Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 10 Sports Related Stories of 2011

10. IRISH EYES WERE SMILING - In a Tiger-like performance, a young, curly-quaffed Irishman blew away the field in June.  Rory McIlroy not only won the U.S. Open in 2011, he set the Open scoring record and obliterated the field, making Sunday anti-climactic except for his final score.  While Woods searches for his game, young players like McIlroy are taking advantage and giving a glimpse of the next era on the links.
9.  A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN - Auburn capped the 2010-11 College Football season with a Championship.  Then the 2011-12 season came and the SEC ruled once again, giving us our first conference re-match in a Championship Game in the BCS era.  Whether right or wrong, one can not argue with the dominance of the SEC.  One can argue about the flaws of the BCS.  One can only hope the BCS has two years remaining in its lifespan.
8.  CAPTAIN 3000 - The club is still exclusive and Derek Jeter is a welcome member to it.  The Yankee shortstop joined the 3,000 hit club in style with a home run, becoming only the second player to do so (Wade Boggs).  In a career full of leadership and rings, Jeter now has a personal accomplishment to add to his team success for those rare days when he chooses to be a little selfish.
7.  CONFERENCE PING PONG - For a second consecutive year, schools are jumping ship to new conferences without a blink of an eye.  Texas A&M and Missouri to the SEC, Pitt and Syracuse to the ACC, TCU and West Virginia to the Big 12 and anyone with a pulse to the Big East.  Wake me when its all done please.
6.  GRIDLOCK!! - The NFL and NBA both experienced pro-longed work stoppages which had unemployed workers and worried fans wondering which greedy hand would grab the most dollars.  The NFL got things done under the wire, with a long overdue change to the rookie wage scale and concessions to workouts and practices for players.  The NBA lost games and the agreement lacks real progress, but they are back on the court and in the end, that is what fans want.
5.  PARTING GIFT - A second World Series title in 6 years for the St. Louis Cardinals was not enough to coax Albert Pujols to stay.  Money, Money, Money.  Albert is taking his talents to Anaheim, talents that undoubtedly will decline during the length of his contract.  He gave Cardinal fans one more magical run, capping a great World Series and riveting month of baseball.
4.  4TH QUARTER MAGIC - It isn't pretty, but is anything more unexplainable than Tebow?  The man with higher powers has willed the Broncos to the brink of the playoffs, overtime victories and last-second scores the norm.  Experts are not sold on his long-term prospects, but for one season, #15 was the talk of the nation.
3.  4TH QUARTER DISAPPEARANCE - Where is LeBron?  He took his talents to South Beach, but for many a 4th quarter in the 2011 NBA Final, King James was catching some rays and deferring to teammates.  The result was a surprise champion in the Mavericks and Dirk Nowitzki finally able to win the big one, cementing his status amongst the games all-time greats.
2.  THE PACK IS BACK - The year started with the return of the Lombardi Trophy to Titletown, an unthinkable title run from the wildcard spot for the injury ravaged Packers.  Aaron Rodgers became both superstar and celebrity.  To follow it up, the Green and Gold ended 2011 at 14-1 after a 13-0 start.  Green Bay is favored to repeat as Super Bowl Champs for the first time in 44 years.
1.  A LEGEND TARNISHED - The Penn State child sex scandal and impending firing of legendary coach Joe Paterno is hands down the biggest sports story of the year.  There is much still unknown, but what we do know is that it wasn't supposed to end this way for JoePa.  It is the unfortunate reality of sports, that real human beings are involved, some tremendously flawed, but on the field we put that aside.  How individuals could put aside what they new regarding this story for so long is unfathomable and still makes my stomach churn.

