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Top 10 Shooting Guards - 30 Years


10. Vince Carter - "Vincanity" leads off this list, bringing his career 22.9 PPG to the table. Carter sports a decent 10.7 career RAS rating (total of rebounds, assists, and steals per game).
Carter though, has never elevated a team to the NBA finals and his shooting peripherals are just average.

9. Allen Iverson - A.I. was a point guard by trade, but a shooting guard by nature, so he gets the #9 spot on this list. Iverson's career scoring average of 26.7 PPG ranks 2nd on this list and he is the 17th leading scorer in NBA history. Iverson was also a pesky defender, and is one of three players on this list with over 2 steals per game. His 42.5% career FG% and 31.3 career 3PT% keep him from being higher. I guess what I am saying is, if some of these guys were allowed to shoot as much as him, their numbers would be better than his.

8. Mitch Richmond - Richmond's consistent career yielded 21.0 PPG and a RAS of 8.6. Mitch is #20 all-time in 3-pointers made and also sported a 38.8 3-point% over his career. Part of decent teams throughout his career, Mitch never came close to an NBA finals.

7. Ray Allen - Ray Ray checks in here as #2 all-time in 3-pointers made and will likely finish his career #1. Allen has a career scoring average of 20.5 PPG and a RAS of 9.2 and also has at least one championship ring.

6. George Gervin - The "Iceman" played a large majority of his career in the 70's, but did play 6 years in the 80's continuing his impressive numbers. Gervin averaged 24.8 PPG in those 6 seasons which is 5th on this list. Gervin was a true scorer, which is indicated by his low RAS of 7.8, but his 49.2 career FG%, 2nd on this list, shows he knew how to score very well.

5. Dwyane Wade - Wade currently checks in at #5 on the list with room to move higher. In Wade's 7 seasons, he has a 25.4 PPG scoring average and an excellent 13.3 RAS for a shooting guard. Wade also has one championship ring and has become one of the top 5 players currently in the NBA.

4. Reggie Miller - Knick fans have him lower on this list, but Reggie gets the nod here as the NBA's all-time leader in 3-pointers made with 2,560 (39.0% on those 3's). Not surprisingly, Miller sports the worst RAS on the list at 6.4 but had a career scoring average of 20.6 PPG and ranks #14 all-time in total points in NBA history. It was his shooting and his perennial playoff heroics that get him this high on the list.

3. Clyde Drexler - The "Glide" may be known as a stiff from the Dancing with the Stars by some, but Drexler was no stiff on the basketball court. Clyde checks in as #23 on the NBA's all-time scoring list and had a career average of 20.4 PPG. His RAS of 13.7 is 2nd on this list and Clyde is now the 3rd player on the list with 1 championship ring.

Kobe vs Michael
The top 2 shooting guards in the last 30 years have a lot in common, including the coach that led them to their combined 10 championship rings (and counting). A closer look at the stats makes this one a pretty easy choice. Jordan's 30.1 PPG average clearly outpaces Bryant's 25.3 PPG and Jordan's 13.8 RAS is significantly higher than Bryant's 11.5. MJ also shot 49.7% from the field, a number that would have been over 50 if not for those Washington years. Kobe currently checks in at 45.5% career FG. Finally, although #33 was a great "Robin", Jordan was the "Batman" for all 6 of his rings (33.4 PPG career in the playoffs), while Bryant is really only working on his 2nd as "Batman". Don't get me wrong, Bryant is an all-time great and clearly belongs in this conversation, but his no MJ.

2. Kobe Bryant
1. Michael Jordan

Friday, May 28, 2010

Top 10 Point Guards - 30 Years

I admit it - I like lists. So after putting together my all MLB and NBA teams, the next logical step is to rank the top players at each position. I will again start with the NBA, since the season is hitting its final stretch. MLB will be next...with that, here are the


10. Chris Paul - Paul has taken the NBA by storm in his first five seasons. Paul will undoubtedly climb this list and will bring Deron Williams along with him. Paul is not on any career lists yet, but at 19.3 PPG and 10.0 APG, he is on pace to get there.

9. Mark Jackson - Kids might know him more as an analyst, but Mark "Action" Jackson was a deft distributor of the basketball for the New York Knicks and Indiana Pacers. Jackson ranks #3 on the all-time NBA total assists list (8.0 APG) - try that one as a trivia question with your friends. Jackson is by far the lowest scorer on the list (9.6 PPG)

8. Tim Hardaway - Hardaway quarterbacked the best Golden State teams of the past 30 years and then moved on to be a playoff fixture in Miami. #13 on the career assists list (8.2 APG), Hardaway, despite an awkward shot, was an excellent scorer when needed (17.7 PPG).

7. Steve Nash - Nash could be higher, but has never played in an NBA finals and there needs to be some inflation for the Phoenix system when looking at straight stats. That being said, Nash is an underrated scorer (14.6 PPG) and shooter (48.9 FG%). Nash currently ranks #8 on the all-time assists list (8.3 APG) and could finish his career as high as #3.

6. Kevin Johnson - KJ was more of a scoring PG (17.9 PPG), ranking only 17th all-time in total assists (9.1 APG), but for a good stretch he was a top 3 PG in the league, and did not play as long as others on this list.

5. Jason Kidd - Possibly the best pure passer on this list, Kidd is #2 all-time in assists (9.2 APG) and #4 in steals. Kidd's two finals appearances keep him this high despite his inability to consistently shoot (40.3% FG). Kidd is also one of the two best rebounders on this list (6.6 RPG) and does score enough (13.6 PPG).

4. Gary Payton - "The Glove" not only talked a good game, but backed it up on the court. Payton ranks #7 in assists (6.7 APG), #3 in steals, was a great scorer (16.3 PPG, skewed by trying to play too long) and a tremendous defender. Payton is on the long list of players who likely would have a ring if #23 and #33 on some team in the "Windy City" would not have teamed up to dominate during their prime years.

3. Isiah Thomas - He was an average coach and an awful GM, a little bit of a crybaby too. But "Zeke" could play and led the Pistons to two NBA championships, which is two more than the 7 players previously listed here. #6 all-time in total assists (9.3 APG) and #14 in steals, Thomas could also score when needed (19.2 PPG) and well, he also had a great smile.

