Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NFL Draft - Top 5 Players Selected #4 Since 1980 (plus the worst three #4's)

Top 5 Players Selected #4 in the NFL Draft since 1980
5.  Charles Woodson, DB, Oakland Raiders, 1998
4.  Edgerrin James, RB, Indianapolis Colts, 1999
3.  Jonathan Ogden, OT, Baltimore Ravens, 1996
2.  Derrick Thomas, LB, Kansas City Chiefs, 1989
1.  Chris Doleman, DE, Minnesota Vikings, 1985

What the 4th pick lacks in all-time greats, it makes up for with a solid grouping of 5.  Chris Doleman ended his career 4th all-time in sacks and beats out Thomas who is 12th, although his life and career were ended tragically too short.  Ogden was a rock for those solid Ravens teams of is era and will join the first two on the list in the Pro Football Hall of Fame this August.  James was so good for the Colts you need to forget his pedestrian Cardinals years.  He finished 11th in career rushing yards in NFL history.  Woodson rounds out the list with his 55 interception and 12 career TD's.

Worst #4 NFL Draft Picks Since 1980
3.  Kenny Jackson, WR, Philadelphia Eagles, 1984 (102 games, 126 rec, 2,170 yards)
2.  Brent Fullwood, RB, Green Bay Packers, 1987 (46 games, 1,702 yds, 19 TD, 15 fumbles)
1.  Art Schlichter, QB, Baltimore Colts, 1982 (13 games, 0-6 record, 1,006 yds, 3 TD, 11 Int)

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