College Basketball Field of 68 - New Year's Edition

  • Syracuse still overall #1, followed by Ohio State, Duke and Kentucky
  • Texas A&M needs to beat someone to re-enter the field
  • Memphis may still be the class of C-USA, but for now they are out and C-USA is a one-bid league
  • It will be interesting to see how the committee treats this Xavier three-game stretch
  • Keep in mind Ohio State's one loss was without Sullinger and Vandy is now 2-1 with Festus Ezeli
  • The Missouri Valley had a strong non-conference showing, but won't do itself any at-large favors if they all beat-up on each other in conference play
  • Who will be the surprise team in conference play this year (the 2012 version of St. John's a year ago)?
  • Happy New Year!!
South Regional
(1)  Duke vs (16) Norfolk State
(8)  Vanderbilt vs (9)  Illinois
(5)  Kansas State vs (12)  Southern Mississippi
(4)  Marquette vs (13)  Murray State
(6)  Mississippi State vs (11)  Ohio
(3)  Wisconsin vs (14)  Long Beach State
(7)  Creighton vs (10)  Temple
(2)  Connecticut vs (15)  Robert Morris

West Regional
(1)  Kentucky vs (16)  Lamar
(8)  Xavier vs (9)  Texas
(5)  Virginia vs (12)  Seton Hall/BYU
(4)  Indiana vs (13)  Cleveland State
(6)  Gonzaga vs (11)  Stanford
(3)  Georgetown vs (14)  Middle Tennessee
(7)  San Diego State vs (10) Northwestern
(2)  Baylor vs (15)  Weber State

Midwest Regional
(1)  Ohio State vs (16)  Lehigh/Maine
(8)  Pittsburgh vs (9)  Wichita State
(5)  Florida vs (12)  Virginia Tech/St. Joseph's
(4)  UNLV vs (13)  Virginia Commonwealth
(6)  Michigan vs (11)  Harvard
(3)  Louisville vs (14)  Nevada
(7)  California vs (10)  Florida State
(2)  Missouri vs (15)  Davidson

East Regional
(1)  Syracuse vs (16)  Coastal Carolina/Prairie View
(8)  Purdue vs (9)  St. Louis
(5)  Kansas vs (12)  New Mexico
(4)  Alabama vs (13)  Iona
(6)  West Virginia vs (11)  Northern Iowa
(3)  Michigan State vs (14)  Belmont
(7)  St. Mary's vs (10)  Arizona
(2)  North Carolina vs (15)  Oral Roberts

Thursday, December 22, 2011

College Football - Top 5 Players Post-1980 - Other Teams Edition

A few non-bcs schools with notable top fives...

Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  1. Tim Brown, WR/KR/PR
  2. Raghib Ismail, WR/KR/PR
  3. Todd Lyght, CB
  4. Chris Zordich, DT
  5. Aaron Taylor, OG
BYU Cougars
  1. Ty Detmer, QB
  2. Jim McMahon, QB
  3. Steve Young, QB
  4. Robbie Bosco, QB
  5. Steve Sarkisian, QB
Houston Cougars
  1. Case Keenum, QB
  2. Andre Ware, QB
  3. David Klingler, QB
  4. Kevin Kolb, QB
  5. Manny Hazard, WR
SMU Mustangs
  1. Eric Dickerson, RB
  2. Reggie Dupard, RB
  3. Russell Carter, DB
  4. Craig James, RB
  5. Harvey Armstrong, DT
Boise State Broncos
  1. Kellen Moore, QB
  2. Eric Helgeson, DE
  3. Ian Johnson, RB
  4. Brock Forsey, RB
  5. Austin Pettis and Titus Young, WR
TCU Horned Frogs
  1. LaDainian Tomlinson, RB
  2. Andy Dalton, QB
  3. Jerry Hughes, DE
  4. Jake Kirkpatrick, C
  5. Aaron Schobel, DE
San Diego State Aztecs
  1. Marshall Faulk, RB
  2. Kyle Turley, OL
  3. Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, DE
  4. Kirk Morrison, LB
  5. Ronnie Hillman, RB 
Marshall Thundering Herd
  1. Randy Moss, WR
  2. Chad Pennington, QB
  3. Byron Leftwich, QB
  4. Johnathan Goddard, DE
  5. Darius Watts, WR