"The Magic Man" vs "The Pasty Gangsta"
Point guard supremacy comes down to Earvin Johnson and John Stockton. They both wore short shorts. They both could thread a needle. One of them ran "Showtime". The other popularized basketball's most fundamental play, the "Pick 'n' Roll". Stockton is #1 in career assists and steals, averaged 13.1 PPG and shot 51.5% from the field. Magic is #4 in assists, #15 in steals, averaged 19.5 PPG and shot 52% from the field. Magic does outpace Stockton is assists/game 11.2 to 10.5, was a far superior rebounder, and as we are well aware, had his career cut short way too soon. While this one is very close to call, in the end, the biggest difference as it often is in sports is...

2. John Stockton - 0 Titles
1. Magic Johnson - 5 Titles

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NBA 30 Year Teams

It was brought to my attention that I would have to continue with the 30-Year teams for other sports. I thought I better get the NBA completed as the season reaches its crescendo. That will give me time to figure out how I am going to do the NFL. Any suggestions on a structure for the NFL teams is welcome. For the NBA, I used the same general roster as I did for College Basketball (PG, SG, SF, PF, C, 6th Man). In most cases I will stick pretty close to these, but if a little positional flexibility made sense, I have made it. For instance, the Los Angeles Lakers did not have a PF of enough consequence to override what I needed to do for them. With that, here are the NBA 30-Year teams (sans the Charlotte Bobcats, whose 2009-2010 roster would probably represent their best team).

Los Angeles Lakers
PG - Magic Johnson, SG - Kobe Bryant, SF - James Worthy, PF - Shaquille O'Neal (because he was shorther than...), C - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 6th Man - Byron Scott

How can you not put both Shaq and Kareem on this team, especially with Lamar Odom or Pau Gasol looming as the best PF?

Boston Celtics
PG - Dennis Johnson, SG - Paul Pierce, SF - Larry Bird, PF - Kevin McHale, C - Robert Parrish, 6th Man - Danny Ainge

Here, Pierce slides from SF to SG, but the rest of the team looks quite familiar to 80's Celtics fans.

Chicago Bulls
G - Reggie Theus, SG - Michael Jordan, SF - Scottie Pippen, PF - Horace Grant, C - Bill Cartwright, 6th Man - Dennis Rodman

With Jordan and Pippen to handle the ball, Theus can take the other guard spot as more of a shooter. Rodman takes the final spot over Orlando Woolridge because frankly, the Bulls were winners with Rodman.

Milwaukee Bucks
G - Sidney Moncrief, G - Ray Allen, SF - Glenn Robinson, PF - Terry Cummings, C - Vin Baker, 6th Man - Ricky Pierce

Moncrief will need to man the point, as Allen deserved the other guard spot over Cassell and Ricky Pierce is one of the best 6th Men of the last 30 years.

San Antonio Spurs
PG - Tony Parker, SG - George Gervin, SF - Sean Elliott, PF - Tim Duncan, C - David Robinson, 6th Man - Manu Ginobli

Pretty easy roster to assemble here - I ran out of room for Rodman, as this time he lost out to Ginobli's rings.

Houston Rockets
PG - Kenny Smith, SG - Sam Cassell, SF - Tracy McGrady, PF - Ralph Sampson, C - Hakeem Olajuwon, 6th Man - Yao Ming

Big men galore in Houston. Yao edges out Moses Malone, who just didn't play as long but was a monster in 1982.

Utah Jazz
PG - John Stockton, SG - Jeff Hornacek, SF - Adrian Dantley, PF - Karl Malone, C - Mark Eaton, 6th Man - Deron Williams

Another no-brainer team as far as I'm concerned. People forget how good Dantley was and Eaton could swat it with the best of them for a white dude.

Philadelphia 76ers
PG - Maurice Cheeks, SG - Allen Iverson, SF - Julius Erving, PF - Charles Barkley, C - Moses Malone, 6th Man - Bobby Jones

The 5 starters were shoe-ins. Jones is akin to Ricky Pierce in that he was the league's best 6th Man for the first part of the 80's.

Phoenix Suns
PG - Kevin Johnson, PG - Steve Nash, SF - Tom Chambers, PF - Charles Barkley, C - Amare Stoudemire, 6th Man - Dan Majerle

Nash is a good enough shooter that 2 PG's is warranted here. Plus Majerle was more comfortable coming off the bench.

Portland TrailBlazers
PG - Terry Porter, SG - Clyde Drexler, SF - Jerome Kersey, PF - Buck Williams, C - Cliff Robinson, 6th Man - Brandon Roy

One or two more years and Roy will force a 3 guard line-up and bump Kersey to the bench, although Uncle Cliffy was a 6th Man for years with this team. Can you name the Center that completed the starting roster? If you said Kevin Duckworth, you are correct.

Detroit Pistons
PG - Isiah Thomas, SG - Joe Dumars, SF - Grant Hill, PF - Ben Wallace, C - Bill Laimbeer, 6th Man - Chauncey Billups

Anyone remember how good grant Hill was in his first 5 years in Detroit? Tough to keep "The Microwave" off as the 6th man, but "Mr. Big Shot" is a superior player.

Cleveland Cavaliers
PG - Mark Price, SG - Ron Harper, SF - LeBron James, PF - Larry Nance, C - Brad Daugherty, 6th Man - Craig Ehlo

Do you think if the late 80's/early 90's Cavs had LeBron they would have beaten the Bulls in one of those 4 playoff series?

Denver Nuggets
PG - Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, SG - Lafayette Lever, SF - Carmelo Anthony, PF - Alex English, C - Dan Issel, 6th Man - Dikembe Mutombo

Rauf was more of a shooter, but did play PG. Lever was a triple-double machine, so he could distribute to 3 25 PPG scorers in Anthony, English and Issel. Mutombo makes the team for laying on the court after beating Seattle.

Golden State Warriors
PG - Tim Hardaway, SG - Mitch Richmond, F - Latrell Sprewell, F - Chris Mullin, C - Joe Barry Carroll, 6th Man - Purvis Short

In typical Warriors fashion the line-up is small but reunites Run TMC.

