Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NCAA Tournament 2013 - Bold Predictions

Many are saying that the crazy regular season in College Basketball will lead to one of the craziest NCAA Tournaments ever, a la 2000, 2006 and 2011 in recent memory.  I certainly hope so, it makes it more fun to watch a few of the underdogs take out the Goliaths, even at the expense of your bracket.  So if chaos ensues, what might we see?  Let me look into my Crystal Ball....

  • #15 seeds were so 2012, #14 is the new 15.  Two fifteen seeds winning last year was about as improbable as it gets, and with the upsets in the Conference Tourneys weakening the 15-line this year, the 2's are pretty safe this year.  The 14's on the other hand have the experience and exhibit certain qualities for an upset-victimizer.  I say at least one 14-seed upsets a 3 in the 2nd Round this year.
  • Speaking of the 14's, whichever 14 wins will meet an 11 seed in the annual double-digit game.  Are you ready for Davidson-Bucknell on Saturday?
  • A 10-seed will survive the 1st weekend.  Xavier did in 2012.  Florida State in 2011.  St. Mary's in 2010 and Davidson in 2008.  Only in the boring tournament of 2009 did a 10 fail in the past 5 years.  Before you put Ohio State or Miami FL in the Final Four, just think hard about Iowa State and Colorado.  Just think about it.
  • For the third-straight season, a First Round winner will also advance to the Second Round.  Yes, Memphis, you are in trouble.  The St. Mary's/Middle Tennessee winner matches favorably with Memphis in the KenPom rankings.  (Could also be another spot for that 11-14 game between St. Mary's and Valpo)
  • With all the other chaos, the 5 seeds will all win and avoid the 5-12 curse.
  • A 7 seed or lower will play in the Elite Eight.  San Diego State?  Pittsburgh?  Colorado? 
  • Villanova will beat North Carolina because we are tired of Roy Williams vs Kansas.
  • Indiana will not cut down anymore nets this year.  Its karma.  You can't cut them down after a loss and cut them down again.  Book it.


  1. Congrats on your #1 ranking over at Brackrt Project. Well done

  2. Thank you! I am kicking myself for some of my final decisions on the 1-4 lines, but I can't complain about being #1.


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