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

College Basketball Field of 68 - Christmas Edition

  • Syracuse is overall #1, followed by Ohio State, Duke and Kentucky
  • Rewarded Indiana for their undfeated start with a #3 seed, a spot the second place Big Ten team is likely to earn at the very least after the non-conference performance of the league
  • Minnesota fans can hate, but someone has to go 7-11 or 6-12 in league play and I think its the Gophers.
  • Three of my "First Four" on the #12 line are from mid-majors, which are seeing some strong non-conference resumes put together.
  • Happy Holidays!!
South Regional
(1)  Duke vs (16) Norfolk State
(8)  San Diego State vs (9)  West Virginia
(5)  Michigan State vs (12)  Memphis
(4)  Florida vs (13)  Murray State
(6)  Michigan vs (11)  Wichita State
(3)  Xavier vs (14)  Belmont
(7)  Texas vs (10)  St. Mary's
(2)  Connecticut vs (15)  Robert Morris

West Regional
(1)  Kentucky vs (16)  Lamar
(8)  Florida State vs (9)  Kansas State
(5)  Georgetown vs (12)  Dayton/New Mexico
(4)  Wisconsin vs (13)  Cleveland State
(6)  California vs (11)  Harvard
(3)  Marquette vs (14)  Middle Tennessee
(7)  Gonzaga vs (10) Purdue
(2)  Baylor vs (15)  Weber State

Midwest Regional
(1)  Ohio State vs (16)  Bucknell/Albany
(8)  Stanford vs (9)  Northern Iowa
(5)  Alabama vs (12)  Ohio
(4)  Pittsburgh vs (13)  Virginia Commonwealth
(6)  Virginia vs (11)  Northwestern
(3)  Missouri vs (14)  Long Beach State
(7)  Vanderbilt vs (10)  Temple
(2)  Louisville vs (15)  Davidson

East Regional
(1)  Syracuse vs (16)  Coastal Carolina/Prairie View
(8)  Arizona vs (9)  Illinois
(5)  UNLV vs (12)  Virginia Tech/Southern Mississippi
(4)  Kansas vs (13)  Iona
(6)  Mississippi State vs (11)  St. Louis
(3)  Indiana vs (14)  Nevada
(7)  Creighton vs (10)  Texas A&M
(2)  North Carolina vs (15)  Oral Roberts

Friday, December 16, 2011

35 Bowls, 35 Comments, 35 Picks with Confidence

Okay, 36 Comments.  These are some really good Bowl Match-ups.  I will be disappointed if I get any of the games with 29-35 confidence points incorrect, but the other 28, its anyone's best guess.

Saturday, December 17th
New Mexico Bowl:  Temple vs Wyoming - This one takes me back to the days of Mark Macon and Fennis Dembo.  Winner: Temple, 10 points

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl:  Ohio vs Utah State - Utah State gets to stay at home and should have a definitive crowd advantage.  Winner: Utah State, 16 points

New Orleans Bowl:  Louisiana-Lafayette vs San Diego State - Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Mr. Ronnie Hillman.  Winner: San Diego State, 26 points

Tuesday, December 20th
Beef O'Brady's Bowl:  Florida International vs Marshall - Probably the least compelling game on the bowl docket.  Winner: Florida International, 11 points

Wednesday, December 21st
Poinsettia Bowl:  Louisiana Tech vs TCU - From the Rose to Poinsettia, the Horned Frogs sure love their flowers/flowery plants.  Winner: TCU, 33 points

Thursday, December 22nd
MAACO Bowl:  Arizona State vs Boise State - Kellen Moore's illustrious career comes to a close without a BCS win.  Winner: Boise State, 34 points

Saturday, December 24th
Hawaii Bowl:  Nevada vs Southern Mississippi - Time to play the Brett Favre drinking game with the family on Christmas Eve!!  Winner: Southern Mississippi, 32 points

