Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Top Athletes - Last Names Starting with "M" - Post 1980

"M" is for Magical, as I close my list of 250 athletes A-Z with another list chalked full of greats who brought magic to their sports.

10. Randy Moss (NFL)
9.  Moses Malone (NBA)
8.  Pedro Martinez (MLB)
7.  John McEnroe (Tennis)
6.  Phil Mickelson (Golf)
5.  Karl Malone (NBA)
4.  Greg Maddux (MLB)
3.  Peyton Manning (NFL)
2.  Mark Messier (NHL)
1.  Joe Montana (NFL)

Yes, that is Randy Moss at #10.  With Montana often carrying the best quarterback ever moniker, it is tough to argue anyone else at #1.  Maybe another title from Manning and some passing records will do it.  Messier is top 10 all-time in the NHL, so it is easy to slot him here at #2.  Maddux and Malone dominated for so long, I could not put them lower.  McEnroe vs Mickelson is a good debate.  Omissions included Reggie Miller, Mike Modano, Curtis Martin and Eddie Murray.

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