Wednesday, May 22, 2013 Guest Article - Top Three Rookie Fantasy Football Quarterback Prospects

Top Three Rookie Fantasy Football Quarterback Prospects

It is a pretty universal thought that the NFL will not have an Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III or even Russell Wilson in 2013. With that being said, there is always a chance that a rookie quarterback finds himself in the right situation to produce at a high fantasy level. Here’s a look at the three best options to pick. Use this guide either for this season in deep leagues, or possible in dynasties.

Geno Smith

There were times when Geno Smith was considered a possible #1 overall pick, but he lasted all the way to the second round during the draft. Despite his slip, he finds himself in a situation with the Jets that could have him playing right away. Mark Sanchez is the returning quarterback for the team, and the Jets have very little offensive talent to surround any passer, but Smith has the skills to make an instant impact. If given the opportunity, he seems like the only possible quarterback who could match the production, and daily fantasy sports  numbers, of any of the top three last season.

EJ Manuel

The Buffalo Bills surprised quite a few people when they took EJ Manuel as the first quarterback in the draft. Smith is probably further along right now, but Manuel is just as smart of a long-term investment. It appears as though the Bills intend to start him right away, which means he will have a leg up on the rest of the class. With Manuel and CJ Spiller on the team, the Bills could form a dynamic offense with the both passing and running threats.

Matt Barkley

If this was last season, Barkley would be getting nearly the same amount of hype as Luck and Griffin. Instead, struggles at USC and injuries knocked Barkley way down in the draft. Former Oregon coach Chip Kelly finally took a shot on the former Trojan to possibly get some playing time in Philadelphia.

For now, Michael Vick is still the quarterback for the Eagles. However, if he continues to struggle, or get injured, in 2013, Barkley could fight with Nick Foles to possibly get some reps in year one. He is not going to be drafted in any single season fantasy league this year, but many feel that he can become a solid NFL quarterback in the future.

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