Monday, December 26th
Independence Bowl:  Missouri vs North Carolina - Tar Heel fans turned their attention to a different sport weeks ago.  Winner: Missouri, 30 points

Tuesday, December 27th
Little Caesars Bowl:  Purdue vs Western Michigan - I used to love the Little Caesars Pizza as a kid, now I am kind of a pizza snob.  Winner: Western Michigan, 18 points

Belk Bowl:  Louisville vs North Carolina State - One last thank you card to the Wolfpack for Russell Wilson.  Winner: North Carolina State, 17 points

Wednesday, December 28th
Military Bowl:  Air Force vs Toledo - Fitting they got the Rockets to play against a Service Academy in this one.  Winner: Air Force, 7 points

Holiday Bowl:  California vs Texas - In England, a "holiday" is a vacation.  I find them a lot of work.  Winner: Texas, 13 points

Thursday, December 29th
Champs Sports Bowl:  Florida State vs Notre Dame - I pegged Florida State for the BCS Title Game...Oops.  Winner: Florida State, 21 points

Alamo Bowl:  Baylor vs Washington - I am going with the Heisman winner, Mr. RG3, as my most confident pick of the bowl season.  Winner: Baylor, 35 points

Friday, December 30th
Armed Forces Bowl:  BYU vs Tulsa - Fitting a school that produced McMahon, Young and Detmer would go to the Armed Forces Bowl.  Winner: Tulsa, 8 points

Pinstripe Bowl:  Iowa State vs Rutgers - Not sure you could put two BCS schools together and get a less exciting match-up.  Winner: Rutgers, 6 points

Music City Bowl:  Mississippi State vs Wake Forest - The Demon Deacons were just throttled by an SEC team.  Winner: Mississippi State, 22 points

Insight Bowl:  Iowa vs Oklahoma - Here is my insight, the Sooners are a much better football team, even if they are not fully-motivated.  Winner: Oklahoma, 24 points

Saturday, December 31st
Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl:  Illinois vs UCLA - I doubt Ron Zook and Rick Neuheisel will be resorting to Mac 'n' Cheese.  Winner: UCLA, 9 points

Meineke Car Care Bowl:  Northwestern vs Texas A&M - Larry King was the only person alive the last time the Wildcats won a bowl game.  Winner: Northwestern, 4 points

Sun Bowl:  Georgia Tech vs Utah - Does anyone ever remember that Utah is in the PAC-12 now?  Winner: Georgia Tech, 23 points

Liberty Bowl:  Cincinnati vs Vanderbilt - Better watch out, those Bearcats are fighters.  Winner: Vanderbilt, 15 points

Chick-fil-A Bowl:  Auburn vs Virginia - An un-named publication had all their experts pick Auburn.  Has anyone seen them play lately?  Winner: Virginia, 14 points

Monday, January 2nd
Ticket City Bowl:  Houston vs Penn State - Two teams that got a harsh reality check in their season finale, but one has had a bigger dose in recent months.  Winner: Houston, 19 points

Outback Bowl:  Georgia vs Michigan State - I think the Spartans are a really good football team, unless its a big game on the road or on a neutral field.  Winner: Georgia, 28 points

Capitol One Bowl:  Nebraska vs South Carolina - Nebraska's first Big Ten Season is probably a disappointment.  Winner: South Carolina, 5 points

Gator Bowl:  Florida vs Ohio State - The Buckeyes got Urban Meyer, but can they get revenge for that BCS Title whipping from a few years ago.  Winner: Ohio State, 12 points

Rose Bowl:  Oregon vs Wisconsin - Am I loyal?  Am I a Homer?  Am I an Alum?  Yes, Yes and Yes.  Winner: Wisconsin, 1 point

Fiesta Bowl:  Oklahoma State vs Stanford - Everyone thinks Andrew Luck will go out with a victory, like he's Tebow or something.  Winner: Oklahoma State, 3 points

