Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Top Athletes - Last Names Starting with "G" - Post 1980

"G" is for "Great One", which is pretty self-explanatory on this list.  In addition to the one who carries that title, the "G" list also includes some of the greatest hitters, defenders, pass-catchers, drivers and forehands to ever play their positions.

10. George Gervin (NBA)
9.  Eddie George (NFL)
8.  Vladmir Guerrero (MLB)
7.  Tony Gonzalez (NFL)
6.  Tony Gwynn (MLB)
5.  Jeff Gordon (NASCAR)
4.  Kevin Garnett (NBA)
3.  Ken Griffey Jr. (MLB)
2.  Steffi Graf (Tennis)
1.  Wayne Gretzky (NHL)

#1 and #2 were immediately written in ink when this list started.  I went back and forth on the Griffey vs Garnett ranking and finally sided with Griffey, who was the best player in baseball for the decade of the 90's, a title Garnett cannot claim about his sport for any decade.  I also wavered on Gordon, but his Winston Cup Titles edged out the batting titles of Tony Gwynn.  The "Ice Man" garnered the final spot on the list, edging Tom Glavine.

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