Friday, October 22, 2010


Whew!!  It was a big week for Bucky and the first BCS Standings are out.

1)  #1 has fallen for a 2nd week in a row.  This week it was at the hands of my Wisconsin Badgers.  For the first time in 29 years, Wisconsin beat a #1 ranked team.  That means I will be 65 by the time the next one happens and who knows if I will remember this one.  Right now, I will remember the way David Gilreath electrified the crowd by taking back the opening kickoff.  I will remember how the offensive line and the Clay/White tandem ran against a team who you don't run on.  I will remember Scott Tolzein making key throws when they needed him in a big game for the first time.  I will also remember saying "uh oh" when fans stormed the field - at least it worked out this time.

2)  Did anyone notice that Wisconsin played Wisconsin football and won that game?  They did not have to trick things up.  They proved that they can win with their brand and may have saved the season.  More on what's next later.

3)  What a bittersweet week for Boise State and TCU.  The hit list lost Ohio State and Nebraska, but the BCS standings came out and Boise State was #3 and TCU #5.  With the remaining schedules, it will be very tough for these teams to crash the National Championship party.

4)  In the end, Bret Bielema was only trying to provide Tim Brewster with a little parting gift.  Tell him what he's won Don Pardo...a future as a high school football coach.

5)  Does anyone want to win the SEC East?  I mean seriously South Carolina.  Glad I was right about Florida though.  Go Vandy!!

6)  Poor Oregon - they make it to #1 in the human polls, but because the BCS came out this week where they are #2, ESPN shows them with a #2 next to their name.  And since my blog is a little late this week, Oregon just thumped UCLA 60-13 to break the string of #1 teams losing.  Or did they?  What if Oklahoma loses to Missouri?  What ranking do I look at?  I know which one...

7)  The Jabesblog Top 5 - 1)  Oregon  2)  Auburn  3)  Boise State/TCU  4)  Oklahoma  5)  Michigan State

8)  No real beefs with the human polls this week.  It will be interesting how the BCS flows over the next few weeks.  Take note of Alabama at #8.  They are the major 1-loss team lurking that could still be a major player.

9)  The biggest news in the Heisman race would be the failures of two Big Ten QB's - Mr. Robinson and Mr. Pryor.  You had the feeling that Denard got out of the gates way too fast and it was impossible to sustain the momentum.  Pryor can probably rejoin the conversation if this game is his only bad one.  Cam Newton is the hot name, but this week could be his bad game that cools him off.  Kellen Moore might win this thing by default, although my vote is for LaMichael James.

10)  Week 8 Game of the Week - #6 LSU at #5 Auburn - neither team is a dominant unbeaten, but they are unbeaten nonetheless.  This is also a game of contrasting styles, as the high-powered offense of Auburn meets the stout defense of LSU.  Cam Newton will have his biggest test so far.

11)  Other Big Games to Watch - #3 Oklahoma visits #18 Missouri as the Tigers face their first test as an unbeaten.  Meanwhile, another Big 12 unbeaten, #17 Oklahoma State, hosts #14 Nebraska in its first big test as well.  #10 Wisconsin travels to play the #13 Hawkeyes in Iowa City.  The Badgers will try and prove last week was no fluke, but the experienced Hawkeyes may be a tougher task.  Big Ten leader #8 Michigan State has a trap game at Northwestern before heading to Iowa next week.  Should be another great week!!!

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