Friday, January 31, 2014

College Basketball 2013-14 Field of 68 (January 31, 2014)

1.  Arizona – PAC-12 is deep, but Wildcats may not have been properly tested in 2014 going into March. 
2. Syracuse – ACC teams, meet the Syracuse zone. Good luck.
3. Wichita State – As long as they are undefeated and bolster a top 10 RPI, they deserve this spot.
4. Florida – Florida beat Kansas, plus both losses came at less than full strength

5. Michigan State – The injury to Payne will be considered once he is back – great win at Iowa
6. Kansas – With losses to teams #4, #7 and #9 on this list, hard to put them in front of them all when best team they beat is #12
7. Villanova – Don’t read much into a loss to a team that had a historic shooting night.
8. Michigan - Road wins @Minnesota, @Wisconsin and @Michigan State are unmatched

9. San Diego State – A 3 seed seems more appropriate based on RPI and other ratings
10. Creighton – Doug McDermott - POY
11. Duke – Filled in the last resume hole with a great road win at Pittsburgh.  Next up - at Syracuse
12. Cincinnati – Big road win at Louisville proves Bearcats are for real.  I believe SOS is deceptively low.

13. Wisconsin – Woeful shooting night in surprise home loss to Northwestern, profile still strong enough, for now
14. Oklahoma State – Something is keeping this team from being elite
15. Iowa State – Swept by Kansas, but almost every Big 12 team will say that
16. Oklahoma – There is not much discernible difference between OK State, Iowa State, the Sooners and even Texas

17. Iowa – The Hawkeyes are now 0-5 vs the Top 13 on this list
18. Texas – After comparing resumes, it was hard to keep Texas below Kentucky
19. Virginia – Still lack that elite win, but sweep of Florida State and no bad losses is still a good start.
20. UCLA – Another riser in the Field, the Bruins are staking claim as 2nd best in a deep PAC-12

21. Louisville – The loss at home to Cincinnati is a step backwards for a team lacking opportunities
22. Connecticut – Revenge is nice, but it was still only Houston
23. Kentucky – How do they have a top 5 SOS playing only 3 games against the top 50?  4 losses outside the top 50 seem to be ignored?
24. Massachusetts – While St. Bonaventure is not a bad loss, it continue to muddle a deceptive resume 

25. Pittsburgh – At some point, the ratings mean nothing if you don’t really beat anyone of consequence 
26. St. Louis – A Pitt-like resume…lacking good wins, but losses are to teams #3 and #10 above.
27. Memphis – Wins over Oklahoma State and at Louisville prop up the Tigers resume. All 4 losses to top 38.
28. Minnesota - Fell victim to Nebraska, but still have some really nice wins

29. Gonzaga – The WCC is a bit down this year, which isn’t helping the Zags.
30. Xavier – The Musketeers are Sooner-like in hype, but their 9 top-100 wins is only one behind the top total.
31. Kansas State – Like the Gophers, K-State has 2 top 25 wins, 4 in the top 30.
32. George Washington – The Colonials have that top-10 win vs Creighton and beat VCU.

33. New Mexico – A “nice” resume, but I actually thought they would be better this season. 
34. VCU – All three top 100 wins are on the road. Have 5 home games remaining against top 100.
35. Ohio State – The best thing this resume had going for it was the lack of losses, now those are adding up
36. North Carolina – Have the Tar Heels turned the corner?

37. Providence – Not a terrible loss at Marquette, hardly negates a couple really good weeks of work for the Friars
38. Florida State – 7 losses makes this resume start to border on bubblicious
39. Colorado – The early-season success will fade if they can't finish well 
40. Missouri – The Tigers have played a bad schedule and have bad losses to boot.

41. Tennessee – The Volunteers hang on for dear life based on their wins and SOS.
42. Arizona State – Beat Cal at their place, take their spot in the Field
43. Stanford – Sometimes showing well in a loss goes noticed as well
44. LSU – Reward the Tigers for a good win against Kentucky, must beat Arkansas this weekend to stay 
45. Oregon – The victories are not that great to offset a 2-6 conference start.

46. Richmond – I will leave the Spiders in for now, but a loss at VCU will open this spot 
47. SMU – South Florida is a bad loss, but the Mustangs hang on to the last spot
48. Southern Miss
49. Harvard
50. Toledo

51. Green Bay
52. North Dakota State
53. New Mexico State
54. Mercer

55. Belmont
56. UC-Santa Barbara
57. Boston U.
58. Delaware

59. Canisius
60. Stephen F. Austin
61. Georgia State
62. North Carolina Central

63. Weber State
64. Stony Brook
65. Robert Morris
66. Davidson
67. Southern U.
68. Coastal Carolina

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