Friday, March 2, 2012

2011-12 NCAA Tournament Tracker (in progress)

Here is one of many tools I will use to track the world of College Basketball in their four month pursuit of the Field of 68.  This one is simple.  I have listed out roughly 100 teams that right now I see having a shot at an at-large berth or having a resume that would consider them a quality win.  This schedule will list out the wins against teams that are also on this schedule, which should equate closely to Top 100 RPI wins.  It is simply a way to assess quality wins.  I will also note whether the game was at home (H), away (A) or neutral (N).  The tracker will be flexible with additions and subtractions for surprise over and under achievers.  Please note:  The second record shown is only against teams on this list.

Remaining This Week/Next Week (26)
Friday(1):  Akron at Kent State
Saturday(18):  West Virginia at South Florida, St. Louis at Duquesne, Pittsburgh at Connecticut, Oklahoma State at Kansas State, Washington at UCLA, St. Bonaventure at LaSalle, Georgetown at Marquette, Cincinnati at Villanova, Southern Miss at Marshall, Northwestern at Iowa, Colorado at Oregon State, Alabama at Mississippi, Louisville at Syracuse, Arkansas at Mississippi State, North Carolina at Duke, Baylor at Iowa State, Texas at Kansas, Wyoming at UNLV
Sunday(7):  Kentucky at Florida, Illinois at Wisconsin, Virginia at Maryland, Ohio State at Michigan State, California at Stanford, Purdue at Indiana, NC State at Virginia Tech
Plus Conference Tourney action this week and next week

ACC (8)
North Carolina (26-4, 13-4) - Michigan State(N), Wisconsin(H), Long Beach State(H), Texas(H), Miami, FL(H), Virginia Tech(A), NC State(H), Maryland(A), Virginia(H), Miami, FL(A), NC State(A), Virginia(A), Maryland(H)
Duke (26-4, 15-4) - Belmont(H), Michigan State(N), Davidson(H), Michigan(N), Kansas(N), Washington(N), Colorado State(H), Virginia(H), Maryland(A), Virginia Tech(A), North Carolina(A), Maryland(H), NC State(H), Florida State(A), Virginia Tech(H)
Virginia (21-8, 9-6) - Michigan(H), Drexel(N), George Mason(H), Oregon(A), LSU(A), Miami, FL(H), NC State(A), Maryland (H), Virginia Tech(A)
Florida State (20-9, 11-6) - Central Florida(H), Massachusetts(N), Virginia Tech(A), North Carolina(H), Maryland(H), Duke(A), Virginia(H), Miami, FL(H), Virginia Tech(H), NC State(A), Virginia(A)

Virginia Tech (15-15, 4-12) - Oklahoma State(N), St. Bonaventure(H), Oklahoma State(A), Virginia(A)
North Carolina State (19-11, 5-9) - Texas(N), St. Bonaventure(A), Maryland(H), Miami, FL(A), Miami, FL(H)
Maryland (16-13, 4-12) - Notre Dame(H), Colorado(A), Virginia Tech(H), Miami, FL(H)

Miami (17-11, 5-11) - Massachusetts(H), Maryland(H), Duke(A), Virginia Tech(H), Florida State(H)

Big 12 (8)
Baylor (25-5, 14-5) - San Diego State(H), Northwestern(A), BYU(A), St. Mary's(N), West Virginia(N), Mississippi State(N), Kansas State(A), Oklahoma State(H), Oklahoma(A), Texas(H), Oklahoma State(A), Iowa State(H), Texas(A), Oklahoma(H)

Missouri (26-4, 14-4) - Notre Dame (N), California(N), Villanova(N), Illinois(H), Oklahoma(H), Iowa State(A), Texas(H), Baylor(A), Texas(A), Kansas(H), Oklahoma(A), Baylor(H), Oklahoma State(H), Iowa State(H)
Kansas (25-5, 16-5) - Georgetown(N), UCLA(N), Long Beach State(H), South Florida(H), Ohio State(H), Kansas State(H), Oklahoma(A), Iowa State(H), Baylor(H), Texas(A), Oklahoma(H), Baylor(A), Oklahoma State(H), Kansas State(A), Missouri(H), Oklahoma State(A)
Texas (19-11, 7-11) - UCLA(A), Temple(H), Oklahoma State(H), Iowa State(H), Kansas State(H), Oklahoma(A), Oklahoma(H)
Kansas State (20-9, 8-9) - Virginia Tech(A), Alabama(H), Long Beach State(N), Missouri(H), Texas(H), Oklahoma State(H), Baylor(A), Missouri(A)

