Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NFL Draft - Top 5 Players Selected #2 Since 1980 (plus the worst three #2's ever)

Top 5 Players Selected #2 in the NFL Draft since 1980
5.  Neil Smith, DE, Kansas City Chiefs, 1988
4.  Donovan McNabb, QB, Philadelphia Eagles, 1999
3.  Eric Dickerson, RB, Los Angeles Rams, 1983
2.  Marshall Faulk, RB, Indianapolis Colts, 1994
1.  Lawrence Taylor, LB, New York Giants, 1981

The original L.T. is an easy choice here for the top spot (picked second behind George Rogers, he ironically could have been a Saint).  Faulk and Dickerson both played for the Rams and Colts in opposite orders, another interesting tidbit.  McNabb gets a lot of negative pub sometimes, but he was better than his reputation.  I wanted to put Calvin Johnson on the list, but he is a future addition.  For the time being, Neil Smith occupies the #5 spot.

Worst #2 NFL Draft Picks Since 1980
3.  Rick Mirer, QB, Seattle Seahawks, 1993  (80 games, 24-44 record as a starter, 50 TD, 76 Int)
2.  Charles Rogers, WR, Detroit Lions, 2003 (15 games, 36 rec, 440 yds, 4 TD)
1.  Ryan Leaf, QB, San Diego Chargers, 1998 (25 games, 3,666 yds, 14 TD, 36 Int, 4-17 record)

Bonus Bust:  Tony Mandarich was less of a bust than people think because of the hype, but considering the 4 players drafted around him were Troy Aikman, Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders and Derrick Thomas, he definitely is part of this dubious list.

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