Friday, January 28, 2011

NFL - Top 10 Kickers of the past 30 years

With the upcoming Super Bowl it seemed fitting to provide a few more 30 Year lists to chew on.  Upcoming will be my Top 10 players from the last 30 years at Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End and Kicker.  My apologies to Ronnie Lott, Deion Sanders, Reggie White and Lawrence Taylor for my lack of lists with respect to defense.  When I run out of lists, your time will come.  I will start with the Kickers.

TOP 10 Kickers
10.  Mike Vanderjagt - He may be an idiot kicker, but he is also the 2nd most accurate kicker in NFL history.

9.  John Kasay - One of two southclaws on the list, does anyone even remember that he once kicked for the Seahawks?

8.  Ryan Longwell - Most of his career was spent kicking in far from superior conditions, but he still manages to sit 9th in field goal accuracy all-time.

7.  Jason Hanson - Longevity is likely helping Hanson offset the fact that it has been over 10 years since he has had to make an important kick.  Also a boost for his 44 for 79 from over 50 yards.

6.  Gary Anderson - 2nd all-time in scoring and 20th in accuracy.  I remember Anderson most for missing the most important kick of his career against the Falcons in the NFC Championship Game.  Also, Anderson was just 12 for 40 on kicks over 50 yards.

5.  John Carney - The 13th most accurate kicker in NFL history and 3rd leading scorer started his career with....the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

4.  Jason Elam - Co-holder of the longest FG in NFL history, Elam also made 80.7% of his kicks mostly outdoors.  Elam was also a long-range kicker, making 38 of 63 kicks from beyond 50 yards.

3.  Matt Stover - 4th in scoring, 8th in accuracy - Stover was a model of consistency for the Browns and Ravens.

2.  Morten Andersen - The Great Dane is the NFL's all-time leading scorer, although just 34th in accuracy.  Andersen was 40-84 career from over 50 yards, which is more makes than the more accurate Vinatieri (21), Stover (31), Longwell (34) and Carney (36) attempted in their careers.

1.  Adam Vinatieri - Not the most accurate (12th), not the most points (12th), but definitely the most clutch kicker of the past 30 years.  Vinatieri has the rings (4) and was a huge part of them, going 45 for 54 in 24 career playoff games.

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