Thursday, January 16, 2014

College Basketball 2013-14 -Field of 68 (January 16, 2014 edition)

Quick mid-week update… 

The 1’s – Arizona, Syracuse, Wisconsin and Michigan State

No change despite the Wisconsin loss.  The only question is who is #3 and #4.  Michigan State leads the Big Ten and everyone thinks they are better than Wisconsin, but the Badgers still have the better resume.  It would be important if the season ended today as the #4 team would likely get bumped from Milwaukee to St. Louis so the NCAA has a Friday site for the First Round 16 seeds to filter into.

The 2’s – Villanova, Wichita State, Florida and Kansas

No change.

The 3’s – Oklahoma State, Ohio State, Iowa State and San Diego State

No change.

The 4’s – Massachusetts, Iowa, Creighton and Cincinnati

Creighton and Cincinnati move-up replacing Baylor and Kentucky.  I know Pittsburgh is 16-1, but until they beat someone in the Top 50, they lack upward mobility in my eyes.

The 5’s –Pittsburgh, Kentucky, Memphis and Baylor

That was a bad loss for Baylor, falling to 0-2 on the road.  That road record could be troublesome come seeding time.

The 6’s – Louisville, Duke, Oregon and Colorado

No change.

The 7’s – Gonzaga, Missouri, Connecticut and Xavier

Xavier and their 7 top 100 wins, including wins over Cincinnati, Georgetown and Tennessee replaces New Mexico who lost at home to UNLV on Wednesday.  Missouri should be lower, but I have not fully committed to that yet.

The 8’s – Michigan, Virginia, California and Florida State

Cal and Florida State rise up.  After taking a closer look at UCLA, they were adjusted back until they beat someone.

The 9’s – UCLA, St. Louis, Kansas State and George Washington

Kansas State and Oklahoma swap after the Wildcats beat them on Tuesday.  George Washington moves up higher than I expected, but in comparison to New Mexico and Oklahoma, I like what G.W. has done a little better right now.

The 10’s – Oklahoma, New Mexico, Georgetown and North Carolina

This is the landing place for New Mexico, while Georgetown holds steady despite a loss last night. 

The 11’s – VCU, Harvard, Tennessee and Minnesota

VCU drops down to here and better get their act together before they are on the wrong side of the bubble.

The 12’s –UWGB, New Mexico State, Dayton, Texas, Arkansas and Stanford 

UWGB and New Mexico State are auto bids.  Arkansas and Stanford enter, SMU and Illinois exit.  I don’t hate SMU, I just need to see more than a home win against Connecticut.  Arkansas still needs a good road win, but beating Kentucky, SMU and Minnesota gets them in for now.  Stanford won at Connecticut and also at Oregon, two really good road wins.

The 13’s – Akron, Louisiana Tech, Manhattan and North Dakota State

The 14’s – Belmont, UC-Irvine, Boston U. and Delaware

The 15’s – Georgia State, Stephen F. Austin, Mercer and Northern Colorado

The 16’s – Stony Brook, Davidson, Norfolk State, Robert Morris, Southern and Radford

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