Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Field of 68 - Seed List, Feburary 27, 2013

After Tuesday's Action:

1 - Duke, Indiana, Gonzaga, Miami, FL
2 - Kansas, Michigan, Georgetown, Florida
3 - Louisville, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan State
4 - Syracuse, Kansas State, Wisconsin, Marquette
5 - UNLV, Oklahoma State, Colorado State, Ohio State
6 - St. Louis, Butler, Notre Dame, Minnesota
7 - Illinois, Pittsburgh, San Diego State, Oklahoma
8 - Memphis, NC State, Wichita State, UCLA
9 - Oregon, VCU, Colorado, North Carolina
10 - Missouri, Cincinnati, California, Temple
11 - Creighton, Iowa State, Belmont, Villanova
12 - LaSalle, St. Mary's, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, Middle Tennessee
13 - Louisiana Tech, Akron, Bucknell, South Dakota State
14 - Valparaiso, Harvard, Stephen F Austin, Davidson
15 - Stony Brook, Montana, Robert Morris, Niagara
16 - Long Beach State, Northeastern, Mercer/Norfolk State, Southern/Charleston Southern
  • Tough losses for Indiana and Florida last night, but the two home teams, Minnesota and Tennessee were desperate for a victory.  I had a feeling at least one would fall last night.  I chose to leave both Indiana and Florida in their spots, but Florida has definitely moved to the end of the 2-line and could be surpassed by Louisville or New Mexico at any point. 
  • More on the #1 seeds - my current struggle is that I have teams with RPI's of 8 and 10 as #1 seeds.  In recent history that I have data on, teams have received #1 seeds with these RPI's, but not two this low in the same season. (Neither of these teams lost to TCU though)
  • Tennessee has earned their way into the Field of 68 with a hot streak that hit its high point with a victory over Florida last night.
  • Wednesday night brings us quality match-ups in Georgetown at Connecticut and San Diego State at New Mexico, as well as Bubblicious games with Kentucky, Ole Miss, St. Mary's, Arizona State, Arkansas, Iowa, Boise State, Indiana State and Charlotte all in action.


  1. Why are there six teams on the 12 line?

  2. The 12 line and the 16 line include 6 teams to account for the First Round games to be played on Tuesday and Wednesday of the tournament. Right now, Kentucky, Virginia, St. Mary's and Tennessee would be the last four in and constitute the First Round games along with 4 of the 16 seeds.


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