Wednesday, November 23, 2011

College Football Rewind - Week 12 - The Computers Have it Right!!

I put my updated Bowl Predictions and Week 13 Picks in separate posts to concentrate this entire section to the real issue - Who Should Play for the National Championship?

The current BCS Standings show LSU at #1, Alabama at #2, Arkansas at #3 and Oklahoma State at #4.  There is absolutely no argument with LSU at #1.

I have a big problem with Alabama at #2.  An LSU-Alabama Championship Game is unnecessary and is actually unfair to the Tigers.  LSU already beat Alabama at Alabama.  But that is not the main argument, as simply voting against a re-match is unfounded if it is clearly the two best teams and there are no other worthy candidates.  The problem is, there is another worthy candidate and they just picked the absolute wrong time and wrong team to lose to.  Oklahoma State should still be ahead of Alabama. 

*This whole argument is assuming LSU, Alabama and Oklahoma State victories in their remaining games.

Reason #1:  Oklahoma State and Alabama would finish with identical 11-1 records.  Oklahoma State would have won the Big 12 Championship.  Alabama would be finishing second in their own division in the SEC.

Reason #2:  The Big 12 was on par with the SEC this season.  Earlier this season, Jabesblog tracked the non-conference records of each conference.  The Big 12 finished the non-conference season at 27-3, with losses to Arizona State, Georgia Tech and Arkansas.  The SEC currently stands at 39-5, with losses to Boise State, Louisville, Clemson, BYU and Louisiana Tech.  Remember, I didn't say the Big 12 was better, I just said on par.  Shouldn't the champion of a conference on par with another get the nod over the 2nd place team from the other?

Reason #3:  Oklahoma State has better wins than Alabama.  Oklahoma State will have beaten at least 8 bowl-eligible teams, 9 if Texas Tech wins one more game.  They have road wins over Tulsa, Texas A&M, Texas and Missouri and would have beaten Oklahoma, Kansas State and Baylor at home.  Alabama would have beaten 6 bowl-eligible teams, 7 if Vandy wins one more game.  Alabama has road wins at Penn State, Florida, Mississippi State and Auburn and home wins against Arkansas and Tennessee. 

Reason #4:  The best QB Alabama has played against is Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson, currently ranked #13 in the Yahoo QB Power Rankings.  They played no other QB ranked in the Top 25.  Oklahoma State will have played against #1, #8, #9, #10, #22 and #24. 

Reason #5:  The computers have Oklahoma State at #2.  Inexplicably and personally, I think very ignorantly, the humans dropped the Cowboys as low as #6.  Really?  One double overtime loss on the road to a bowl-eligible Iowa State team that played out of their minds and all of a sudden you are the worst 1-loss team?  Come on voters.  Do some research.  Heck, read my blog.  Oklahoma State is not the 6th best team.  There is a reason the computers have them #2.  The Computers Have it Right!!!

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