Dallas Mavericks
PG - Jason Kidd, SG - Rolando Blackman, F - Mark Aguirre, F - Jamal Mashburn, C - Dirk Nowitzki, 6th Man - Steve Nash

Another smaller line-up and the PG decision seemed like a toss-up, but Nash wasn't a true star until he left Dallas.

Miami Heat
PG - Tim Hardaway, SG - Dwyane Wade, SF - Glen Rice, PF - P.J. Brown, C - Alonzo Mourning, 6th Man - Shaquille O'Neal

O'Neal was vital in their only championship and edges Eddie Jones for the final spot.

Atlanta Hawks
PG - Mookie Blaylock, SG - Joe Johnson, SF - Dominique Wilkins, PF - Kevin Willis, C - Dikembe Mutombo, 6th Man - Steve Smith

Another team that Moses Malone did not play quite long enough for but had an impact. Josh Smith could challenge Kevin Willis someday.

Orlando Magic
PG - Anfernee Hardaway, SG - Nick Anderson, SF - Tracy McGrady, PF - Dwight Howard, C - Shaquille O'Neal, 6th Man - Dennis Scott

Pretty easy 1 thru 6. Honorable mention to Darrell Armstrong.

Seattle Supersonics/Oklahoma City Thunder
PG - Gary Payton, SG - Dale Ellis, SF - Kevin Durant, PF - Shawn Kemp, C - Jack Sikma, 6th Man - Rashard Lewis

One of my tougher teams - Lewis beats out Xavier McDaniel, Detlef Schrempf, Derrick McKey and Nate McMillan, any of which would be deserving.

New York Knicks
PG - Mark Jackson, SG - John Starks, SF - Bernard King, PF - Charles Oakley, C - Patrick Ewing, 6th Man - Allen Houston

No real troubles here despite Houston's contract problems late in his career.

Indiana Pacers
PG - Mark Jackson, SG - Reggie Miller, SF - Chuck Person, PF - Jermaine O'Neal, C - Rik Smits, 6th Man - Detlef Schrempf

Danny Granger will knock on Detlef's door very soon.

Sacramento Kings
PG - Mike Bibby, SG - Mitch Richmond, SF - Peja Stojokovic, PF - Chris Webber, C - Vlade Divac, 6th Man - Wayman Tisdale

Pretty much a slam dunk - apologies to Doug Christie, the only starter left off this team from the great teams of the early 2000's.

New Jersey Nets
PG - Jason Kidd, SG - Vince Carter, SF - Richard Jefferson, PF - Buck Williams, C - Derrick Coleman, 6th Man - Drazen Petrovic

Petrovic, along with Sarunus Marcilounis, were the first impact foreign players to hit the NBA.

Charlotte/New Orleans Hornets
PG - Chris Paul, SG - David Wesley, SF - Larry Johnson, PF - David West, C - Alonzo Mourning, 6th Man - Muggsy Bogues

The Hornets have a lot of players who didn't have real long tenures. Wesley edges original Hornet Rex Chapman and Glen Rice.

Washington Bullets/Wizards
PG - Gilbert Arenas, SG - Jeff Malone, SF - Antawn Jamison, PF - Chris Webber, C - Juwan Howard, 6th Man - Caron Butler

Toronto Raptors
PG - Damon Stoudemire, SG - Vince Carter, SF - Jalen Rose, PF - Chris Bosh, C - Antonio Davis, 6th Man - Alvin Williams

Los Angeles Clippers
PG - Gary Grant, SG - Corey Maggette, SF - Danny Manning, PF - Elton Brand, C - Loy Vaught, 6th Man - Ron Harper

Not surprisingly, finding 6 players was actually hard for the Clippers.

Minnesota Timberwolves
PG - Terrell Brandon, SG - Wally Szczerbiak, SF - Tom Gugliotta, PF - Kevin Garnett, C - Al Jefferson, 6th Man - Stephon Marbury

Vancouver/Memphis Grizzlies
PG - Mike Bibby, SG - Mike Miller, SF - Rudy Gay, PF - Shareef Abdur-Rahim, C - Pau Gasol, 6th Man - Shane Battier

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Major League Baseball 30 Year Teams (Complete)

Ienjoyed putting together the NCAA 30 Year Teams so much, I though why not do it with Major League Baseball. Once again, I used a standard line-up with C, 1B, 2B, ss, 3B, LF, CF, RF, DH, 4 SP, and one Closer. I used the DH in the National League too - and in both leagues it was used more as a way to add a 9th guy to the roster as opposed to a guy who played strictly DH. I tried to stick close to the OF slots, although I used my discretion and sometimes memory wasn't serving me well as to which OF slot a guy played at. And to add the last bit of fun, I will try to put them in a batting order that I see fit. I will start with the home team, the Milwaukee Brewers, and navigate my way through the leagues. I hope you enjoy!!


Milwaukee Brewers
3B - Paul Molitor
SS - Robin Yount
1B - Cecil Cooper
DH - Prince Fielder
LF - Ryan Braun
CF - Gorman Thomas
RF - Geoff Jenkins
C - B.J. Surhoff
2B - Jim Gantner

SP - Teddy Higuera
SP - Ben Sheets
SP - Chris Bosio
SP - Moose Haas
CL - Rollie Fingers

Chicago Cubs
SS - Shawon Dunston
2B - Ryne Sandberg
1B - Mark Grace
RF - Andre Dawson
CF - Sammy Sosa
LF - Moises Alou
3B - Aramis Ramirez
DH - Keith Moreland
C - Jody Davis

SP - Greg Maddux
SP - Rick Sutcliffe
SP - Carlos Zambrano
SP - Kerry Wood
CL - Lee Smith

St. Louis Cardinals
LF - Vince Coleman
RF - Willie McGee
1B - Albert Pujols
DH - Mark McGwire
3B - Terry Pendleton
CF - Ray Lankford
2B - Tommy Herr
C - Yadier Molina
SS - Ozzie Smith

SP - Joaquin Andujar
SP - John Tudor
SP - Matt Morris
SP - Chris Carpenter
CL - Todd Worrell

