Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Top Athletes - Last Names Starting with "L" - Post 1980

"L" is for Lethal, as in the manner this group went about their careers.  The list includes lethal backhands, lethal defenders, lethal punchers and lethal stickmen.

10. Barry Larkin (MLB)
9.  Ivan Lendl (Tennis)
8.  Greg Louganis (Diving)
7.  Steve Largent (NFL)
6.  Sugar Ray Leonard (Boxing)
5.  Nicklas Lidstrom (NHL)
4.  Ray Lewis (NFL)
3.  Ronnie Lott (NFL)
2.  Carl Lewis (Track)
1.  Mario Lemieux (NHL)

Lemieux was a fairly easy choice for #1, as its tough for an Olympian like Lewis who fades in and out of the limelight to have the same impact as an all-time great in his sport.  This list also features easily 2 of the Top 5 NFL defensive players of my lifetime Lott and Ray Lewis.  Larkin nabbed the final spot over James Lofton and the fast-rising Tim Lincecum.

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