Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Field of 68 - Seed List - February 6, 2013

As we have hit February, I will attempt to provide frequent updates to my seed list on days where I m unable to "bracket it up".  After Tuesday night's action, here is where my seeds stand.

1 - Duke, Kansas, Michigan, Indiana
2 - Arizona, Miami, FL, Florida, Syracuse
3 - Gonzaga, New Mexico, Louisville, Michigan State
4 - Butler, Cincinnati, Minnesota, Ohio State
5 - Kansas State, Georgetown, Marquette, Oregon
6 - Oklahoma State, Creighton, NC State, Pittsburgh
7 - UNLV, Missouri, Wisconsin, Notre Dame
8 - UCLA, Colorado State, San Diego State, Iowa State
9 - North Carolina, VCU, Wichita State, Ole Miss
10 - St. Louis, Kentucky, LaSalle, Oklahoma
11 - Baylor, Illinois, Colorado, BYU/Indiana State
12 - Temple/St. John's, Belmont, Middle Tennessee, Memphis
13 - Louisiana Tech, Akron, Bucknell, North Dakota State
14 - Valparaiso, Harvard, Stephen F Austin, Long Beach State
15 - Stony Brook, Montana, Davidson, Florida Gulf Coast
16 - Niagara, Northeastern, Bryant/Norfolk State, Southern/Charleston Southern

Quick Hits:
  • Florida's loss leaves the Big 10 with two number one seeds.  I won't get a lot of love from Indiana fans, but right now Michigan would be ahead of them on the curve and get Indianapolis.  It was luck of the draw to play them in Bloomington first.  Beat them in Ann Arbor and we have a different story.
  • Ohio State stayed on the 4-line despite the loss last night.  It was a good road showing for the eye-test fans out there.  Partly this is projection, as the Buckeyes look to end up with more top 100 wins than the next grouping of teams.  So despite one more loss than 3 of the 5's, they will have an overall stronger body of work.  If they have two more losses than any of them, they will get dropped.  Finally, that was a Flagrant 1 on Aaron Craft last night and the officials thought they were making the right call not deciding the game at that point.  Instead they looked worse when they had to swallow their whistles again on Craft's final attempt.
  • I might have Oregon higher than others, but they lost their last two without guard Dominic Artis, who is expected to return soon from a foot injury.  The committee will look at this if the Ducks finish strong with Artis in the line-up.
  • The back-end of the bubble is pretty soft, so I am looking for a hot team or a bid-stealer to help that out.  The four teams that I have in the play-in games have flimsy parts of their resumes.  BYU has no top 50 wins.  Indiana State has 8 losses and some bad ones.  Temple is reeling and is hanging their hat on a win vs Syracuse.  St. John's has good wins, nothing great.  Lots of basketball to be played though.

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