Houston Astros
C - Craig Biggio
LF - Jose Cruz
1B - Jeff Bagwell
3B - Ken Caminiti
DH - Lance Berkman
RF - Kevin Bass
CF - Richard Hidalgo
SS - Craig Reynolds
2B - Billy Doran

SP - Nolan Ryan
SP - Mike Scott
SP - Roy Oswalt
SP - Shane Reynolds
CL - Billy Wagner

Cincinnati Reds
SS - Barry Larkin
1B - Sean Casey
CF - Ken Griffey Jr.
LF - Eric Davis
RF - Reggie Sanders
DH - Adam Dunn
3B - Chris Sabo
2B - Ron Oester
C - Joe Oliver

SP - Jose Rijo
SP - Mario Soto
SP - Tom Browning
SP - Aaron Harang
CL - John Franco

Pittsburgh Pirates
LF - Barry Bonds
RF - Brian Giles
CF - Andy Van Slyke
3B - Bobby Bonilla
DH - Jason Bay
1B - Kevin Young
2B - Johnny Ray
C - Tony Pena
SS - Jay Bell

SP - Doug Drabek
SP - John Smiley
SP - Rick Rhoden
SP - John Candelaria
CL - Kent Tekulve


Minnesota Twins
2B - Chuck Knoblauch
C - Joe Mauer
CF - Kirby Puckett
1B - Kent Hrbek
RF - Tom Brunancky
3B - Gary Gaetti
DH - Torii Hunter
LF - Jacque Jones
SS - Greg Gagne

SP - Frank Viola
SP - Johan Santana
SP - Brad Radke
SP - Kevin Tapani
CL - Joe Nathan

Chicago White Sox
LF - Lance Johnson
2B - Ray Durham
1B - Frank Thomas
RF - Harold Baines
CF - Magglio Ordonez
3B - Robin Ventura
DH - Paul Konerko
C - Carlton Fisk
SS - Ozzie Guillen

SP - Jack McDowell
SP - Mark Buehrle
SP - Alex Fernandez
SP - LaMarr Hoyt
CL - Bobby Thigpen

Detroit Tigers
2B - Lou Whitaker
SS - Alan Trammell
DH - Kirk Gibson
1B - Cecil Fielder
CF - Chet Lemon
C- Lance Parrish
3B - Travis Fryman
LF - Larry Herndon
RF - Bobby Higginson

SP - Jack Morris
SP - Dan Petry
SP - Frank Tanana
SP - Justin Verlander
CL - Willie Hernandez

Cleveland Indians
CF - Kenny Lofton
2B - Carlos Baerga
RF - Manny Ramirez
LF - Albert Belle
1B - Jim Thome
DH - Travis Hafner
3B - Brook Jacoby
C - Sandy Alomar Jr.
SS - Omar Vizquel

SP - C.C. Sabathia
SP - Charles Nagy
SP - Tom Candiotti
SP - Cliff Lee
CL - Doug Jones

Kansas City Royals
CF - Willie Wilson
LF - Johnny Damon
3B - George Brett
RF - Danny Tartabull
2B - Frank White
DH - Carlos Beltran
1B - Mike Sweeney
C - John Wathan
SS - Angel Berroa

SP - Bret Saberhagen
SP - Kevin Appier
SP - Charlie Leibrandt
SP - Zack Greinke
CL - Dan Quisenberry


New York Yankees
LF - Rickey Henderson
SS - Derek Jeter
1B - Don Mattingly
3B - Alex Rodriguez
DH - Dave Winfield
CF - Bernie Williams
RF - Paul O'Neill
C - Jorge Posada
2B - Robinson Cano

SP - Andy Pettitte
SP - Ron Guidry
SP - Mike Mussina
SP - Roger Clemens
CL - Mariano Rivera

Boston Red Sox
SS - Nomar Garciaparra
3B - Wade Boggs
1B - Mo Vaughn
LF - Jim Rice
DH - David Ortiz (vs RH), Manny Ramirez (vs LH)
RF - Dwight Evans
CF - Ellis Burks
C - Jason Varitek
2B - Dustin Pedroia

SP - Roger Clemens
SP- Pedro Martinez
SP - Curt Schilling
SP - Tim Wakefield
CL - Jonathon Papelbon

Toronto Blue Jays
2B - Roberto Alomar
SS - Tony Fernandez
LF - George Bell
DH - Joe Carter
1B - Carlos Delgado
RF - Jesse Barfield
3B - Kelly Gruber
CF - Vernon Wells
C - Ernie Whitt

SP - Roy Halladay
SP - Dave Stieb
SP - Jimmy Key
SP - Pat Hentgen
CL - Tom Henke

Baltimore Orioles
LF - Brady Anderson
2B - Brian Roberts
SS - Cal Ripken Jr.
1B - Eddie Murray
DH - Rafael Palmeiro
RF - B.J. Surhoff
C - Chris Hoiles
CF - Mike Devereaux
3B - Melvin Mora

SP - Mike Mussina
SP - Mike Boddicker
SP - Scott McGregor
SP - Mike Flanagan
CL - Gregg Olson

Tampa Bay Rays
LF - Carl Crawford
RF - Randy Winn
3B - Evan Longoria
1B - Fred McGriff
DH - Aubrey Huff
2B - Jorge Cantu
CF - Rocco Baldelli
C - Toby Hall
SS - Julio Lugo

SP - Scott Kazmir
SP - James Shields
SP - Victor Zambrano
SP - Matt Garza
CL - Roberto Hernandez

NL East

Atlanta Braves
SS - Rafael Furcal
LF - Ron Gant
3B - Chipper Jones
RF - Dale Murphy
1B - Fred McGriff
DH - David Justice
CF - Andruw Jones
C - Javy Lopez
2B - Marcus Giles

SP - Greg Maddux
SP - John Smoltz
SP - Tom Glavine
SP - Kevin Millwood
CL - John Smoltz

Philadelphia Phillies
SS - Jimmy Rollins
2B - Chase Utley
3B - Mike Schmidt
1B - Ryan Howard
RF - Bobby Abreu
DH - Pat Burrell
LF - Von Hayes
C - Mike Lieberthal
CF - Len Dykstra

