Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top Athletes - Last Names Starting with "Z" - Post 1980

"Z" is for Zesty, as in, there are very few adjectives that start with "Z".  You will also find very few players whose name starts with "Z", thus the following list:

10. Tony Zendejas (NFL)
9.  Amos Zereoue (NFL)
8.  Jim Zorn (NFL)
7.  Sergei Zubov (NHL)
6.  Todd Zeile (MLB)
5.  Ryan Zimmerman (MLB)
4.  Carlos Zambrano (MLB)
3.  Barry Zito (MLB)
2.  Henrik Zetterberg (NHL)
1.  Gary Zimmerman (NFL)

That is correct, an offensive lineman at #1.  Zimmerman gets the nod as the only Hall-of-Famer in the group, beating out the talented and potential Hall-of-Famer in Zetterberg.  Former Cy Young winner Zito beats out fellow pitcher Zambrano.  A trio of NFL players bring up the rear, beating out Ben Zobrist and Chris Zordich to make the list.

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