Thursday, March 8, 2018

NCAA Tournament Bracket Prediction - March 8, 2018

NCAA Tournament Bracket Prediction - March 8, 2018

It was an interesting Wednesday, as teams that really needed a win to help their case did not get them and two teams with compelling resumes (Oklahoma State and Notre Dame) came through with big wins. 

Arizona State holds on by a thread, for now.  Louisville moves in over Syracuse.  I just was looking again, Louisville's resume is not good.  They need to beat Virginia and currently trail by 8.

Nothing is settled starting right around the 7 line through the 11 line.  Today should bring a little clarity.  Maybe?  I hope?  There is probably more shuffling as resumes finish and the final comparisons can be made.


1's - Virgina, Villanova, Xavier, Kansas
2's - Duke, Purdue, North Carolina, Cincinnati
3's - Michigan State, Tennessee, Auburn, Michigan
4's - Arizona, Wichita State, Texas Tech, Clemson
5's - West Virginia, Florida, Ohio State, Gonzaga
6's - Kentucky, Miami FL, Houston, TCU
7's - Texas A&M, Nevada, Arkansas, Missouri
8's - Seton Hall, Rhode Island, Virginia Tech, Creighton
9's - NC State, Florida State, Oklahoma, St. Bonaventure
10's - UCLA, Providence, Butler, Kansas State
11's - USC, Texas (Marquette, Arizona State, Louisville, Baylor)
12's - Middle Tennessee, Loyola, New Mexico State, Buffalo
13's - Louisiana, South Dakota State, Charleston, Murray State
14's - Montana, Vermont, Bucknell, UNCG
15's - Lipscomb, Penn, Wright State, UC-Davis
16's - Iona, Radford (Texas Southern, Hampton, Long Island, SE Louisiana)

Still in consideration - Alabama, St. Mary's, Syracuse, Utah, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, Oregon

1  Virgina (Pittsburgh)
2  Cincinnati (Nashville)
3  Auburn (Dallas)
4  Texas Tech (San Diego)
5  Ohio State (San Diego)
6  Miami FL (Dallas)
7  Arkansas (Nashville)
8  Seton Hall (Pittsburgh)
9  Oklahoma (Pittsburgh)
10 Butler (Nashville)
11 Baylor/Arizona State (Detroit)
12 Middle Tennessee (Boise)
13 Louisiana (Boise )
14 Bucknell (Detroit)
15 UC-Davis (Nashville)
16 SE Louisiana/Long Island (Pittsburgh)

1  Villanova (Pittsburgh)
2  Duke (Charlotte)
3  Michigan State (Detroit)
4  Wichita State (Boise)
5  Gonzaga (Boise)
6  Kentucky (Dallas)
7  Nevada (Charlotte)
8  Rhode Island (Pittsburgh)
9  NC State (Pittsburgh)
10 Providence (Charlotte)
11 Texas (Dallas)
12 Buffalo (San Diego)
13 Murray State (San Diego)
14 UNCG (Dallas)
15 Penn (Charlotte)
16 Radford (Pittsburgh)

1  Xavier (Nashville)
2  Purdue (Detroit)
3  Tennessee (Dallas)
4  Clemson (Boise)
5  West Virginia (Boise)
6  TCU (Wichita)
7  Missouri (Detroit)
8  Virginia Tech (Nashville)
9  St. Bonaventure (Nashville)
10 UCLA (Detroit)
11 Marquette/Louisville (Wichita)
12 Loyola (Boise)
13 South Dakota State (Boise)
14 Montana (Wichita)
15 Wright State (Detroit)
16 Hampton/Texas Southern (Nashville)

1  Kansas (Wichita)
2  North Carolina (Charlotte)
3  Michigan (Dallas)
4  Arizona (San Diego)
5  Florida (San Diego)
6  Houston (Dallas)
7  Texas A&M (Charlotte)
8  Creighton (Wichita)
9  Florida State (Wichita)
10 Kansas State (Charlotte)
11 USC (Dallas)
12 New Mexico State (San Diego)
13 Charleston (San Diego)
14 Vermont (Dallas)
15 Lipscomb (Charlotte)
16 Iona (Wichita)

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