Thursday, May 16, 2013

NFL Draft - Top 5 Players Selected #14 Since 1980 (plus the worst three #14's)

Top 5 Players Selected #14 in the NFL Draft since 1980
5.  Jeremy Shockey, TE, New York Giants, 2002
4.  Ruben Brown, OG, Buffalo Bills, 1995
3.  Darrelle Revis, DB, New York Jets, 2007
2.  Eddie George, RB, Houston Oilers, 1996
1.  Jim Kelly, QB, Buffalo Bills, 1983

The Bills may have had to wait a few extra years, but it was worth it as Jim Kelly heads the list of #14 draft picks.  His inability to win a Super Bowl puts him in the second tier of quarterbacks, but Kelly easily tops this list.  The venerable Eddie George is next up, rushing for over 10,000 yards and sitting at #24 on the all-time rushing list.  If Darrelle Revis can regain his old form, he may ascend to the top of this list someday.  He is considered the gold-standard for cornerbacks in today's NFL.  Ruben Brown was a 9-time Pro Bowl selection at guard for the Bills and Bears.  We are starting to see less players who are no-brainers and I was a bit surprised when Shockey was the choice to fill out the list.  While a solid player, Shockey has always teased us with more, but has done enough to warrant inclusion here.

Worst #14 NFL Draft Picks Since 1980
3.   D.J. Dozier, RB, Minnesota Vikings, 1988 (5 seasons, 11 starts, 691 yds rushing, 9 total TD's)
2.   Michael Haynes, DE, Chicago Bears, 2003 (3 seasons, 4 starts, 49 tackles, 5.5 sacks)
1.   Bernard Williams, OT, Philadelphia Eagles, 1994 (1 season played)

Here is the Wikipedia reference on Bernard Williams:

Bennie Bernard Williams (born July 18, 1972 in Memphis, Tennessee) is a former American and Canadian football offensive tackle. Williams was the Eagles first round draft pick in the 1994 NFL Draft and started all 16 games for them in 1994, but was banned from the NFL after failing 15 drug tests. He would later play for the XFL's Memphis Maniax, the AFL's Detroit Fury and the CFL's BC Lions and Toronto Argonauts.

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