Friday, May 27, 2011

Top Athletes - Last Names Starting with "E" - Post 1980

"E" is for effortless, as a large contingent of my next list made things looks so easy, even though we all know they are not. 

10) Dale Ellis (NBA)
9)  Dennis Eckersley (MLB)
8)  Stefan Edberg (Tennis)
7)  Alex English (NBA)
6)  Ernie Els (Golf)
5)  Chris Evert (Tennis)
4)  Patrick Ewing (NBA)
3)  Julius Erving (NBA)
2)  Dale Earnhardt (NASCAR)
1)  John Elway (NFL)

Arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time edges out arguably one of the greatest drivers of all-time for the top spot on my list.  This is an instant where comparing sports is so difficult and the mainstream sport probably won out here.  A couple of NBA icons come next, with Dr. J preceding a ringless Ewing.  In the defense of Ewing, he had one of the top 3 greatest college basketball careers of my sports lifetime (Laettner, Jordan), playing in 3 NCAA Championship games and winning one.  The last spot went to the smooth shooting Ellis over the rifle arm of Dwight Evans.

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