Tuesday, January 3rd
Sugar Bowl:  Michigan vs Virginia Tech - I wanted to put big points on one BCS bowl and this looked like the best bet.  Winner: Michigan, 31 points

Wednesday, January 4th
Orange Bowl:  Clemson vs West Virginia - A re-match of a first round NCAA Basketball Game from earlier this year, this time the Tigers get proper rest.  Winner: Clemson, 25 points

Friday, January 6th
Cotton Bowl:  Arkansas vs Kansas State - I will call this one the 6th BCS Bowl and I am going to play the no respect card.  Winner: Kansas State, 2 points

Saturday, January 7th
BBVA Compass Bowl:  Pittsburgh vs SMU - Why do they play these next two games right before the Title Game?  Winner: SMU, 27 points

Sunday, January 8th
GoDaddy Bowl:  Arkansas State vs Northern Illinois - Insert your Danica Patrick reference here.  Winner: Northern Illinois, 29 points

Monday, January 9th
BCS Championship Game:  Alabama vs LSU - LSU have to do it again?  Winner: LSU, 20 points

Saturday, December 10, 2011

College Football - Top 5 Players Post-1980 - Big East Edition

Not much to add for the Big East teams, as many have less-than-storied histories.

West Virginia Mountaineers
  1. Pat White, QB
  2. Steve Slaton, RB
  3. Aaron Beasley, CB
  4. Darryl Talley, LB
  5. Major Harris, QB
Pittsburgh Panthers
  1. Larry Fitzgerald, WR
  2. Bill Fralic, OG
  3. Jimbo Covert, OL
  4. Antonio Bryant, WR
  5. Alex Van Pelt, QB
Cincinnati Bearcats
  1. Antwan Peek, DE
  2. Gino Giudugli, QB
  3. Mike Mickens, CB
  4. Reggie Taylor, RB
  5. Mardy Gilyard, WR/KR
Louisville Cardinals
  1. Elvis Dumervil, LB
  2. Sam Madison, CB
  3. Chris Redman, QB
  4. Brian Brohm, QB
  5. Arnold Jackson, WR
South Florida Bulls
  1. Matt Grothe, QB
  2. Mike Jenkins, CB
  3. Jason Pierre-Paul, DE
  4. Marquel Blackwell, QB
  5. Ben Moffitt, LB
Rutgers Scarlett Knights
  1. Ray Rice, RB
  2. Marco Battaglia, TE
  3. Eric Foster, DL
  4. Kenny Britt, WR
  5. Brian Leonard, FB
Connecticut Huskies
  1. Donald Brown, RB
  2. Mark Didio, WR
  3. Jordan Todman, RB
  4. TaVarr Closs, OT
  5. John Dorsey, LB 
Syracuse Orange
  1. Dwight Freeney, DE
  2. Don McPherson, QB
  3. Donovan McNabb, QB
  4. Marvin Harrison, WR
  5. Rob Moore, WR

Friday, December 9, 2011

College Football 2011 - Top Ten Games of the Year

10.  LSU 9, Alabama 6 OT - Billed as the "Game of the Century", this National Championship Preview comes in as the #10 Game of the Year.  For some reason the "experts" decided they want to see this again.  Four missed field goals, four interceptions, 13 penalties, 534 total yards.  I know these defenses are amazing, but there was a sloppiness aspect to this game.  I really hope the sequel is better.

