Monday, January 30, 2012

NCAA Field of 68 - January 30, 2012 Edition

  • Kentucky overall #1, followed by Syracuse, Ohio State and Baylor (side note:  the current 4 #1's all have logical Thursday/Saturday sites, throwing a wrench into the First Four.  Right now I would have Baylor moving from Albuquerque to Omaha to accommodate this.)
  • Florida, Georgetown and UNLV have one potentially alarming stat for a top 3 or 4 seed. Teams seeded in the top 3 have all had 10 or more top 100 victories. These 3 teams sit with 5. Florida and UNLV have 6 games remaining against such foes (current top 100) and Georgetown 7, plus the conference tourneys where you would expect to get at least two of these games. The way I see it, if these teams cannot attain the record necessary to get to 10 Top 100 wins, they probably are out of consideration for that seed line anyway.
  • Minnesota (9 to 10) and New Mexico (10 to 9) are flipping seeds for conference balance purposes
  • The Atlantic 10 currently occupies 75% of my 11 line, as these teams can't figure out which way to go. 
  • Iowa State, despite a still-soft resume, at least has a victory over Kansas to go with its fair computer numbers, so they are back in my field.
  • Notre Dame is doing what other teams on the bubble are not...consistently winning against good competition, including on the road.  The Irish have a big week hosting Marquette and at West Virginia to try and hold a spot in the field.
  • The final spots are wide-open, with Texas, Arkansas and NC State holding them right now.  Colorado State may have taken a step toward a bid, but I want to see a little more.  I just can't come to terms with the RPI of Cincinnati being in this field.  Northwestern and Stanford are going in the wrong direction and fell out this week.  Oklahoma, Mississippi and Washington are all a good run away from consideration.  Finally, a bid-stealer or two will make the bubble a little less soft.
West Regional
(1)  Baylor vs (16) Texas-Arlington/Mississippi Valley State
(8)  Southern Miss vs (9) Alabama
(5)  West Virginia vs (12) Middle Tennessee
(4)  Indiana vs (13)  Long Beach State
(6)  Louisville vs (11)  St. Louis
(3)  UNLV vs (14)  Akron
(7)  Gonzaga vs (10)  Minnesota
(2)  Duke vs (15)  Long Island

South Regional
(1)  Kentucky vs (16)  Stony Brook/UNC-Asheville
(8)  Illinois vs (9)  New Mexico
(5)  St. Mary's vs (12)  Iowa State
(4)  Georgetown vs (13)  Oral Roberts
(6)  Temple vs (11)  Seton Hall
(3)  Michigan State vs (14)  Davidson
(7)  Kansas State vs (10) Harvard
(2)  North Carolina vs (15)  Bucknell

Midwest Regional
(1)  Ohio State vs (16)  Weber State
(8)  Murray State vs (9)  California
(5)  Vanderbilt vs (12)  Notre Dame/NC State
(4)  Creighton vs (13)  Iona
(6)  Michigan vs (11)  Xavier
(3)  Marquette vs (14)  Belmont
(7)  San Diego State  vs (10)  Memphis
(2)  Missouri vs (15)  Nevada

East Regional
(1)  Syracuse vs (16)  Norfolk State
(8)  Mississippi State vs (9)  Wichita State
(5)  Florida State vs (12)  BYU
(4)  Wisconsin vs (13)  Texas/Arkansas
(6)  Virginia vs (11)  Dayton
(3)  Florida vs (14)  Cleveland State
(7)  Connecticut vs (10)  Purdue
(2)  Kansas vs (15)  George Mason

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