Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Top Athletes - Last Names Starting with "W" - Post 1980

"W" is for Wide-Eyed.  The great performances of the following list often left me in awe and wanting to see more.

10. Rod Woodson (NFL)
9.  Tom Watson (Golf)
8.  James Worthy (NBA)
7.  Dominique Wilkins (NBA)
6.  Dwyane Wade (NBA)
5.  Kurt Warner (NFL)
4.  Venus Williams (Tennis)
3.  Serena Williams (Tennis)
2.  Reggie White (NFL)
1.  Tiger Woods (Golf)

Woods was an easy choice for #1, as he is side-by-side with Jordan atop any list from my generation.  The Williams sisters are tough to separate, but I feel younger sis has had the more fulfilling career.  They were also held back by their refusal to have a rivalry against each other which would have been great for Women's Tennis and may have vaulted them ahead of White.  The three NBA players are tough to rank, just as it was tough to leave Chris Webber off the list.  Watson drops behind the NBA triumvirate due to career timing.

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