Tuesday, October 5, 2010


While the games may not have lived up to the hype in all cases, certain teams are living up to the hype and separating themselves from the pack after 5 weeks.

1) We should have known - Big Expectations lead to Big Disappointment for Badger fans.

2) 5 games - 2 pass plays over 30 yards for Bucky. I don't remember the last time they tried to throw it deep down the sideline. It is just too hard to drive 80 yards in 13 plays every time.

3) The biggest difference between Barry's teams and Bret's teams? Alvarez teams won the special teams battle more often than not, Bielema's teams almost never do. For a team that has to play almost mistake free in big games, losing the special teams battle makes the margin for error zero. On top of that, special teams plays are such big momentum changers. The punt return on Saturday is a prime example.

4) It is looking more and more like the only team that can beat Alabama, is well, Alabama. Whoever is not giving them their first place vote should be removed from the polls.

5) Here is the weekly Boise watch - 59-0 over New Mexico State is less impressive than Oregon's win over Stanford. Now Boise needs at least two teams to lose to get to the National Title game. I would argue they likely need Nebraska and Oklahoma to lose as well. It doesn't look good for the Blue-turfed Broncos.

6) Pollsters are giving Florida way too much credit based on name. They were unimpressive for 4 weeks, and then got it handed to them by #1 Alabama. They dropped 5 spots to #12 in the Coaches poll (the AP did a little better at #14). What?? They are ahead of Arkansas, who, while they got 'Bama at home, played a much better game against the Tide than the Gators did. Currently, Florida's signature win is against Tennessee - undefeated Michigan State has beaten a ranked team at least.

7) My other beef in both polls is the placement of Iowa above both Michigan and Michigan State. Yes, I believe ultimately Iowa is a better team than both - but until the other two lose, can we really make that assumption? Good thing for Iowa is that one will lose this week. I also believe the winner will leapfrog an idol Iowa team.

8) This week's Top 5 - 1) Alabama 2) No one is close 3) Oregon 4) Ohio State 5) Nebraska/Oklahoma

9) This week's Heisman Watch - All Denard all the time. Until he struggles or Michigan goes in the tank, he is the man.

10) Week 6 games of interest - Minnesota at Wisconsin for Paul Bunyan's Axe as the Badgers try to muster some positive momentum before Ohio State comes to town the week after. #7 Nebraska travels to Manhattan to face an undefeated Kansas State team. While no one believes the Wildcats are anything great, as evidenced by not being ranked, Bill Snyder is back at coach and has beaten Nebraska before. ESPN gets this one on Thursday. As mentioned earlier, Michigan State travels to the "Big House" to play Michigan and knock one of these surprise teams from the unbeatens. #1 Alabama faces a ranked team for a 3rd week in a row, traveling to #19 South Carolina. #12 LSU is at #14 Florida - I am sure Florida will trounce them to prove me wrong. Finally, #23 Florida State is at #13 Miami, which may ultimately decide the BCS representative out of the ACC. Finally, the PAC-10 game of the week is USC at #16 Stanford, as the Cardinal try to bounce back from the Oregon loss. Should be another good week!!

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