smith
RB - Adrian Peterson
FB - Jim Kleinsasser
WR - Cris Carter
WR - Randy Moss
WR - Anthony Carter
TE - Steve Jordan
K - Gary Anderson

QB - Jim McMahon
RB - Walter Payton
RB - Neal Anderson
FB - Brad Muster
WR - Willie Gault
WR - Curtis Conway
WR - Marty Booker
TE - Desmond Clark
K - Kevin Butler

QB - Scott Mitchell
RB - Barry Sanders
RB - Billy Sims
FB - Cory Schlesinger
WR - Herman Moore
WR - Calvin Johnson
WR - Johnnie Morton
TE - David Sloan
K - Jason Hanson

QB - Troy Aikman
RB - Emmitt Smith
RB - Tony Dorsett
FB - Daryl Johnston
WR - Michael Irvin
WR - Tony Hill
WR - Terrell Owens
TE - Jason Witten
K - Rafael Septien

QB - Phil Simms
RB - Tiki Barber
RB - Rodney Hampton
FB - Maurice Carthon
WR - Amani Toomer
WR - Ike Hilliard
WR - Chris Calloway
TE - Mark Bavaro
K - Brad Daluiso

QB - Donovan McNabb
RB - Brian Westbrook
RB - Ricky Watters
FB - Keith Byars
WR - Mike Quick
WR - Fred Barnett
WR - Harold Carmichael
TE - Keith Jackson
K - David Akers

QB - Mark Rypien
RB - John Riggins
RB - Clinton Portis
FB - Mike Sellers
WR - Art Monk
WR - Gary Clark
WR - Ricky Sanders
TE - Chris Cooley
K - Chip Lohmiller

QB - Drew Brees
RB - Deuce McAllister
RB - Dalton Hilliard
FB - Craig Heyward
WR - Joe Horn
WR - Eric Martin
WR - Marques Colston
TE - Hoby Brenner
K - Morten Andersen

QB - Steve Bartkowski
RB- Gerald Riggs
RB - Jamal Anderson
FB - Bob Christian
WR - Andre Rison
WR - Terrance Mathis
WR - Roddy White
TE - Alge Crumpler
K - Morten Andersen

QB - Brad Johnson
RB - Warrick Dunn
RB - James Wilder
FB - Mike Alstott
WR - Mark Carrier
WR - Kevin House
WR - Keyshawn Johnson
TE - Jimmie Giles
K - Martin Gramatica

QB - Jake Delhomme
RB - DeAngelo Williams
RB - DeShaun Foster
FB - Brad Hoover
WR - Steve Smith
WR - Mushin Muhammed
WR - Mark Carrier
TE - Wesley Walls
K - John Kasay

QB - Joe Montana
RB - Roger Craig
RB - Ricky Watters
FB - Tom Rathman
WR - Jerry Rice
WR - Terrell Owens
WR - Dwight Clark
TE - Brent Jones
K - Ray Wersching

QB - Kurt Warner
RB - Marshall Faulk
RB - Eric Dickerson
FB - Cullen Bryant
WR - Torry Holt
WR - Isaac Bruce
WR - Henry Ellard
TE - Ernie Conwell
K - Jeff Wilkins

QB - Jake Plummer
RB - Ottis Anderson
RB - Stump Mitchell
FB - Larry Centers
WR - Larry Fitzgerald
WR - Anquan Boldin
WR - Roy Green
TE - Doug Marsh
K - Neil Rackers

QB - Dave Krieg
RB - Shaun Alexander
RB - Curt Warner
FB - John L. Williams
WR - Steve Largent
WR - Brian Blades
WR - Joey Galloway
TE - Itula Mili
K - Norm Johnson

QB - Tom Brady
RB - Curtis Martin
RB - Tony Collins
FB - Mosi Tatupu
WR - Stanley Morgan
WR - Irving Fryar
WR - Troy Brown
TE - Ben Coates
K - Adam Vinatieri

QB - Jim Kelly
RB - Thurman Thomas
RB - Joe Cribbs
FB - Carwell Gardner
WR - Andre Reed
WR - Eric Moulds
WR - Lee Evans
TE - Jay Reimersma
K - Steve Christie

QB - Dan Marino
RB - Ricky Williams
RB - Tony Nathan
FB - Rob Konrad
WR - Mark Clayton
WR - Mark Duper
WR - Chris Chambers
TE - Randy McMichael
K - Pete Stoyanovich

QB - Ken O'Brien
RB - Curtis Martin
RB - Freeman McNeil
FB - Richie Anderson
WR - Al Toon
WR - Wesley Walker
WR - Wayne Chrebet
TE - Mickey Shuler
K - Pat Leahy

QB - Ben Roethlisberger
RB - Jerome Bettis
RB - Willie Parker
FB - Merrill Hoge
WR - Hines Ward
WR - Louis Lipps
WR - John Stallworth
TE - Eric Green
K - Gary Anderson

QB - Boomer Esiason
RB - Corey Dillon
RB - James Brooks
FB - Larry Kinnebrew
WR - Chad Johnson (Ochocinco)
WR - Carl Pickens
WR - Eddie Brown
TE - Tony McGee
K - Jim Breech

BALTIMORE RAVENS (not including Cleveland years)
QB - Steve McNair
RB - Jamal Lewis
RB - Ray Rice
FB - Leron McClain
WR - Derrick Mason
WR - Qadry Ismail
WR - Mark Clayton
TE - Todd Heap
K - Matt Stover

