Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Top Athletes - Last Names Starting with "I" - Post 1980

"I" is for impressive, as in least impressive. The ninth letter of the alphabet brings the least impressive list of 10 names thus far.

10. Mark Ingram (NFL)
9.  Raul Ibanez (MLB)
8.  Goran Ivanisevic (Tennis)
7.  Qadry Ismail (NFL)
6.  Raghib Ismail (NFL)
5.  Andre Iguodala (NBA)
4.  Jarome Iginla (NHL)
3.  Hal Irwin (Golf)
2.  Michael Irvin (NFL)
1.  Allen Iverson (NBA)

Iverson vs Irvin was a good battle for #1 on this list.  I will take the diminutive Iverson's individual accomplishments over the "Playmaker", who had more modest individual but better team success.  Who is the better Ismail?  I have Raghib, who was a bit more celebrated in college and had a similar NFL career to his younger brother.  The final spot went to the currently incarcerated elder Mark Ingram over really no one, as this list stretched the limits fast.  Marc Iavaroni anyone?

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