Thursday, June 16, 2011

Top Athletes - Last Names Starting with "N" - Post 1980

"N" is for Next, as in I am skipping the letter "M" and saving it for last as the featured list.  The "N" list features a pair of former teammates, a pair of southpaws who preferred different surfaces and a pair who made plaid pants look good.

10) Larry Nance (NBA)
9)  Scott Niedermayer (NHL)
8)  Cam Neely (NHL)
7)  Ozzie Newsome (NFL)
6)  Greg Norman (Golf)
5)  Jack Nicklaus (Golf)
4)  Steve Nash (NBA)
3)  Rafael Nadal (Tennis)
2)  Dirk Nowitzki (NBA)
1)  Martina Navratilova (Tennis)

This was really a 4-way battle for the #1 spot, with the prolonged dominance of Navratilova edging out her three male competitors.  Nowitzki's recent success is fresh and may have swayed my current opinion over Nadal and Nash.  Yes, Jack Nicklaus is #5, keeping in mind the context of these lists.  I remember Larry Nance winning one of the first dunk contests I watched.  He gets the final spot over a couple more NHLers in Mats Naslund and Joe Nieuwendyk.

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