SP - Steve Carlton
SP - Curt Schilling
SP - Cole Hamels
SP - Terry Mulholland
CL - Mitch Williams

New York Mets
SS - Jose Reyes
3B - David Wright
1B - Keith Hernandez
C - Mike Piazza
RF - Daryl Strawberry
DH - Carlos Beltran
LF - Kevin McReynolds
2B - Edgardo Alfonzo
CF - Mookie Wilson

SP - Dwight Gooden
SP - David Cone
SP - Ron Darling
SP - Sid Fernandez
CL - John Franco

Florida Marlins
SS - Hanley Ramirez
CF - Cliff Floyd
DH - Miguel Cabrera
LF - Gary Sheffield
1B - Derek Lee
RF - Jeff Conine
3B - Mike Lowell
C - Charles Johnson
2B - Luis Castillo

SP - Josh Beckett
SP - Dontrelle Willis
SP - A.J. Burnett
SP - Josh Johnson
CL - Robb Nen

Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos
LF - Tim Raines
DH - Marquis Grissom
CF - Andre Dawson
1B - Andres Galarraga
RF - Vladmir Guerrero
C - Gary Carter
3B - Tim Wallach
SS - Hubie Brooks
2B - Jose Vidro

SP - Dennis Martinez
SP - Pedro Martinez
SP - Steve Rodgers
SP - Bill Gullickson
CL - Jeff Reardon

AL West

Seattle Mariners
RF - Ichiro Suzuki
SS - Alex Rodriguez
CF - Ken Griffey Jr.
3B - Edgar Martinez
1B - Alvin Davis
DH - Jay Buhner
LF - Phil Bradley
2B - Bret Boone
C - Dan Wilson

SP - Randy Johnson
SP - Mark Langston
SP - Jamie Moyer
SP - Felix Hernandez
CL - Kazuhiro Sasaki

Texas Rangers
SS - Alex Rodriguez
C - Ivan Rodriguez
1B - Rafael Palmeiro
LF- Juan Gonzalez
RF - Ruben Sierra
DH - Mark Teixeira
3B - Dean Palmer
CF - Rusty Greer
2B - Ian Kinsler

SP - Kevin Brown
SP - Nolan Ryan
SP - Kenny Rogers
SP - Charlie Hough
CL - John Wetteland

Oakland Athletics
LF - Rickey Henderson
SS - Miguel Tejada
RF - Jose Canseco
1B - Mark McGwire
DH - Jason Giambi
3B - Eric Chavez
CF - Dwayne Murphy
C - Terry Steinbach
2B - Tony Phillips

SP - Dave Stewart
SP - Tim Hudson
SP - Barry Zito
SP - Bob Welch
CL - Dennis Eckersley

Anaheim/Los Angeles/California Angels
CF - Darin Erstad
1B - Wally Joyner
RF - Tim Salmon
DH - Brian Downing
LF - Garrett Anderson
2B - Bobby Grich
3B - Doug DeCinces
C - Bob Boone
SS - Dick Schofield

SP - Chuck Finley
SP - Mike Witt
SP - John Lackey
SP - Kirk McCaskill
CL - Troy Percival

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers
2B - Steve Sax
RF - Raul Mondesi
C - Mike Piazza
DH - Pedro Guerrero
CF - Shawn Green
1B - Eric Karros
3B - Adrian Beltre
SS - Bill Russell
LF - Brett Butler

SP - Vernando Valenzuela
SP - Orel Hershiser
SP - Ramon Martinez
SP - Bob Welch
CL - Eric Gagne

San Diego Padres
CF - Steve Finley
2B - Roberto Alomar
RF - Tony Gwynn
1B - Adrian Gonzalez
DH - Steve Garvey
3B - Ken Caminiti
LF - Brian Giles
C - Benito Santiago
SS - Garry Templeton

SP - Jake Peavy
SP - Andy Benes
SP - Andy Ashby
SP - Eric Show
CL - Trevor Hoffman

San Francisco Giants
2B - Robbie Thompson
1B - Will Clark
LF - Barry Bonds
3B - Matt Williams
2B - Jeff Kent
CF - Chili Davis
RF - Kevin Mitchell
C - Bob Brenly
SS - Rich Aurillia

SP - Jason Schmidt
SP - Tim Lincecum
SP - Kirk Rueter
SP - Mike Krukow
CL - Rod Beck

Colorado Rockies
2B - Eric Young
1B - Todd Helton
RF - Larry Walker
DH - Andres Galarraga
CF - Dante Bichette
LF - Matt Holliday
3B - Vinny Castilla
SS - Troy Tulowitski
C - Jeff Reed

SP - Ubaldo Jimenez
SP - Aaron Cook
SP - Jeff Francis
SP - Pedro Astacio
CL - Brian Fuentes

Arizona Diamondbacks
LF - Eric Byrnes
CF - Steve Finley
RF - Luis Gonzalez
3B - Matt Williams
DH - Mark Reynolds
SS - Stephen Drew
1B - Chad Tracy
C - Damian Miller
2B - Jay Bell

SP - Randy Johnson
SP - Brandon Webb
SP - Dan Haren
SP - Curt Schilling
CL - Byung-Hyun Kim

3 Teams - Alex Rodriguez (Seattle, Texas, NY Yankees) and Curt Schilling (Philadelphia, Arizona, and Boston)

2 Teams - Andre Dawson, Andres Galarraga, B.J. Surhoff, Barry Bonds, Bob Welch, Brian Giles, Carlos Beltran, Fred McGriff, Greg Maddux, Jay Bell, John Franco, Ken Caminiti, Ken Griffey Jr., Mark McGwire, Matt Williams, Mike Mussina, Mike Piazza, Nolan Ryan, Pedro Martinez, Rafael Palmeiro, Randy Johnson, Rickey Henderson, Roberto Alomar, Roger Clemens, and Steve Finley

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ode to a King?

