Friday, June 24, 2011

Top Athletes - Last Names Starting with "Y" - Post 1980

"Y" is for Young, as in half the list is adorned with this surname, which in some cases, resulted in an outstanding career.

10. Chris Young (MLB)
9.  Eric Young (MLB)
8.  Bryant Young (NFL)
7.  Kristi Yamaguchi (Skating)
6.  Alexei Yashin (NHL)
5.  Kevin Youkilis (MLB)
4.  Michael Young (MLB)
3.  Robin Yount (MLB)
2.  Steve Yzerman (NHL)
1.  Steve Young (NFL)

It came down to the battle of the Steve's for #1.  The high profile nature of a QB and the success that Young had ultimately steered me in that direction.  A pretty good list headed up by two current and one sure-fire Hall of Famers.  There were no real omissions to the list, as the numerous"Young's" who did not make the list are at best forgettable. 

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