Monday, March 18, 2013

Field of 68 - The Day After

Here is what I learned from the committee after the Field of 68 was revealed yesterday.

1.  With all the tools available to them, they have actually done a very good job the past couple years in selecting and seeding the field.  I think there are fewer complaints than ever.  This is a great thing because it shifts the focus to the teams that are in and not dwell on the 18-12 teams that are not.

2.  That being said, the committee can justify any selection or seeding by concentrating on only one part of a team's equation.

3.  Middle Tennessee - the committe really liked how they went and won on the road.  That is fine, but 9 of their 11 road wins were against teams with sub 149 RPI's and their best was 103.  Yes, Tennessee was 4-7 on the road, but they were 2-0 against teams with sub 149 RPI's.  They just played better teams, so you can't look at road records in a vaccuum.  I understand the inclusion of the Blue Raiders, but I wanted to point that out.

4.  Clearly, the PAC-12 sent some bad food into the room.

5.  My biggest seeding gripe is actually between Ohio State and New Mexico.  I realize that with the strength of the Big 10, the committee wanted to award a #2 seed to at least one of the Big 10 teams.  The problem I have, is the inconsistency of their message.  New Mexico had a non-conference SOS of 3 and overall of 2.  Ohio State had a non-conference SOS of 134 and overall of 11.  New Mexico lost two fewer games.  The Lobos had 19 top 100 victories, the Buckeyes had 10.  New Mexico played only one team with an RPI over 200, Portland at 231.  Ohio State played 6 over 200, 4 of those over 250.  New Mexico won the Mountain West regular season and tournament titles, essentially playing the tournament final on the road.  Ohio State won the Big 10 Tourney Title, but did not have to beat the #1 seed in order to do so. Oh yeah, and the Buckeyes were 5-5 on the road.  What message did this send to the Mountain West, who is actually rated #1 by the committee's very own RPI?

6.  I don't find the regions to be very balanced.

7.  It was bad luck for Indiana that the team that passed them up was in the same geographic preference.  That said, I would take Indiana's draw over Louisville's at first glance.

8.  Stop trying to feed us Roy Williams vs Kansas.  We have been there!!

9.  Good luck on the next step...filling these brackets out!!

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  1. Good job! Thanks for the passion.


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