Thursday, June 23, 2011

Top Athletes - Last Names Starting with "V" - Post 1980

"V" is for Voracious, as this list devoured batters, baseballs and defenders over some quality careers.

10. Frank Viola (MLB)
9.  Adam Vinatieri (NFL)
8.  Robin Ventura (MLB)
7.  Mo Vaughn (MLB)
6.  Omar Vizquel (MLB)
5.  Kiki Vandeweghe (NBA)
4.  Fernando Valenzuela (MLB)
3.  Michael Vick (NFL)
2.  Justin Verlander (MLB)
1.  Troy Vincent (NFL)

This was hands down the hardest list to rank with a lot of good players but no greats to separate themselves.  Ultimately, I went with Vincent at #1 as the only player who ranked at the top of his position consistently during his playing career.  Verlander and his two no-hitters grabbed the second spot over the enigmatic Vick.  Throw the rest in a hat, but no other players had "mania" after their name like Fernando.  Nick Van Exel, Greg Vaughn and John Vanbiesbrouck were the notable omissions.

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