Monday, February 7, 2011

Jabe's Bracket - February 7, 2011

Here is the bracket for this week.  The mid-majors keep doing themselves no favors by beating up on each other instead of having 2-3 teams separate themselves.  This is hurting the at-large chances of some of these leagues.  For example, Cleveland State will be a bubble at-large team if it loses any more regular season games because it means at least one more loss in the conference tournament.  From the Missouri Valley, I currently have Wichita State, but neither Wichita State or Missouri State has that strong of an at-large resume.  Conference USA and the Colonial currently sit at 2 bids, which is the likely end-point for both leagues.  Virginia Tech is the team that I should probably have in this week, but two 150+ losses and no big wins have them on the outside right now.  The last 13-15 spots are still wide-open.  Last year, the committee rewarded teams who had RPI Top 25 and 50 wins, except for California, who got an inexplicable 8 seed.  That is why Alabama, now with 2 RPI top 25 wins is in my field this week. 

33 days until Selection Sunday!!

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