9.  Northern Illinois 63, Toledo 60 - On the opposite end of the spectrum was the MAC tussle between the Huskies and Rockets.  In a game that ultimately decided the MAC West crown, the teams went back and forth combining for 1,121 yards and 17 touchdowns, including 6 in the fourth quarter when 43 points were scored.  There were a combined 11 touchdown passes and 2 kickoff returns for touchdowns.  Believe it or not, the teams did punt 6 times.  So a little defense was played.  Highlight from ESPN

8.  Michigan 40, Ohio State 34 - The "Big Game" is back.  After a period of Buckeye dominance, the Wolverines announced their return in the season finale, holding off Ohio State and capping a resurgent season.  The game itself went back and forth with the two athletic quarterbacks, Denard Robinson and Braxton Miller, making great play after great play.  Ironically, it was the Michigan defense that held the Buckeyes out of the end zone early in the fourth quarter after a crucial dropped punt, allowing the Wolverine offense to respond with a touchdown and gain the 10 point separation they needed to hold off their rivals.  Highlight from ESPN

7.  Oklahoma State 52, Kansas State 45 - The two best teams in the Big 12 this year provided us a thrilling game in Stillwater in early November.  The Cowboys and Wildcats combined for 1,082 yards on the evening, including a school-record 502 yards passing from Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden.  Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein was not shabby either with 231 yards passing and another 144 yards rushing.  An interesting note, the Cowboys scored 52 points even though they possessed the ball for only 19:11 in the game.  Sure wish they would have had their chance against LSU.  The Final Play courtesy of youtube

6.  Baylor 50, TCU 48 - When Robert Griffin III picks up his Heisman Trophy on Saturday, it will be because of his late-season hot stretch while others were just simmering.  There is no Heisman though, without the spectacular show RG3 put on in the season-opener against TCU.  The future poser threw for 359 yards and 5 TD's against the vaunted Horned Frogs defense, staking the Bears to a 47-23 lead entering the 4th quarter.  TCU stormed back with 25 unanswered points in the 4th to take a 48-47 lead, before RG3 led Baylor down for a game-winning FG with a minute left and the Bear defense held on.  It was a thrilling way to start a great College Football season.  Game-ending highlight from ESPN

5.  Michigan 35, Notre Dame 31 - For three quarters back in September, Notre Dame handled Michigan and appeared to be cruising toward another victory in this great rivalry with a 24-7 lead entering the 4th quarter.  Michigan quickly clawed back and ultimately grabbed a 28-24 lead with 1:12 left on Denard Robinson's 3rd TD pass of the night.  The Fighting Irish quickly responded with a 42 second TD drive to reclaim the lead.  With 30 seconds left, the Wolverines had one more chance...from ESPN

4. Stanford 56, USC 48 3OT - A ho-hum 10-6 game at halftime, this game heated up in the second half and gave us one of the great nail-biters of the season. The Trojans controlled the game several times against the undefeated Cardinal, but Stanford roared back each time, evening the game at 34 with 38 seconds left in regulation. After trading touchdowns in the first two OT's, Stanford converted once again in the 3rd OT, including the mandatory 2-point play and left it up to the Trojans to respond...from youtube

3. TCU 36, Boise State 35 - How would the National Championship Game look if an undefeated Boise State was in the mix? We will never know because of what took place on the "Blue Turf"in November. It was those Horned Frogs again, this time going back and forth with the Broncos in a game nobody led by more than 8 points. Boise State led by 7 late in the 4th quarter when TCU scored on Casey Pachall's 5th TD pass of the day and successfully converted a 2-pt conversion to take the lead. But Kellen Moore got Boise down the field and put the game on the foot of their kicker...Final play from youtube

2.  Michigan State 37, Wisconsin 31 - Wisconsin waltzed into East Lansing undefeated in late October and proceeded to stroll to an early 14-0 lead.  Then a strange series of events unraveled that changed the course of a dream season.  Russell Wilson through one of only two relevant interceptions he had the whole season as the Badgers were marching in to go up 21-0.  Soon after Wilson grounded the ball in the end zone for a safety.  The Badgers also botched a FG and had a punt blocked and returned for a TD in State's 23 point second quarter ambush.  The Spartans would control the 3rd and first part of the 4th quarter, before Russell Wilson brought Wisconsin back to tie with 2 touchdown drives, the last a 2 yard pass to Monte Ball with 1:26 remaining.  With the help of some questionable timeouts by the Badgers, Sparty was able to drive to the UW 44 with time for one last play...from ESPN

