Monday, March 7, 2011

Jabe's Bracket - March 7, 2011

You would think that essentially two days of basketball would not have a significant impact at this point.  That thinking would be completely wrong!!

I will start at the top - Ohio State re-claimed the overall #1 spot, despite a slight edge to Kansas in numbers.  This is completely an eye test selection.  No team looks better than the Buckeyes at their best.

What about the final #1?  I am sticking with Duke, who still has fewer losses and a higher RPI than Notre Dame.

North Carolina is the big mover of the week, securing an important 2nd RPI Top 25 win and vaulting to the 2-line with their outright ACC Title.  Kansas State, West Virginia and Cincinnati continue to navigate up the bracket, while Villanova, Vanderbilt and Georgetown move the other way.

What a bad year to be a #1 seed in a mid-major conference tournament.  Belmont came through unscathed, but very few others are having that same result.  I added UW-Milwaukee to my bracket today, but as a #1 seed that was probably premature.  With UWM and VCU out there as bid-stealers, I took my chances one would follow-through and shrink the bubble by one.

As far as the bubble goes, the teams seeded 10 and up are fairly safe.  Those other 9 teams, along with the likes of Virginia Tech, Clemson, Alabama and Penn State, plus any additional bid-stealers, are vying for the remaining spots.

Love the Madness!!!

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