He was raised in Ohio
250 lbs and 6 foot 8 inches tall
He skipped out on college
To play NBA Basketball

He was a star in his teens
and anointed as the "King"
although he held no crown
not even a championship ring

The Cavs took him first
fulfilling his childhood dream
to play in "The League"
with his hometown team

7 years have now passed
with triple-doubles galore
He has 2 MVP's and
will undoubtedly win more

But as free agency neared
and the rumors ran wild
He became less an adult
and more like a child

Game 5 was a mess
He almost seemed bored
he didn't even try to
put many points on the board

Game 6 seemed better
if you read only the stat sheet
but look at those turnovers
and his team was still beat

Now what happens next?
July 1 will soon approach
Cleveland will start their efforts
by firing their coach

Chicago has been rumored
but Jordan's shadow is cast
LeBron to the Bulls?
I say "not so fast"

The Nets could come calling
A Russian owner with a splash
LeBron to the Nets?
I don't think there is enough cash

So will he stay with the Cavs?
help them pop the champagne cork?
or will he go for the glitz
and take his game to New York?

Where do you go if you are a King
who doesn't have a crown
Look out New York
LeBron is coming to town!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Thoughts

Occasionally, I get the urge to provide some random thoughts...

I hope LeBron James played his last home game in Cleveland - it is a bigger story if he goes to New York or Chicago.

Chicago has become the hot LeBron destination but Jordan's shadow would still seem to loom large - I would put my chips in on New York.

The Montreal Canadiens have NHL execs swearing in English, French, and all other languages. Taking out Ovechkin was bad enough. Now Crosby too. There go the Stanley Cup ratings. I am sure a San Jose/Montreal Stanley Cup is exactly what they all really wanted?

Last night's result means the San Jose/Chicago series is the best possible series remaining. I am not saying the winner automatically wins the Cup, but, well yes, that is what I am saying.

Considering the state of the Brewers pitching staff, you can guarantee yourself a three game sweep if you hit #8 with a pitch and knock him out of 2 1/2 games.

Prince Fielder's time as a Brewer gets shorter with each passing day.

How do the Twins do it?

I will freely admit, I am not excited for the World Cup - not because I don't love the USA, but because I don't really like soccer.

ALERT: Reality TV Segment

Will Rupert and Colby really join forces with the devil on Survivor tonight?

I wish there was a way Erin Andrews could win DWTS, but its just not going to happen.

I smiled a lot when I heard Julianne was coming back to do the Fall Season of DWTS.

That Ali chick from the Bachelorette starts in a few weeks - I think I might tune in.

ALERT: Reality Segment Complete

One faithful Jabesblog reader thinks Tiger has fallen off the wagon and may not catch Nicklaus. That was a foregone conclusion 6 months ago. But I can't say I disagree.

If Ben Brust is the next Jason Bohannon, then I will like Ben Brust.

Does anybody watch Boxing anymore? And who pays $50 for PPV to watch it?

Stephen Strasburg should be in the Majors. And if I am Washington, don't be so strict on the pitch count. He won't be with the Nationals for that long.

Why don't I ever play golf until June?

A Random Thoughts without the NFL - Yes - I have nothing - completely blank on the NFL - unless I want to put my prediction in writing here that there will be no NFL in 2011. I guess I just did.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Updated - 30 Year NCAA Teams

30 years of college basketball means a lot of great players. So who are the best? Here is a team-by-team, conference-by-conference look at my all-30-year teams. I will keep adding to this post as I go. I will of course start with the Big Ten and my beloved Badgers. Each team will have five starters and one 6th man to keep it a challenge. (I am allowing a little positional flexibility.)

G - Devin Harris, G - Michael Finley, F - Alando Tucker, F - Mike Wilkinson, C - Danny Jones, 6th Man - Kirk Penney

Michigan State
G - Mateen Cleeves, G - Shawn Respert, F- Steve Smith, F - Morris Peterson, C - Mike Peplowski, 6th Man - Scott Skiles

G - Deron Williams, G - Kendall Gill, F - Nick Anderson, F - Kenny Battle, C - Ken Norman, 6th Man - Frank Williams

G - Gary Grant, G - Louis Bullock, F - Glen Rice, F - Chris Webber, C - Roy Tarpley, 6th Man - Jalen Rose

Ohio State
G - Jay Burson, G - Jimmy Jackson, F - Evan Turner, F - Dennis Hopson, C - Greg Oden, 6th Man - Michael Redd

G - Steve Alford, G - Calbert Cheaney, F - Jared Jeffries, F - Brian Evans, C - Alan Henderson, 6th Man - A.J. Guyton

G - B.J. Armstrong, G - Roy Marble, F - Jess Settles, F - Ed Horton, C - Acie Earl, 6th Man - Les Jepsen

G - Bobby Jackson, G - Veshon Lenard, F - Willie Burton, F - Quincy Lewis, C - Randy Breuer, 6th Man - Sam Jacobsen

G - Troy Lewis, G - Cuonzo Martin, F - Glen Robinson, F - Brad Miller, C - Steve Scheffler, 6th Man - Todd Mitchell

G - Geno Carlisle, G - Todd Leslie, F - Walker Lambiotte, F - Kevin Rankin, C- Evan Eschmeyer, 6th Man - Patrick Baldwin

Penn State
G - Dan Earl, G - Joe Crispin, F - Pete Lisicky, F - Calvin Booth, C - Jon Amechi, 6th Man - Matt Gaudio

G - Gary Grant, G - Jimmy Jackson, F - Glen Rice, F - Glenn Robinson, C - Evan Eschmeyer, 6th Man - Steve Alford

G - Bobby Hurley, G - Johnny Dawkins, F - Grant Hill, F - Christian Laettner, C - Danny Ferry, 6th Man - J.J. Redick

North Carolina
G - Kenny Smith, G - Michael Jordan, F - Antwaan Jamison, F - Sam Perkins, C - Tyler Hansborough, 6th Man - George Lynch

Georgia Tech
G - Kenny Anderson, G - Mark Price, F - Dennis Scott, F - Matt Harpring, C - Tom Hammonds, 6th Man - Travis Best

North Carolina State
G - Chris Corchiani, G - Rodney Monroe, F - Julius Hodge, F - Tom Gugliotta, C - Todd Fuller, 6th Man - Thurl Bailey

Wake Forest
G - Tyrone Bogues, G - Randolph Childress, F - Josh Howard, F - Rodney Rogers, C - Tim Duncan, 6th Man - Chris Paul

