Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What if.....

...College Football had a plus one system in place this year. 
(1) Auburn vs (4) Stanford
(2) Oregon vs (3)TCU
The winners to meet for the National Championship.  Fans in Madison would be fuming.

...College Football had an 8-team playoff with automatic bids for each BCS league. 
(1) Auburn vs (8) Connecticut
(4) Stanford vs (5) Wisconsin
(3) TCU vs (6) Oklahoma
(2) Oregon vs (7) Virginia Tech
How do you like that one Buckeye fan?

...College Football had an 8-team playoff with no automatic bids.
(1) Auburn vs (8) Oklahoma
(4) Stanford vs (5) Wisconsin
(3) TCU vs (6) Ohio State
(2) Oregon vs (7) Arkansas
Mike Dantonio is weeping openly at the sight of this one.

...College Football had my dream 16-team playoff with an automatic bid for each BCS league.
(16) Connecticut at (1) Auburn
(9) Michigan State at (8) Oklahoma
(13) Boise State at (4) Stanford
(12) Missouri at (5) Wisconsin
(14) Oklahoma State at (3) TCU
(11) LSU at (6) Ohio State
(10) Virginia Tech at (7) Arkansas
(15) Nevada at (2) Oregon
First round games played at higher seed.  Second Round games to be played at 4 major bowl sites One in prime time New Years Eve and a New Years Day Tripleheader (Sugar, Fiesta, Orange and Rose).  3-loss Nebraska and Texas A&M have no gripe here.  Travel is minimized by match-ups above for first round games most likely to conflict with Finals or Christmas.

One can always dream.......

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