Oklahoma (14-15, 5-13) - Oral Roberts(H), Arkansas(H), Kansas State(H), Kansas State(A), Oklahoma State(H)
Iowa State (21-9, 8-8) - Texas(H), Iowa(H), Oklahoma State(H), Kansas(H), Kansas State(H), Oklahoma(A), Oklahoma(H), Kansas State(A)
Oklahoma State (14-16, 5-15) - Missouri State(A), Oklahoma(H), Missouri(H), Iowa State(H), Texas(H)

Big East (12)
Syracuse (29-1, 17-1) - Stanford(N), Virginia Tech(N), Florida(H), Bucknell(H), Marshall(H), NC State(A), Seton Hall(H), Marquette(H), Villanova(A), Pittsburgh(H), Cincinnati(A), West Virginia(H), Georgetown(H), Connecticut(H), Louisville(A), South Florida(H), Connecticut(A)
Connecticut (17-12, 9-9) - Florida State(N), Wagner(H), Arkansas(H), Harvard(H), West Virginia(H), South Florida(A), Notre Dame(A), Seton Hall(H), Villanova(A)
Marquette (24-6, 12-6) - Mississippi(N), Wisconsin(A), Washington(N), Villanova(H), Pittsburgh(H), Louisville(H), South Florida(H), Villanova(A), Seton Hall(H), Cincinnati(H), Connecticut(A), West Virginia(A)

Georgetown (22-6, 9-6) - Memphis(N), Alabama(A), Memphis(H), Louisville(A), Marquette(H), Connecticut(H), South Florida(H), Villanova(H), Notre Dame(H)
West Virginia (18-12, 10-11) - Akron(H), Oral Roberts(H), Kansas State(A), Miami,FL(H), Missouri State(N), Villanova(H), Georgetown(H), Marshall(H), Cincinnati(H), Pittsburgh(A)
Seton Hall (19-10, 7-9) - VCU(H), St. Joseph's(A), Dayton(A), West Virginia(H), Connecticut(H), Pittsburgh(H), Georgetown(H)

Louisville (22-8, 10-7) - Long Beach State(H), Vanderbilt(H), Ohio(H), Memphis(H), Pittsburgh(A), Villanova(H), Seton Hall(A), Connecticut(H), West Virginia(A), Pittsburgh(H)
Cincinnati (21-9, 9-6) - Oklahoma(H), Pittsburgh(A), Notre Dame(H), Georgetown(A), Villanova(H), Connecticut(A), Seton Hall(H), Louisville(H), Marquette(H)
Notre Dame (20-10, 10-7) - South Florida(H), Pittsburgh(H), Louisville(A), Syracuse(H), Seton Hall(A), Connecticut(A), Marquette(H), West Virginia(A), Villanova(A), West Virginia(H)
Pittsburgh (16-14, 6-12) - Oklahoma State(N), Duquesne(N), LaSalle(H), Georgetown(H), West Virginia(A), Villanova(H)

Villanova (12-17, 2-16) - LaSalle(H), Seton Hall(H)
South Florida (19-11, 8-8) - Cleveland State(H), Seton Hall(H), Villanova(A), Pittsburgh(H), Villanova(H), Pittsburgh(A), Cincinnati(H), Louisville(A)

Big Ten (10)
Ohio State (24-6, 11-6) - Florida(H), Duke(H), Northwestern(H), Iowa(A), Indiana(H), Michigan(H), Wisconsin(A), Purdue(H), Minnesota(A), Illinois(H), Northwestern(A)
Michigan State (24-6, 12-6) - Florida State(H), Gonzaga(A), Indiana(H), Wisconsin(A), Iowa(H), Purdue(H), Minnesota(H), Michigan(H), Ohio State(A), Wisconsin(H), Purdue(A), Minnesota(A)