G - Steve Francis, G - Juan Dixon, F - Walt Williams, F - Len Bias, C - Joe Smith, 6th Man - Greivis Vasquez

G - Terrell McIntyre, G - Greg Buckner, F - Horace Grant, F - Elden Campbell, C - Dale Davis, 6th Man - Sharone Wright

G - John Crotty, G - Sean Singletary, F - Bryant Stith, F - Junio Burrough, C - Ralph Sampson, 6th Man - Richard Morgan

Florida State
G - Sam Cassell, G - Tony Douglas, F - George McCloud, F - Doug Edwards, C - Rodney Dobard, 6th Man - Bobby Sura

ACC (Old School)
G - Johnny Dawkins, G - Mark Price, F - Len Bias, F - Christian Laettner, C - Tim Duncan, 6th Man - Michael Jordan

G - Sherman Douglas, G - Lawrence Moten, F - Billy Owens, F - Derrick Coleman, C - Rony Seikaly, 6th Man - Carmelo Anthony

G - Chris Smith, G - Ray Allen, F - Richard Hamilton, F - Donyell Marshall, C - Emeka Okeafor, 6th Man - Ben Gordon

G - Allen Iverson, G - Eric "Sleepy" Floyd, F - Reggie Williams, F - Alonzo Mourning, C - Patrick Ewing, 6th Man - David Wingate

G - Scottie Reynolds, G - Randy Foye, F - Kerry Kittles, F - Doug West, C - Ed Pinckney, 6th Man - Kenny Wilson

St. John's
G - Mark Jackson, G - Felipe Lopez, F - Chris Mullin, F - Malik Sealy, C - Walter Berry, 6th Man - Zendon Hamilton

G - Brandin Knight, G - Jason Matthews, F - Jerome Lane, F - Brian Shorter, C - Charles Smith, 6th Man - Sean Miller

Boston College
G - Dana Barros, G - Troy Bell, F - Danya Abrams, F - Craig Smith, C - Billy Curley, 6th Man - Michael Adams

G - Eric Murdock, G - Billy Donovan, F - Eric Williams, F - Ryan Gomes, C - Austin Croshere, 6th Man - God Shammgod

Seton Hall
G - Andre Barrett, G - Terry Dehere, F - Andre McCloud, F - Arturas Karnishovas, C - Mark Bryant, 6th Man - John Morton

BIG EAST (Old School)
G - Sherman Douglas, G - Ray Allen, F - Chris Mullin, F - Derrick Coleman, C - Patrick Ewing, 6th Man - Kerry Kittles

G - Tony Delk, G - Rex Chapman, F - Jamal Mashburn, F - Kenny Walker, C - Tayshaun Prince, 6th Man - John Wall

G - Lee Mayberry, G - Scottie Thurman, F - Todd Day, F - Corliss Williamson, C - Oliver Miller, 6th Man - Corey Beck

G - Andrew Moten, G - Vernon Maxwell, F - Dwayne Davis, F - Udonis Haslem, C - Dwayne Schintzius, 6th Man - Joakim Noah

G - Tony White, G - Allan Houston, F - Dale Ellis, F - Vincent Yarborough, C - Dyron Nix, 6th Man - Chris Lofton

G - Frank Seckar, G - Billy McCaffrey, F - Dan Langhi, F - Shan Foster, C - Will Perdue, 6th Man - Drew Maddux

G - Chris Jackson, G - Ronnie Henderson, F - Ricky Blanton, F - Glen Davis, C - Shaquille O'Neal, 6th Man - Vernell Singelton

G - James "Hollywood" Robinson, G - Eric Richardson, F - Robery Horry, F - Antonio McDyess, C - Derrick McKey, 6th Man - Michael Ansley

G - Ronnie Battle, G - Wesley Person, F - Chuck Person, F - Chris Morris, C - Charles Barkley, 6th Man - Doc Robinson

G - Litterial Green, G -Vern Fleming, F - Dominique Wilkins, F - Jumaine Jones, C - Alec Kessler, 6th Man - Shandon Anderson

G - Chris Warren, G - Keith Carter, F - Ansu Sesay, F - Gerald Glass, C - Joe Harvell, 6th Man - Rahim Lockhart

Mississippi State
G - Darryl Wilson, G - Jeff Malone, F - Lawrence Roberts, F - Jarvis Vernardo, C - Erick Dampier, 6th Man - Mario Austin

South Carolina
G - Devan Downey, G - B.J. McKie, F - Jimmy Foster, F - Terry Dozier, C - Darryl Martin, 6th Man - Melvin Watson

G - Chris Jackson, G - Allan Houston, F - Chuck Person, F - Jamal Mashburn, C - Shaquille O'Neal, 6th Man - Dominique Wilkins

G - Jacque Vaughn, G - Kirk Hinrich, F - Paul Pierce, F - Danny Manning, C - Raef LaFrentz, 6th Man - Drew Gooden

G - Mookie Blaylock, G - Tim McCallister, F - Blake Griffin, F - Wayman Tisdale, C - Stacey King, 6th Man - Ryan Minor

G - Kareem Rush, G - Anthony Peeler, F - Derrick Chievous, F - Doug Smith, C - Steve Stipanovich, 6th Man - Melvin Booker

Oklahoma State
G - John Lucas III, G - Adrian Peterson, F - Desmond Mason, F - Byron Houston, C - Bryant Reeves, 6th Man - Joey Graham

G - T.J. Ford, G - Reggie Freeman, F - Damion James, F - Kevin Durant, C - Chris Mihm, 6th Man - D.J. Augustin

Iowa State
G - Jamaal Tinsley, G - Fred Hoiberg, F - Marcus Fizer, F - Jeff Grayer, C - Victor Alexander, 6th Man - Jeff Hornacek

G - Chauncey Billups, G - Steve Wise, F - Donnie Boyce, F - Shaun Vandiver, C - David Harrison, 6th Man - Richard Roby

Kansas State
G - Steve Henson, G - Jacob Pullen, F - Mitch Richmond, F - Rolando Blackman, C - Michael Beasley, 6th Man - Denis Clemente

G - Curtis Jerrells, G - Tweety Carter, F - LaceDarius Dunn, F - Brian Skinner, C - Daryl Middleton, 6th Man - David Wesley

