Monday, November 1, 2010

Jabe's Bracket - Pre-Season 2010-2011

Here is my 2010-2011 College Basketball Pre-Season Bracket.  I had so much fun last March joining fellow Bracket-makers, that I thought why not give a pre-Season version a try, which essentially becomes my College Basketball Preview for the year.  This is the first look at the new 68-team field, with two opening games on the #16 line, and two opening games on the #13 line.  I originally thought the opening games would be for the #12 line, but it will all depend on where those last at-large teams fall.  After completing this exercise, a few big things becomes apparent - this will once again be a wide-open year in College Basketball and freshman will play a huge role in determining the fate of some teams (Kentucky, North Carolina).  There will be teams sure to disappoint, so I will likely look back at a few of these and laugh come March (although I have already selected Texas as a team to disappoint based on their exclusion).  There will also be surprises (Southern Mississipppi?  Colorado?) - and of course, conference tournament upsets will always throw a wrench into the bracket.  So, we will see how I have done in March.  I look forward to another exciting season on the college campuses!!

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