Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top Athletes - Last Names Starting with "J" - Post 1980

"J" is for Jam-Packed, as this list is packed with some of the greats of the past 30+ years.  It has quality at the top and exceptional depth.

10. Bo Jackson (NFL & MLB)
9.  Chipper Jones (MLB)
8.  Jaromir Jagr (NHL)
7.  Randy Johnson (MLB)
6.  Derek Jeter (MLB)
5.  Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR)
4.  LeBron James (NBA)
3.  Michael Johnson (Track)
2.  Magic Johnson (NBA)
1.  Michael Jordan (NBA)

For me, this was another no-brainer for the #1 spot.  Michael Jordan would be at the top of every list (but would he have been as great as Michael Vordan?).  I am also fairly clear on my opinion of all this LeBron is the best player ever hogwash.  He is great, but he is only 3rd at his sport on this list.  Baseball dominates the lower portion of the list, with two-sport star Jackson garnering the final spot.  Honorable mention to Edgerrin James and all the other Johnsons out there.

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