G - Erick Strickland, G - Tyronne Lue, F - Eric Piatkowski, F - Venson Hamilton, C - Dave Hoppen, 6th Man - Jaron Boone

Texas A&M
G - Acie Law, G - Bernard King, F - Josh Carter, F - Antoine Wright, C - Joseph Jones, 6th Man - David Edwards

Texas Tech
G - Jarrius Jackson, G - Corey Carr, F - Andre Emmett, F - Jason Sasser, C - Tony Battie, 6th Man - Sean Gay

BIG 12
G - Mookie Blaylock, G - Mitch Richmond, F - Danny Manning, F - Derrick Chievous, C - Wayman Tisdale, 6th Man - Jeff Grayer

G - Damon Stoudamire, G - Jason Gardner, F - Sean Elliott, F - Michael Dickerson, C - Channing Frye, 6th Man - Khalid Reeves

G - Pooh Richardson, G - Reggie Miller, F - Tracy Murray, F - Ed O'Bannon, C - Don MacLean, 6th Man - Tyus Edney

G - Jason Kidd, G - Ed Gray, F - Lamond Murray, F - Sean Lampley, C - Brian Hendrick, 6th Man - Shareef Abdur-Rahim

G - Brandon Granville, G - Harold Miner, F - Ronnie Coleman, F - Brian Scalabrine, C - Sam Clancy, 6th Man - David Bluthenthal

G - Brevin Knight, G - Casey Jacobsen, F - Todd Lichti, F - Adam Keefe, C - Tim Young, 6th Man - Dion Cross

G - Nate Robinson, G - Brandon Roy, F - Detlef Schrempf, F - Christian Welp, C - Todd Macullough, 6th Man - Jon Brockman

Arizona State
G - Jeremy Veal, G - Eddie House, F - James Harden, F - Ike Diogu, C - Mario Bennett, 6th Man - Stevin Smith

G - Terrell Brandon, G - Luke Ridnour, F - Fred Jones, F - Luke Jackson, C - Blair Rasmussen, 6th Man - Anthony Taylor

Oregon State
G - Gary Payton, G - Brent Barry, F - A.C. Green, F - Jose Ortiz, C - Scott Haskin, 6th Man - Deaundra Turner

Washington State
G - Marcus Moore, G - Kyle Weaver, F - Isaac Fontaine, F - Brian Quinnett, C - Mark Hendrickson, 6th Man - Derrick Lowe

G - Gary Payton, G - Harold Miner, F - Reggie Miller, F - Sean Elliott, C - Adam Keefe, 6th Man - Don MacLean

G - Tony Smith, G - Dwyane Wade, F - Jerel McNeal, F - Lazar Heyward, C - Joe McIlvaine, 6th Man - Travis Diener

G - Nick Van Exel, G - Steve Logan, F - Darnell Burton, F - Kenyon Martin, C - Danny Fortson, 6th Man - Roger McClendon

G - Alvin Franklin, G - Clyde Drexler, F - Craig Upchurch, F - Michael Young, C - Akeem Olajuwon, 6th Man - Greg Anderson

G - Rod Strickland, G - Quentin Richardson, F - Mark Agguire, F - David Booth, C - Dallas Comegys, 6th Man - Tyrone Corbin

G - LaBradford Smith, G - Reece Gaines, F - Billy Thompson, F - Clifford Rozier, C - Pervis Ellison, 6th Man - DeJuan Wheat

G - Elliott Perry, G - Anfernee Hardaway, F - David Vaughn, F - Lorenzen Wright, C - Keith Lee, 6th Man - Andre Turner

Notre Dame
G - David Rivers, G - Chris Thomas, F - Troy Murphy, F - Pat Garrity, C - Luke Harangody, 6th Man - LaPhonso Ellis

West Virginia
G - Alex Ruoff, G - Greg Jones, F - Joe Alexander, F - Deshaun Butler, C - Kevin Pittsnoggle, 6th Man - Damian Owens

St. Louis
G - H Waldman, G - Larry Hughes, F - Erwin Claggett, F - Anthony Bonner, C - Roland Gray, 6th Man - Monroe Douglass

G - Anfernee Hardaway, G - Clyde Drexler, F - Pervis Ellison, F - Mark Agguire, C - Akeem Olajuwon, 6th Man - Luke Harangody

G - Greg Anthony, G - Freddie Banks, F - Stacey Augmon, F - Larry Johnson, C - Armon Gilliam, 6th Man - J.R. Rider

G - John Stockton, G - Dan Dickau, F - Matt Bouldin, F - Adam Morrison, C - Rony Turiaf, 6th Man - Blake Stepp

G - Andre Miller, G - Josh Grant, F - Keith Van Horn, F - Michael Doleac, C - Andrew Bogut, 6th Man - Luke Nevill

G - Danny Ainge, G - Jimmer Ferdette, F - Devin Durrant, F - Michael Smith, C - Shawn Bradley, 6th Man - Fred Roberts

G - Tim Hardaway, G - Antoine Gillespie, F - Stefon Jackson, F - Brandon Wolfram, C - Dave Feitl, 6th Man - Randy Culpepper

G - Howard Evans, G - Terrence Stansbury, F - Mark Macon, F - Nate Blackwell, C - Tim Perry, 6th Man - Aaron McKie/Eddie Jones

G - Byron Larkin, G - Romain Sato, F - David West, F - Tyrone Hill, C - Brian Grant, 6th Man - James Posey

G - Squeaky Johnson, G - Steve Mitchell, F - Andy Kennedy, F - Jerome Mincy, C - Alan Ogg, 6th Man - Robert Vaden

Virginia Tech
G - Bimbo Coles, G - Zabian Dowdell, F - Dell Curry, F - Ace Custis, C - Dale Solomon, 6th Man - A.D. Vasallo

Miami, FL
G - Jack McClinton, G - Johnny Hemsley, F - John Salmons, F - Darius Rice, C - Tim James, 6th Man - Eric Brown

G - Ed McCants, G - Von McDade, F - Clay Tucker, F - Dylan Page, C - Adrian Tigert, 6th Man - Joah Tucker