Thursday, November 4, 2010


An abbreviated look at the week that was with Saturday's heroes.

1)  An off week for Wisconsin proved doubly beneficial with Sparty's loss to Iowa.  It keeps Bucky motivated to continue their journey through the Big Ten 2nd Half with that small glimmer of a Big Ten Title still within reach.  Next up - a reeling Purdue with a 3rd string QB starting.  Hopefully the Badgers can take advantage.  On the minus side - here comes the dreaded spread offenses - lets see if UW is any better against those and if Antonio Fennelus and Niles Brinkley move any closer to the line of scrimmage.

2)  It is hard to say for sure, but TCU might actually end up ahead of Boise State if the two were to remain unbeaten.  Wouldn't that be a kick to the blue turf?

3)  I am glad I am not Brian Kelly.  Tradgedy off the field.  Disgrace on it.  If you saw it, his explanation for throwing while already in FG range was not very convincing.

4)  Every team in the ACC and Big East now has at least two losses.  Part of the BCS problem is that two teams from this pool will need to be invited.

5)  The winner of the TCU-Utah game better beware of San Diego State.  For Utah its a dangerous road game.

6)  Kudos to Ron Zook for making the Illini one of the year's pleasant surprises.  Sometimes you are stuck with a talented QB who isn't a great winner.  It appears Illinois is better minus the Juice.

7)  College Football has been so good this year, it doesn't matter that perennial powers Texas (4-4), USC (5-3), Notre Dame (4-5), Michigan (5-3), Tennessee (2-6), Florida (5-3), Miami (5-3) and UCLA (3-5) were non-factors weeks ago.

8)  Jabesblog Top 5 - 1)  Oregon  2)  Auburn  3)  TCU/Boise State  4)  Utah  5)  Alabama

9)  Cam Newton vs Kellen Moore vs LaMichael James for Heisman.

10)  Game of the Week - #4 TCU at #6 Utah - National Championship hopes abound.

11)  Other to Watch - #5 Alabama at #12 LSU - the last major Tide hurdle before the Auburn game.  Hawaii at #2 Boise State - a better chance for Boise to prove themselves than the dogs they have been playing.  #13 Arizona at #10 Stanford - the PAC-10 tries to move another team into the BCS bowls.  Finally, #22 Baylor at #19 Oklahoma State - Baylor??  The Bears have a legit shot at winning the Big 12 South.  Whodathunk?

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