Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jabe's Bracket - March 2, 2011

Adjustments made for Monday/Tuesday results. At the top, not much has changed. Texas slid down the curve on the 2 line and could be a #3 if they don't turn it around. I hemmed and hawed and decided that Florida as SEC Champ would trump a second place Mountain West team. If San Diego State wins out, they can get back to a #3. Villanova continues its fall, allowing Xavier to occupy that troublesome last #5 spot. The spot is perfect for the Pac-10 champ, but that has to all play itself out. Kansas State and Missouri did a flip-flop at #7/#8. At the bottom, Boston College replaced Clemson with their victory over Virginia Tech last night. Virginia Tech stayed in the bracket, but has some work left now. Nebraska set-up a possible bid-showdown with Colorado this weekend (if the Buffaloes beat Iowa State tonight). Baylor is done. Penn State is all-but-done. Alabama is in huge trouble.

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