Friday, June 17, 2011

Top Athletes - Last Names Starting with "P" - Post 1980

"P" is for Phenomenal, as in the careers the following list of players had over the past 30+ years.  The list includes two generations of ball-carriers, a foursome from the hardwood and an unmatched Olympian.

10. Adrian Peterson (NFL)
9.  Chris Paul (NBA)
8.  Mike Piazza (MLB)
7.  Paul Pierce (NBA)
6.  Gary Payton (NBA)
5.  Kirby Puckett (MLB)
4.  Walter Payton (NFL)
3.  Albert Pujols (MLB)
2.  Scottie Pippen (NBA)
1.  Michael Phelps (Swimming)

What Phelps did 3 years ago was unbelievable and worthy of the #1 spot on this list.  The next group was very difficult to place, all the way through #7.  Payton would have been a slam dunk #2, but I missed the early and probably best part of his career.  I believe Pippen becomes more underrated as time passes.  Jordan does not win those rings alone.  My major omission from the "P's" is one Rafael Palmeiro.  I didn't feel he deserved to make this list with fairly equal competition and as a guy I liked, maybe I just can't forgive Raffy.

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