Monday, June 20, 2011

Top Athletes - Last Names Starting with "Q" - Post 1980

"Q" is for Quiz, as in quick try to even name 10 athletes whose last name starts with "Q".  Not easy.  Which leads to the weakest list of all the letters.

10. Brian Quinnett (NBA)
9.  Sam Querrey (Tennis)
8.  Chad Qualls (MLB)
7.  Jamie Quirk (MLB)
6.  Paul Quantrill (MLB)
5.  Brady Quinn (NFL)
4.  Shelton Quarles (NFL)
3.  Carlos Quentin (MLB)
2.  Mike Quick (NFL)
1.  Dan Quisenberry (MLB)

Not a lot to add to this list.  Quisenberry had a great stretch in the early to mid-1980's that separates him from the rest of this list.  The fact that Brady Quinn can be #5, based mostly on his prowess at Notre Dame is a telling sign.  There were no real omissions, although Rey Quinones and Carlos Qunitana might argue.

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  1. Don Quarrie - Jamaican sprinter and Olympic gold medallist and joint world record holder


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