CLEVELAND BROWNS (including pre-Baltimore)
QB - Bernie Kosar
RB - Ernest Byner
RB - Kevin Mack
FB - Leroy Hoard
WR - Webster Slaughter
WR - Braylon Edwards
WR - Brian Brennan
TE - Ozzie Newsome
K - Phil Dawson

QB - Peyton Manning
RB - Edgerrin James
RB - Marshall Faulk
FB - Zack Crockett
WR - Marvin Harrison
WR - Reggie Wayne
WR - Bill Brooks
TE - Dallas Clark
K - Mike Vanderjagt

TENNESSEE TITANS (not including Houston years)
QB - Steve McNair
RB - Eddie George
RB - Chris Johnson
FB - Lorenzo Neal
WR - Derrick Mason
WR - Drew Bennett
WR - Kevin Dyson
TE - Frank Wychek
K - Rob Bironas

QB - Matt Schaub
RB - Domanick Williams
RB - Steve Slaton
FB - Vonta Leach
WR - Andre Johnson
WR - Kevin Walter
WR - Corey Bradford
TE - Owen Daniels
K - Kris Brown

QB - Warren Moon
RB - Earl Campbell
RB - Lorenzo White
FB - Frank Wychek
WR - Ernest Givins
WR - Drew Hill
WR - Haywood Jeffires
TE - Dave Casper
K - Al Del Greco

QB - John Elway
RB - Terrell Davis
RB - Sammy Winder
FB - Mike Anderson
WR - Rod Smith
WR - Steve Watson
WR - Ed McCaffrey
TE - Shannon Sharpe
K - Jason Elam

QB - Dan Fouts
RB - LaDainian Tomlinson
RB - Marion Butts
FB - Lorenzo Neal
WR - Charlie Joiner
WR - Wes Chandler
TE - Kellen Winslow
TE - Antonio Gates
K - John Carney

QB - Rich Gannon
RB - Marcus Allen
RB - Bo Jackson
FB - Zack Crockett
WR - Tim Brown
WR - Jerry Porter
WR - Mervyn Fernandez
TE - Todd Christiansen
K - Sebastian Janikowski

QB - Trent Green
RB - Priest Holmes
RB - Larry Johnson
FB - Tony Richardson
WR - Carlos Carson
WR - Stephone Paige
WR - Eddie Kennison
TE - Tony Gonzalez
K - Nick Lowery

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


While the games may not have lived up to the hype in all cases, certain teams are living up to the hype and separating themselves from the pack after 5 weeks.

1) We should have known - Big Expectations lead to Big Disappointment for Badger fans.

2) 5 games - 2 pass plays over 30 yards for Bucky. I don't remember the last time they tried to throw it deep down the sideline. It is just too hard to drive 80 yards in 13 plays every time.

3) The biggest difference between Barry's teams and Bret's teams? Alvarez teams won the special teams battle more often than not, Bielema's teams almost never do. For a team that has to play almost mistake free in big games, losing the special teams battle makes the margin for error zero. On top of that, special teams plays are such big momentum changers. The punt return on Saturday is a prime example.

4) It is looking more and more like the only team that can beat Alabama, is well, Alabama. Whoever is not giving them their first place vote should be removed from the polls.

5) Here is the weekly Boise watch - 59-0 over New Mexico State is less impressive than Oregon's win over Stanford. Now Boise needs at least two teams to lose to get to the National Title game. I would argue they likely need Nebraska and Oklahoma to lose as well. It doesn't look good for the Blue-turfed Broncos.

6) Pollsters are giving Florida way too much credit based on name. They were unimpressive for 4 weeks, and then got it handed to them by #1 Alabama. They dropped 5 spots to #12 in the Coaches poll (the AP did a little better at #14). What?? They are ahead of Arkansas, who, while they got 'Bama at home, played a much better game against the Tide than the Gators did. Currently, Florida's signature win is against Tennessee - undefeated Michigan State has beaten a ranked team at least.

7) My other beef in both polls is the placement of Iowa above both Michigan and Michigan State. Yes, I believe ultimately Iowa is a better team than both - but until the other two lose, can we really make that assumption? Good thing for Iowa is that one will lose this week. I also believe the winner will leapfrog an idol Iowa team.

8) This week's Top 5 - 1) Alabama 2) No one is close 3) Oregon 4) Ohio State 5) Nebraska/Oklahoma

9) This week's Heisman Watch - All Denard all the time. Until he struggles or Michigan goes in the tank, he is the man.

10) Week 6 games of interest - Minnesota at Wisconsin for Paul Bunyan's Axe as the Badgers try to muster some positive momentum before Ohio State comes to town the week after. #7 Nebraska travels to Manhattan to face an undefeated Kansas State team. While no one believes the Wildcats are anything great, as evidenced by not being ranked, Bill Snyder is back at coach and has beaten Nebraska before. ESPN gets this one on Thursday. As mentioned earlier, Michigan State travels to the "Big House" to play Michigan and knock one of these surprise teams from the unbeatens. #1 Alabama faces a ranked team for a 3rd week in a row, traveling to #19 South Carolina. #12 LSU is at #14 Florida - I am sure Florida will trounce them to prove me wrong. Finally, #23 Florida State is at #13 Miami, which may ultimately decide the BCS representative out of the ACC. Finally, the PAC-10 game of the week is USC at #16 Stanford, as the Cardinal try to bounce back from the Oregon loss. Should be another good week!!