Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Top Athletes - Last Names Starting with "K" - Post 1980

"K" is for King-Sized, as in the totals that this list put up in their careers.  Whether it be scoring, assists, home runs, sacks or touchdown passes, this list knew how to put up the king-sized numbers.

10. Ilya Kovalchuk (NHL)
9.  Jeff Kent (MLB)
8.  Paul Konerko (MLB)
7.  Alex Kovalev (NHL)
6.  Paul Kariya (NHL)
5.  Jevon Kearse (NFL)
4.  Bernard King (NBA)
3.  Jari Kurri (NHL)
2.  Jim Kelly (NFL)
1.  Jason Kidd (NBA)

This was a tough call for #1.  Kelly put up huge numbers in the K-Gun and led the Bills to those unprecedented four consecutive Super Bowl appearances, but was overshadowed at his position by some of his peers.  Kidd is currently 2nd all-time in NBA history in assists, 3rd in steals and 3rd in 3-pointers made, ranking as arguably the top point guard of his time.  He also now has the championship that eluded Kelly.  Hockey dominates the remainder of the list, including Kovalchuk, who beats out the likes of Tom Kite and Ian Kinsler for the final spot.

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