Indiana (23-7, 11-6) - NC State(A), Kentucky(H), Notre Dame(A), Ohio State(H), Michigan(H), Iowa(H), Purdue(A), Illinois(H), Northwestern(H), Minnesota(A), Michigan State(H)
llinois (17-13, 8-11) - Maryland(A), Gonzaga(H), St. Bonaventure(H), Minnesota(H), Northwestern(A), Ohio State(H), Michigan State(H), Iowa(H)
Wisconsin (22-8, 9-8) - BYU(N), UNLV(H), Purdue(A), Northwestern(H), Illinois(A), Indiana(H), Minnesota(A), Ohio State(A), Minnesota(H)
Purdue (20-10, 11-8) - Iona(N), Temple(N), MiamiFL(H), Illinois(H), Iowa(A), Minnesota(A), Iowa(H), Northwestern(A), Northwestern(H), Illinois(A), Michigan(A)

Michigan (22-8, 13-8) - Memphis(N), UCLA(N), Iowa State(H), Minnesota(H), Wisconsin(H), Northwestern(H), Michigan State(H), Purdue(A), Indiana(H), Illinois(H), Ohio State(H), Northwestern(A), Illinois(A)
Northwestern (17-12, 6-12) - LSU(H), Seton Hall(A), Michigan State(H), Illinois(A), Iowa(H), Minnesota(H)
Minnesota (17-13, 6-13) - South Dakota State(H), Bucknell(H), Virginia Tech(H), Indiana(A), Northwestern(H), Illinois(H)

Iowa (16-14, 6-10) - Wisconsin(A), Minnesota(A), Michigan(H), Minnesota(H), Indiana(H), Wisconsin(H)

SEC (8)
Kentucky (29-1, 11-1) - Kansas(N), North Carolina(H), Louisville(H), Arkansas(H), Alabama(H), LSU(A), Florida(H), Vanderbilt(A), Mississippi(H), Mississippi State(A), Vanderbilt(H)
Vanderbilt (21-9, 11-8) - Oregon(H), NC State(N), Bucknell(H), Davidson(A), Oregon State(N), Marquette(A), Alabama(A), Middle Tennessee(H), LSU(H), Mississippi(A), Florida(H)
Florida (22-8, 8-4) - Arizona(H), Florida State(H), LSU(H), Mississippi(A), Mississippi State(H), Vanderbilt(H), Alabama(A), Arkansas(A)
Alabama (20-9, 10-8) - Maryland(N), Wichita State(N), Purdue(N), VCU(H), Oklahoma State(H), LSU(H), Arkansas(H), Mississippi(H), Arkansas(A), Mississippi State(H)
Mississippi State (20-10, 6-8) - Arizona(N), West Virginia(H), Alabama(H), Vanderbilt(A), LSU(H), Mississippi(H)
Mississippi (17-12, 5-10) - MiamiFL(H), Arkansas(H), Mississippi State(H), LSU(H), Arkansas(A)

LSU (17-12, 5-9) - Marquette(H), Mississippi(H), Arkansas(H), Alabama(H), Mississippi State(H)
Arkansas (18-12, 5-9) - Charlotte(H), Mississippi State(H), LSU(H), Michigan(H), Vanderbilt(H)

PAC-12 (8)
California (23-7, 10-6) - Denver(H), Weber State(H), UCLA(H), Oregon(A), Colorado(H), Washington(A), Stanford(H), UCLA(A), Oregon(H), Oregon State(H)
Stanford (19-10, 8-7) - Oklahoma State(N), NC State(H), Colorado State(H), UCLA(H), Oregon State(A), Colorado(H), Oregon State(H), Colorado(A)
Arizona (21-9, 7-9) - New Mexico State(A), Duquesne(H), Oregon State(H), California(A), Stanford(A), Colorado(H), UCLA(H)

