Wednesday, November 30, 2011

College Basketball - Updated Field of 68 - End of November Edition

With one more day of College Basketball to play in November, it is time to re-assess the pre-season Field of 68.  My new field is a mixture of what has happened and projection.  For instance, although North Carolina lost, I still project them to be a #1 seed, but since Kentucky and Ohio State have not lost, they are ahead of North Carolina on the S-curve.  I had Connecticut and Syracuse neck-and-neck coming into the season, so here, the Orange have actually jumped the Huskies in a battle that will likely go back and forth all season.  Some of the early season darlings have made their mark in my field, but I am not ready to move St. Louis and San Diego State above a 7-seed or even UNLV above a 6-seed yet.  I was wrong on Purdue and have accommodated my mistake.  And although UCLA has time to recover, I could not place a 1-4 team in my field, unless you are the leader of the SWAC. 

Other things to note that I am learning from my Tournament Tracker...the PAC-12 is really struggling and it will be tough to build great resumes in conference play, which I have reflected with just 4 bids here, but this may fall to 3 if things don't change.  The Colonial is not beating anyone out of conference and despite their darling status last year, this looks like a 1-bid league at this juncture.  I had the Horizon as a 1-bid league and the only thing that has changed is that Cleveland State is building an at-large resume.  The Mountain West is impressing, as is the Atlantic 10.  Finally, the Big Ten and SEC have been most impressive, which is reflected in my bids and seedings.

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South Regional
(1)  Kentucky vs (16)  Campbell/Alabama A&M
(8)  Virginia vs (9)  Michigan State
(5)  Texas A&M vs (12)  Georgetown
(4)  Memphis vs (13)  Cleveland State
(6)  Mississippi State vs (11)  Oklahoma State
(3)  Wisconsin vs (14)  Utah State
(7)  San Diego State vs (10)  Washington
(2)  Connecticut vs (15)  Murray State

West Regional
(1)  Syracuse vs (16)  Norfolk State
(8)  St. Louis vs (9)  Virginia Tech
(5)  California vs (12)  Northwestern/Northern Iowa
(4)  Missouri vs (13)  Kent State
(6)  UNLV vs (11)  Cincinnati
(3)  Alabama vs (14)  Bucknell
(7)  Purdue vs (10) Harvard
(2)  Duke vs (15)  Middle Tennessee

Midwest Regional
(1)  Ohio State vs (16)  Long Island
(8)  Temple vs (9)  Texas
(5)  Vanderbilt vs (12)  St. Mary's
(4)  Marquette vs (13)  Belmont
(6)  Florida State vs (11)  Indiana
(3)  Louisville vs (14)  Oral Roberts
(7)  Arizona vs (10)  Marshall
(2)  Baylor vs (15)  Weber State

East Regional
(1)  North Carolina vs (16)  Boston U./Texas San-Antonio
(8)  Creighton vs (9)  Oregon
(5)  Michigan vs (12)  Arkansas/New Mexico
(4)  Pittsburgh vs (13)  Iona
(6)  Gonzaga vs (11)  George Mason
(3)  Xavier vs (14)  Long Beach State
(7)  Kansas vs (10)  Villanova
(2)  Florida vs (15)  Davidson

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