Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jabe's Bracket - March 9, 2011

Updated for last night's events - the biggest of which was the removal of UW-Milwaukee and the addition of an at-large slot for Virginia Tech.  Villanova's early exit likely places them in an 8/9 game somewhere. 

My biggest struggle right now is the Duke vs Notre Dame debate for the final #1 seed.  Despite their higher RPI, Notre Dame obviously has the best wins of any team in the nation.  The committee's Duke bias might actually work for them to be a #2 and go Charlotte/Newark as opposed to being sent to Anaheim.  Without the conference tourney results at this point, I am strongly considering this change for tomorrow's bracket.  While it won't change the seed lines of most teams below it, it will have an effect on location and conference mix in each bracket.  Stay tuned!!

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  1. It's too bad Milwaukee lost. I was hoping for a 3rd team to root for in the tourney. At least Marquette won and should now be in for sure. One more win wouldn't hurt either.


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