Wednesday, December 7, 2011

College Basketball Field of 68 - December 7th Edition

Here is an update to the projected field.  I am still struggling a little with projection vs what have you done for me so far, since the body of work is still developing.  For the most part, the teams included in the field are what they would be if the season inexplicably ended today.  I feel comfortable a 7th, if not 8th Big East team will step forward, so I am still projecting Cincinnati in my field as of today, although this could also very well be Villanova or West Virginia once things play out.  I am leaving Washington in as a 4th PAC-12 team, projecting last night's good showing will propel them to better things.  These is a little more projection in seeding, as once some of these teams start playing each other, some of the gaudy records are sure to suffer.  So yes, Georgetown is off to an awesome start, but if they follow the trend of a 6th place Big East team, they will end up as about a #6-seed. 

I am starting to see some potential interchangeable parts.  Duke and North Carolina for a #1 and #2 seed.  Same with Syracuse, Louisville and Connecticut.  Marquette and Pittsburgh for a 3 and 4.  Mississippi State and Vanderbilt for a 5 and 6.  Arizona and Cal for a 5, 6 or 7 (right now I see the younger Wildcats continuing to develop and winning the PAC-12).

Feel free to comment!!

South Regional
(1)  Kentucky vs (16) Boston U./Lamar
(8)  Florida State vs (9)  Stanford
(5)  Texas A&M vs (12)  Cincinnati/Wichita State
(4)  Wisconsin vs (13)  Cleveland State
(6)  Memphis vs (11)  Virginia Tech
(3)  Xavier vs (14)  Middle Tennessee
(7)  Michigan State vs (10)  Temple
(2)  Louisville vs (15)  Davidson

West Regional
(1)  Duke vs (16)  Campbell/Alabama A&M
(8)  Purdue vs (9)  Kansas State
(5)  Mississippi State vs (12)  George Mason
(4)  Pittsburgh vs (13)  Iona
(6)  UNLV vs (11)  St. Mary's
(3)  Marquette vs (14)  Nevada
(7)  California vs (10) Illinois
(2)  Baylor vs (15)  Weber State

Midwest Regional
(1)  Ohio State vs (16)  Norfolk State
(8)  Virginia vs (9)  Texas
(5)  Arizona vs (12)  New Mexico
(4)  Alabama vs (13)  Belmont
(6)  Vanderbilt vs (11)  Northern Iowa
(3)  Missouri vs (14)  Long Beach State
(7)  Gonzaga vs (10)  Indiana
(2)  Connecticut vs (15)  Bucknell

East Regional
(1)  Syracuse vs (16)  Robert Morris
(8)  San Diego State vs (9)  St. Louis
(5)  Michigan vs (12)  Washington/Marshall
(4)  Kansas vs (13)  Kent State
(6)  Georgetown vs (11)  Northwestern
(3)  Florida vs (14)  Murray State
(7)  Creighton vs (10)  Harvard
(2)  North Carolina vs (15)  Oakland

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