Washington (21-8, 7-8) - Oregon State(H), Oregon(H), Stanford(H), Arizona(A), UCLA(H), Oregon State(A), Arizona(H)
Oregon (21-8, 7-8) - Stanford(H), Arizona(A), UCLA(H), Washington(H), Stanford(A), Oregon State(A), Colorado(H)

UCLA (17-13, 3-11) - Arizona(H), Colorado(H), Stanford(H)
Colorado (19-10, 5-10) - Washington(H), Arizona(H), Oregon State(H), Oregon(H), California(H)
Oregon State (16-13, 4-9) - Texas(N), California(H), UCLA(H), Oregon(A)

Atlantic 10 (9)
Xavier (18-11, 7-10) - Vanderbilt(A), Purdue(H), Cincinnati(H), St. Bonaventure(H), Duquesne(H), St. Joseph's(H), Dayton(H)
Temple (23-6, 13-4) - Wichita State(N), Buffalo(H), Villanova(H), Duke(H), St. Louis(A), LaSalle(H), Maryland(H), St. Joseph's(H), Xavier(H), St. Bonaventure(A), Duquesne(H), LaSalle(A), Massachusetts(H)
St. Louis (23-6, 10-4) - Washington(H), Villanova(N), Oklahoma(N), Xavier(A), Duquesne(H), St. Bonaventure(H), Dayton(H), St. Joseph's(A), LaSalle(A)
Dayton (18-11, 9-8) - Minnesota(N), Alabama(H), Mississippi(H), St. Louis(H), LaSalle(H), Temple(A), Xavier(H), Duquesne(A), Massachusetts(H)

St. Joseph's (19-12, 8-8) - Creighton(H), Drexel(H), Villanova(H), Duquesne(A), Dayton(H), LaSalle(H), Massachusetts(H), Temple(H)
Massachusetts (19-10, 5-8) - Davidson(H), St. Joseph's(H), St. Louis(H), St. Bonaventure(H), Xavier(H)
LaSalle (19-11, 5-7) - Bucknell(H), Xavier(H), Duquesne(A), Massachusetts(H), Massachusetts(A)
St. Bonaventure (17-10, 4-9) - Buffalo(A), Dayton(H), Duquesne(H), St. Joseph's(H)

Duquesne (16-13, 5-9) - Akron(N), Massachusetts(H), Dayton(A), St. Bonaventure(H), George Mason(A)

Colonial (3)
VCU (25-6, 4-4) - Akron(A), South Florida(H), Northern Iowa(H), George Mason(H)
George Mason (23-8, 2-4) - Bucknell(H), VCU(H)

Drexel (25-5, 3-2) - VCU(H), George Mason(H), Cleveland State(A)

Conference USA (4)
Memphis (22-8, 7-7) - Belmont(H), Miami, FL(A), Southern Miss(H), Marshall(H), Xavier(H), Marshall(A), Central Florida(H)
Marshall (17-12, 4-9) - Cincinnati(A), Iona(H), Belmont(H), Central Florida(H)
Central Florida (20-9, 3-6) - Connecticut(N), Memphis(H), Marshall(H)

Southern Miss (24-6, 9-3) - New Mexico State(H), New Mexico State(A), South Florida(H), Colorado State(A), Mississippi(H), Marshall(H), Central Florida(A), Memphis(H), Central Florida(H)

WCC (3)
Gonzaga (24-5, 6-4) - Notre Dame(H), Oral Roberts(H), Arizona(H), Xavier(A), St. Mary's(H), BYU(H)
St. Mary's (25-5, 6-4) - Northern Iowa(H), Weber State(H), Missouri State(N), BYU(H), Gonzaga(H), BYU(A)

BYU (24-7, 6-5) - Oregon(H), Buffalo(H), Nevada(N), Weber State(H), Virginia Tech(A), Gonzaga(H)

Missouri Valley (4)
Creighton (25-5, 7-4) - San Diego State(A), Iowa(H), Northwestern(H), Wichita State(A), Northern Iowa(H), Missouri State(A), Long Beach State(H)
Northern Iowa (19-12, 5-7) - Iowa(H), Iowa State(A), Colorado State(H), Missouri State(H), Creighton(H)

