Tuesday, February 5, 2013

College Basketball 2012-13 - Missouri Valley Progress Report

Keep in mind, a year ago a 28-5 Creighton with a 24 RPI got seeded 8th. 

Creighton (20-3, 9-2, RPI=28, Sag=15)
Top 25 Wins:  None
26-50 Wins:  Wisconsin
51-100 Wins:  Arizona State, St. Joseph's, Nebraska, Akron, California, Indiana State, Northern Iowa
Losses:  Boise State, Wichita State, Drake
Road/Neutral:  7-2
Bottom Line:  The Missouri Valley Champion will likely be a 5 or a 6 seed, depending on how strong they finish.  Right now, Creighton has the upper-hand and hosts Wichita State in the regular-season finale.

Wichita State (19-4, 8-3, RPI=26, Sag=42)
Top 25 Wins:  Creighton
26-50 Wins: VCU, Southern Miss
51-100 Wins: Iowa, Air Force, Northern Iowa
Losses: Tennessee, Evansville, Indiana State, Northern Iowa
Road/Neutral:  7-3
Bottom Line:  A bad week saw the Shockers fall out of first place in the Missouri Valley and to the middle of the bracket.  They still have the opportunity to win at Creighton and sweep the season series from the Blue Jays.

Indiana State (13-8, 7-4, RPI=53, Sag=89)
Top 25 Wins:  Miami, FL
26-50 Wins:  Ole Miss, Wichita State
51-100 Wins:  Northern Iowa, Northern Iowa
Losses:  UCLA, New Mexico, Morehead State, San Diego State, Creighton, Southern Illinois, Illinois State, Drake
Road/Neutral:  6-7
Bottom Line:  This is going to be an interesting team come Selection Sunday if they continue down their current path.  Not many bubble teams will be able to compare with their top 3 wins, but some of their losses are head-scratchers as well.  They have both Creighton and Wichita State remaining at home, so the opportunity exists for a 4th nice win.  They will also likely lose to someone they should not.  Teams with double-digit losses from non-major conferences typically go to the NIT.  The Sycamores need to beat either the Shockers or Blue Jays to try and offset all these losses.

NOTE:  Only teams with a top 75 RPI or Sagarin are listed

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