Friday, July 8, 2011

Random Thoughts - July 8, 2011

After all those lists and a little vacation time, I thought I'd get back in the swing with some randoms...

  • 55 days until the College Football season starts!!  62 days until the NFL season starts??
  • This lockout sure is wreaking havoc on Fantasy Football...don't the owners and players understand that?
  • The NBA lockout is destined to be even messier, which is not good for LeBron James and the last impression he was able to give us...Hey LeBron, what are you going to wake up and do tomorrow now?
  • I used to love Wimbledon, but as I have gained more priorities, apparently Tennis was one of the things that got replaced.  Unfortunately, the United States feels the same way as I do.
  • Speaking of United States, can't believe we are about a year away from another Summer Olympics...There goes that 17 days of productivity next year.
  • My new Home Run Derby Format - 9 AL hitters vs 9 NL hitters, Old School 9-inning HR Derby style, each player gets 3 outs...While it might prevent anyone from getting in a huge groove, it should also prevent anyone from ruining their swing for the 2nd half.
  • Tim Lincecum should not be an All-Star this year, that was a lazy selection.
  • All-Star Break Awards
    • AL CY Young - Justin Verlander
    • AL Rookie of the Year - Michael Pineda
    • AL MVP - Adrian Gonzalez
    • NL CY Young - Jair Jurrjens
    • NL Rookie of the Year - Freddie Freeman
    • NL MVP - Prince Fielder
  • The surprising Indians, Pirates and Diamondbacks will be forgotten by season's end.
  • I liked Cars 2 better than Hangover 2.
  • Blake Lively caught my attention in Green Lantern.  Also, I wonder what the other guy from the pizza place is doing?
  • I enjoyed Toby Keith at Summerfest but I can't believe he turns 50 today.
  • Damn, still 55 days until College Football.  Maybe I should preview that or something?