Thursday, May 26, 2011

Top Athletes - Last Names Starting with "D" - Post 1980

"D" is for professional.  I know, it isn't, until you see this list full of consummate professionals in their sports:

10) Brian Dawkins (NFL)
9)  Carlos Delgado (MLB)
8)  Terrell Davis (NFL)
7)  Kevin Durant (NBA)
6)  Joe Dumars (NBA)
5)  Tony Dorsett (NFL)
4)  Andre Dawson (MLB)
3)  Eric Dickerson (NFL)
2)  Clyde Drexler (NBA)
1)  Tim Duncan (NBA)

#1 was a "slam dunk", or should I say "bank shot", for this list.  Duncan is the only player who would be considered Top 10 in their respective sports.  While Dickerson has the single-season rushing record, Drexler sustained a longer and ultimately more successful career.  Durant may one day find himself near the top of this list if his career arc continues.  This list is also exclusively NBA/NFL/MLB.  The closest I could get was Lindsay Davenport, who ultimately did not win enough big matches to displace the others.

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