Wichita State (26-4, 8-3) - Colorado(A), UNLV(H), Northern Iowa(A), Missouri State(A), Northern Iowa(H), Creighton(A), Missouri State(H), Davidson(A)
Missouri State (16-15, 3-9) - Nevada(A), Creighton(A), Northern Iowa(H)

Mountain West (5)
UNLV (24-7, 7-6)North Carolina(N), Nevada(H), Illinois(A), California(H), New Mexico(H), Colorado State(H), San Diego State(H)
San Diego State (23-6, 8-5)Long Beach State(H), Arizona(A), California(H), UNLV(H), New Mexico(A), Wyoming(A), Wyoming(H), Colorado State(H)

New Mexico (23-6, 9-4) - Missouri State(H), Oklahoma State(A), New Mexico State(A), St. Louis(H), Wyoming(A), Colorado State(H), Wyoming(H), San Diego State(A), UNLV(H)
Colorado State (18-10, 6-8) - Colorado(H), Denver(H), San Diego State(H), Wyoming(H), New Mexico(H), UNLV(H)
Wyoming (20-9, 3-5) - Colorado State(H), Colorado(A), UNLV(H)

MAC (4)
Akron (20-10, 4-9) - Mississippi State(A), Marshall(A), Ohio(H), Kent State(H)
Kent State (20-9, 3-4) - West Virginia(A), Buffalo(H), Ohio(H)

Ohio (23-7, 6-3) - Marshall(A), Northern Iowa(A), Buffalo(H), Kent State(H), Buffalo(A), Akron(H)
Buffalo (18-9, 4-6) - Dayton(A), Akron(H), Kent State(H), Akron(A)

Sun Belt (2)
Middle Tennesee (25-5, 4-3) - UCLA(A), Akron(H), Belmont(H), Mississippi(H)
Denver (21-8, 4-3) - St. Mary's(H), Southern Miss(H), Wyoming(H), Middle Tennessee(H)

WAC (2)
Nevada (24-5, 3-4) - Washington(H), New Mexico State(A), New Mexico State(H)
New Mexico State (22-9, 1-6) - New Mexico(A)

Summit (2)
Oral Roberts (26-5, 4-4) - Missouri State(H), South Dakota State(H), Xavier(A), Akron(H)
South Dakota State (24-7, 2-2) - Washington(A), Oral Roberts(H)

Other Quality Teams (10)
Harvard (24-4, 3-1) - Florida State(N), Central Florida(N), St. Joseph's(H)

Murray State (28-1, 4-0) - Dayton(H), Memphis(A), Southern Miss(H), St. Mary's(H)
Iona (24-6, 4-2) - Maryland(N), St. Joseph's(A), Denver(A), Nevada(H)
Long Beach State (22-7, 2-6) - Pittsburgh(A), Xavier(N)
Belmont (24-7, 2-4) - Middle Tennessee(A), Marshall(H)
Weber State (23-5, 0-3)
Wagner (25-5, 1-1) - Pittsburgh(A)
Davidson (22-7, 1-4) - Kansas(A)
Bucknell (23-8, 0-5) -
Cleveland State (22-9, 4-2) - Vanderbilt(A), St. Bonaventure(H), Kent State(A), Akron(H)


  1. This is a great website to read. Thanks for sharing your college sports knowledge with us.

  2. Thanks for your nice comment. Sports is my passion and this has given me the avenue to share some of this passion with others.

    If you wouldn't mind, post or email me with how you found my blog and any suggestions you have for future content. And feel free to tell friends about it!!

  3. Why is UCLA listed under quality wins? I notice 14 teams on here can claim them as a quality win.

  4. UCLA is rated in the top 70 of the Sagarin Ratings which qualifies them to be part of the Jabesblog 100. There are obviously different degrees of a quality win, but the purpose of this schedule is to give people a one-stop shop of who teams have beaten from a hybrid Top 100 of the RPI and Sagarin. Oklahoma State, Villanova, Maryland and UCLA are the four teams whose records are not good, but 44 of their combined 47 losses have come to teams on this list, meaning they are losing to good teams.


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