Friday, March 1, 2013

Field of 68 - Seed List and Bracket, March 1, 2013

After Thursday's Action:

1 - Indiana, Gonzaga, Miami, FL, Duke
2 - Kansas, Georgetown, Florida, New Mexico
3 - Louisville, Michigan, Michigan State, Arizona
4 - Syracuse, Kansas State, Wisconsin, Marquette
5 - UNLV, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, St. Louis
6 - Colorado State, Butler, Notre Dame, Minnesota
7 - Illinois, Pittsburgh, UCLA, Memphis
8 - Oregon, NC State, Colorado, VCU
9 - San Diego State, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Missouri
10 - Wichita State, Cincinnati, California, Temple
11 - Creighton, Iowa State, Belmont, Villanova
12 - LaSalle, St. Mary's/Kentucky, Virginia/Tennessee, Middle Tennessee
13 - Louisiana Tech, Akron, Bucknell, South Dakota State
14 - Valparaiso, Harvard, Stephen F Austin, Davidson
15 - Stony Brook, Montana, Robert Morris, Niagara
16 - Long Beach State, Northeastern, Mercer/Norfolk State, Southern/Charleston Southern
  • A quiet Thursday as far as any bracket shuffling, with only Oregon moving up.  Dominic Artis returned for the Ducks last evening, although he did not start.  The Ducks were 5-4 without Artis and are now 18-2 with him in the line-up.  If they can win at Colorado and at Utah and at least share the PAC-12 Title, they should benefit from an injury-related seed bump.
  • Virginia got a signature win and continues to have the most polarizing resume out there.  If I am on the committee and it comes down to a team with a bunch of really good wins and some really bad losses vs a team with nothing special for wins and no bad losses, I take the team who has proven they can beat somebody when the tournament starts.
  • This weekend is a beautiful weekend of College Basketball...Harvard at Princeton, Louisville at Syracuse, Butler at VCU, Iowa State at Oklahoma, Notre Dame at Marquette, Wichita State at Creighton, Connecticut at Cincinnati, Kentucky at Arkansas, Tennessee at Gerogia, Colorado at California, Miami, FL at Duke, Kansas State at Baylor, Colorado State at Boise State, Arizona at UCLA, Villanova at Pittsburgh and Michigan State at Michigan.
(1) Duke vs (16) Northeastern
Philadelphia, PA
(8) Oregon vs (9) San Diego State

(5) Oklahoma State vs (12) LaSalle
San Jose, CA
(4) Marquette vs (13) South Dakota State

(6) Notre Dame vs (11) Creighton
Auburn Hills, MI
(3)  Michigan State vs (14) Harvard

(7) Memphis vs (10) Wichita State
Austin, TX
(2) Florida vs (15) Niagara

(1) Miami, FL vs (16) Norflok State/Charleston Southern
Lexington, KY
(8) VCU vs (9) Missouri

(5) UNLV vs (12) Middle Tennessee
Austin, TX
(4) Wisconsin vs (13) Akron

(6) Minnesota vs (11) Belmont
Dayton, OH
(3) Louisville vs (14) Stephen F Austin

(7) UCLA vs (10) Cincinnati
Kansas City, MO
(2) Kansas vs (15) Robert Morris

(1) Indiana vs (16) Mercer/Southern
Dayton, OH
(8) NC State vs (9) Oklahoma

(5) St. Louis vs (12) Tennessee/St. Mary's
Lexington, KY
(4) Syracuse vs (13) Bucknell

(6) Colorado State vs (11) Iowa State
San Jose, CA
(3) Arizona vs (14) Valparaiso

(7) Illinois vs (10) Temple
Philadelphia, PA
(2) Georgetown vs (15) Stony Brook

(1) Gonzaga vs (16) Long Beach State
Salt Lake City, UT
(8) Colorado vs (9) North Carolina

(5) Ohio State vs (12) Kentucky/Virginia
Kansas City, MO
(4) Kansas State vs (13) Louisiana Tech

(6) Butler vs (11) Villanova
Auburn Hills, MI
(3) Michigan vs (14) Davidson

(7) Pittsburgh vs (10) California
Salt Lake City, UT
(2) New Mexico vs (15) Montana

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  1. I don't understand why "bad losses" is such a valued criterion. Once you're in the tourney, if you're higher than a 3 seed, you don't play bad teams; you play good teams (ie teams with <100 RPI). In UVA's case, why does it matter (relative to other criteria) that they have A loss (that's right, only one) to a team with an RPI above 160, when against RPI top-100 teams, they're 7-2?


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