1.  Wisconsin 42, Michigan State 39 - LSU and Alabama take note...the sequel can be as good as if not better than the original.  While Bucky vs Sparty II did not have the dramatic final play, the stakes were higher and the tension was high in the inaugural Big Ten Championship Game.  Once again, the Cardinal and White jumped out to a 2-TD lead at 21-7 to end the first quarter.  Almost inexplicably, Michigan State put another 22 point ambush on Wisconsin in the second quarter, including one of the headiest plays I've seen from Badger nemesis Keith Nichol.  Once again Russell Wilson was unfazed and led the Badgers on two scoring drives, but a failed 2-point conversion left UW down by two.  After a Spartan FG pushed the lead to five, Wisconsin faced a 4th and 6...from youtubeMonte Ball would score on the next play to put the Badgers in front 42-39.  After MSU punted back to Wisconsin, the Badgers could not run out the clock and were forced to punt when once again, the break went the way of the team in Red...from youtube.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

College Basketball Field of 68 - December 7th Edition

Here is an update to the projected field.  I am still struggling a little with projection vs what have you done for me so far, since the body of work is still developing.  For the most part, the teams included in the field are what they would be if the season inexplicably ended today.  I feel comfortable a 7th, if not 8th Big East team will step forward, so I am still projecting Cincinnati in my field as of today, although this could also very well be Villanova or West Virginia once things play out.  I am leaving Washington in as a 4th PAC-12 team, projecting last night's good showing will propel them to better things.  These is a little more projection in seeding, as once some of these teams start playing each other, some of the gaudy records are sure to suffer.  So yes, Georgetown is off to an awesome start, but if they follow the trend of a 6th place Big East team, they will end up as about a #6-seed. 

I am starting to see some potential interchangeable parts.  Duke and North Carolina for a #1 and #2 seed.  Same with Syracuse, Louisville and Connecticut.  Marquette and Pittsburgh for a 3 and 4.  Mississippi State and Vanderbilt for a 5 and 6.  Arizona and Cal for a 5, 6 or 7 (right now I see the younger Wildcats continuing to develop and winning the PAC-12).

Feel free to comment!!

South Regional
(1)  Kentucky vs (16) Boston U./Lamar
(8)  Florida State vs (9)  Stanford
(5)  Texas A&M vs (12)  Cincinnati/Wichita State
(4)  Wisconsin vs (13)  Cleveland State
(6)  Memphis vs (11)  Virginia Tech
(3)  Xavier vs (14)  Middle Tennessee
(7)  Michigan State vs (10)  Temple
(2)  Louisville vs (15)  Davidson

West Regional
(1)  Duke vs (16)  Campbell/Alabama A&M
(8)  Purdue vs (9)  Kansas State
(5)  Mississippi State vs (12)  George Mason
(4)  Pittsburgh vs (13)  Iona
(6)  UNLV vs (11)  St. Mary's
(3)  Marquette vs (14)  Nevada
(7)  California vs (10) Illinois
(2)  Baylor vs (15)  Weber State

Midwest Regional
(1)  Ohio State vs (16)  Norfolk State
(8)  Virginia vs (9)  Texas
(5)  Arizona vs (12)  New Mexico
(4)  Alabama vs (13)  Belmont
(6)  Vanderbilt vs (11)  Northern Iowa
(3)  Missouri vs (14)  Long Beach State
(7)  Gonzaga vs (10)  Indiana
(2)  Connecticut vs (15)  Bucknell

East Regional
(1)  Syracuse vs (16)  Robert Morris
(8)  San Diego State vs (9)  St. Louis
(5)  Michigan vs (12)  Washington/Marshall
(4)  Kansas vs (13)  Kent State
(6)  Georgetown vs (11)  Northwestern
(3)  Florida vs (14)  Murray State
(7)  Creighton vs (10)  Harvard
(2)  North Carolina vs (15)  Oakland