Saturday, March 16, 2013

Field of 68 - Seed List, March 16, 2013

The eve of Selection Sunday and the Bubble just opened up.

1 - Indiana, Duke, Louisville, GONZAGA
2 - Kansas, Georgetown, New Mexico, Miami, FL
3 - Florida, Michigan State, Ohio State, Michigan
4 - Marquette, Kansas State, St. Louis, Arizona
5 - Syracuse, UCLA, UNLV, Oklahoma State
6 - Wisconsin, Butler, VCU, Notre Dame
7 - Memphis, Colorado State, CREIGHTON, Pittsburgh
8 - North Carolina, San Diego State, Illinois, NC State
9 - Missouri, Minnesota, Cincinnati, Oregon
10 - Villanova, Colorado, Iowa State, Temple
11 - Wichita State, California, Oklahoma, BELMONT
12 - Tennessee/St. Mary's, Kentucky/LaSalle, Boise State, Bucknell
13 - New Mexico State, Ohio, SOUTH DAKOTA STATE, Stephen F Austin
15 - Montana, IONA, Pacific, Vermont

  • Remaining Bid-Stealers - UTEP, Tulsa, Southern Miss, Charlotte, St. Joseph's, Boston College, Maryland, Florida State, Nebraska, Utah, LSU, Vanderbilt
  • Bid Stealers Lite (may need only to get to Championship Game and get help) - Massachusetts, Alabama, Ole Miss, Iowa
  • 69th Team - Virginia

  • Kansas can put a lot of pressure on the committee with a win over Kansas State tonight.  Should they be a #1 seed?
  • Michigan State and Ohio State play for a possible #2 seed should New Mexico or Miami FL slip-up.
  • If Kansas State defeats Kansas, they should supplant a Big Ten team on the #3 line, probably Michigan.
  • What does the committee do with UCLA?  They will only have one game to judge them without second leading scorer Jordan Adams.
  • If Syracuse wins the Big East tournament, they will make a case for the #4 line.
  • The Atlantic 10 semis will have seeding implications.
  • I know the committee awards bids to teams, not conferences, but doesn't it seem like UMass is playing for LaSalle's bid and that Ole Miss and Alabama are competing directly with Tennessee and Kentucky?
  • I am holding firm on my field until the results of today's games are in.  I don't know if beating Missouri vaults Ole Miss into the field like Joe Lunardi says.
  • I really want to say Villanova will be a #9 seed.
  • North Carolina or NC State can move-up to a #7 yet, with Colorado State and Pitt the ones likely to move down.

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  1. After the win today by Wisconsin, how on earth could the end up seeded below Michigan? Wisconsin has to end up as a #4 now. (Michigan probably a #4 too).


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