Friday, November 19, 2010


Take a short break from the historical look at sports for the weekly College Football segment.  I hope everyone is enjoying the other.  I thought I would stray from the usual format here and take a look at what Jabesblog thinks will go down the rest of the way.

1)  Big Ten Conference Race - The three-way race between Michigan State, Ohio State and Wisconsin would seem to come down to this weeks Wisconsin at Michigan game.  The way I see it, Ohio State is not losing another game, which eliminates the Spartans as the BCS tie-breaker automatically would come in to play if OSU and MSU are ties because they did not play.  I also think UW will beat Northwestern at home if it wins at Ann Arbor.  So the key to the puzzle is this weekend - and my heart and head both say Wisconsin will be able to do it and keep there BCS lead over Ohio State and head to Pasadena.

2)  Southeastern Conference Race - The SEC Championship game is set with Auburn and South Carolina.  So the real question is - undefeated Auburn or 1-loss Auburn?  A few weeks ago, I was leaning 90% toward 1-loss Auburn.  The Tigers have not missed a beat though and are playing really, really well.  And how good is Alabama really?  There may be a little perception at play in that they were pre-season #1.  In the end, I say Alabama beats Auburn and sends a non-BCS school to the Title Game.

3)  PAC-10 Conference Race - I have been on Oregon since very early in the season, so I need to ride my Ducks.  Arizona at home and at Oregon State.  Done.  Arizona is coming off a tough loss vs USC and will be ripe for an Oregon bounceback.  And OSU lost to Washington State last week.  Doesn't sound like the team to take down Oregon.

4)  ACC Conference Race - Virginia Tech should beat Virginia (even if it loses to Miami), which would put the Hokies in the title game.  I think they face FSU, who beats Maryland and sees NC State lose to either North Carolina or at Maryland.  In the rematch of the 1999 National Title Game, VA Tech exacts their revenge.

5)  Big 12 Conference Race - Nebraska will beat Colorado (even if it loses to Texas A and M) and earn the North title.  The South title would appear to come down to the Oklahoma at Oklahoma State game.  I will live on the edge here and say the Cowboys beat the Sooners and get another shot at Nebraska.  The health of Nebraska's QB is huge in this rematch because Okla State can score points.  I say Nebraska doesn't score enough and the Cowboys head to the BCS.

6)  Big East Conference Race - Who honestly cares?  Ummmm...give me West Virginia.

7)  TCU and Boise State remain undefeated.  Book it.  Now who gets the National Title op.  I still think TCU.

8)  So what does that mean for BCS Bowls:

National Title - Oregon vs TCU
Rose Bowl - Wisconsin vs Boise State
Fiesta Bowl - Oklahoma State vs West Virginia
Orange Bowl - Virginia Tech vs Ohio State
Sugar Bowl - Auburn vs Stanford

Now back to the tourneys!!

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